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  1. So like, hello everyone. I am a super awkward guy; like highschool level awkward. So, this might make you cringe. If it does I am sorry baby ;(! Anyway, I am Overly, I like roleplaying, I hope you do to! I am an anime guy, so you can expect it to come up somewhere in this post. But do not fear! There will be other stuff too.

    So I am just going to list my ideas, yep! I do either FxF (cuz, yuri) or MxF.

    Before we get into anything, I should go over my fandoms... That's probably my favourite genre ._.
    • Fire Emblem! <3 <3: My favourite game in the series is probably Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, but I would much rather do a roleplay based on the 6th and 7th installment which would be Elibe. It'd probably be a lot of shippings which I'll list them; Elibes being the first (also the first ones are the ones I am most hyped to play).
    Karla x Bartre (MxF, romancy), Raven x Priscilla (Non-romantic, brother and sister), Eliwood x Ninian (Soo sweet ;-;), Roy x Lilina (I have a Lilina OC where she's more like Hector, I'd really like to do this one), Serra X Matthew (A more comedic relationship), Sain x Fiora or Priscilla (I am leaning more towards Priscilla, but either one is fine), Hector x Lyn (A battle filled one probably), Sain x Lucius (Sain, being the lech he is, thinks Lucius is a girl. The only MxM I'll do), Ike x Elincina (I would love to do this one actually. It's really high up there), Super smash bros Marth x Shiida (Pretty prince boy and Shiida, probably better than the canon one).

    Boy that's a lot. If you have a shipping from Awakening, I'd probably like it to. There's so many in that game though so I decided not to list them. Watch no one know any of these characters ;-;... Also, I am willing to play either character, but I usually have a preference. Since I am a boy, I'd usually like to play the boy (unless it's Lilina, I love her...)

    • Relating to Fire Emblem. Maybe something to do with the next game that is coming, that blue haired dancer interests me very much! <3 <3 <3
    • Hunter x Hunter <3: One of my favourite animes. It'd start from the beginning of the series, just with OC's.
    • Higurashi no naku Koro ni: really bloody and gory. We'd play a lot of characters each.
    • Deadman Wonderland
    • Game of Thrones
    • Fullmetal alchemist (OC's)
    • Soul Eater
    • Clannad
    • Fallout
    • Portal 2
    That's about it when it comes to fandoms. If you have an anime you've been wanted to rp, just name it; perhaps I've heard of it.

    Now just some general pairings.
    (* I have a plot idea)
    Mercenary x Princess/Prince*
    Princess x Assassin
    Bandit x Saint*
    Nurse x Patient

    As for ideas or genres I'd like to play: I'd like to do something really supernatural that incorporates a lot of horror aspects. Also an non-zombie apocalyptic one would be fun! Also fantasy, I am very much in love with fantasy. I kind of... like all the genres actually.

    Well anyway, if you are interested in these ideas, I should tell you my very lenient rules. Please don't sex my character up ;-;. Then, please don't disapear without telling me first, or go inactive, that really turns me off. That's it, I prefer fade to black, ERP is awkward for me (and illegal, lel). As for expectations, please post more than a paragraph, unless the situation calls for something shorter.

    If you have an idea you think might interest me, please, by all means, tell me!
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  2. .3. I have not seen a guy that likes roleplaying Yuri before, surprisingly. Maybe something with portal 2 would be fun? I've played a bit of it, though I haven't finished the game I can look up the plot. XD
  3. Hmm, that is strange, but now that I think about it, neither have I. Seems I'm just unusual that way. :3
    As for the roleplay, I'd be happy to. I know the plot of Portal 2, but I've never gotten around to finishing it. I have a couple plot ideas, would you like me to message you?
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  4. Yeah- It's much easier to keep track of Pms.
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