On The Run (Setsuyu KuroOkami)

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  1. A male servant was running through the halls as fast as his legs could carry him. He had been instructed to go check on the princess. For her father King Oryeon had sent her to her room. For their small meeting with her future husband Markel didn't go exactly as planned. The servant was just about out of breath when he finally reached the room in which the king was having a meeting with some men. He opens the door and stands in the door way breathing heavily. "Martus...what are you doing in here?" King Oryeon asks not sounding very pleased that he had interupted his meeting. "Sire...." he says as he breathes heavily and his bent over with his hands on his knees. "It's the princess..." "She's run away again..." He says. He hoped that the King didn't hit him. The king was furrious. "What?" He shouts. The other men thought it was a good idea to leave and they all flee the room. "She is gone. I went to check on her and I opened her door to see that there was a make-shift rope leading out the window." He says as he finally catches his breath. "Again?" The king snaps. "Send men out and find her." He orders and Martus nods and runs off.

    Men had searched hi and low all day and couldn't find the princess any where. The king was upset. "Find me a warrior that can go and look for her." He snaps and one of his men ran off to do so. Sanders looked up at the castle. He had no idea why he was doing this. But he was down on money and needed some. So he thought this would be a perfect opertunity to get a quick cash. When he arrived in the throne room. The king looked at him skeptically. "Who are you?" He asks. "The name is Sanders and I shall go get the princess." He says. The king nods, 'Well her foot prints lead to the western boarder." He says. Sanders nods, "Fine. Just pay me when I get back." He says and leaves the room.

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  2. I panted hard as I ran as fast as I could. 'I need to get away, there's no way I'll marry that arrogant bastard!' I kept running until I tripped on a tree root. "Ouch, that hurt" I muttered rubbing my ankle 'I hope I didn't sprain it'. I looked around and noticed that it was starting to get dark. A chill passed through me as the shadows suddenly seemed eery and the sounds of animals filled the forest. 'I knew I should have taken the trail I would have gotten to the cottage a little faster but...I would've gotten caught by now.' I thought to myself getting off the ground and rolling my ankle to observe the damage. Deciding that I'd have to find shelter even if it did sting a little I continued walking through the forest knowing that I'd eventually reach a cottage not far from where I was. 'Then I can rest' I thought with determination.
  3. Giving the time of the year it could snow at any moment. Sanders walks back to the stables to get his horse, or at least the horse that the King was letting him borrow. He noticed that two servants were waiting for him. "Since it could start snowing at any moment, the king has requested that you take these supplies with you." The one says. "Yeah, yeah. Alright." He says and takes the supplies and puts them on to the back of his horse. He had noticed that it had gotten rather dark already. But he wasn't afraid of the dark. Without saying a word he jumps onto the horse and rides off toward the western boarder. I have a feeling that this isn't the first time that the Princess has ran away from home. He thinks as he just begins to enter the woods. The sounds of wolves howling in the distance breaks the cold night air. Great, wolves. Something I don't need. He thinks as he rolls his eyes. As he rode along he happens to look up at the sky and noticed that it was getting rather cloudy. Really? Lady Luck musten be on my side. He thinks as he rolls his eyes and snow started to lightly fall. No matter, I'll just continue on until it gets too bad and then call it a night. That is if that ever happens. He thinks as he turns his attention to the sound of an owl hooting in the distance. He was keeping an ear open for any wolf sounds as well as his eyes open for any sight of them.
  4. I almost screamed in relief as the cottage came into sight. Running quickly towards it as I heard a close howl, ignoring the pain in my ankle, I yanked the key out from the pocket of my peasants looking clothes that I'd changed into after leaving the castle. Jamming the key into the keyhole I turned it as hard as I could seeing as it had rusted quite a bit. 'Please, I beg of you, OPEN!' She pushed on the door and it swung open. yanking the key out of the keyhole, I closed the door and locked it again before returning the key to my pocket. Exhausted mentally and physically I dragged myself over to the comfy looking sofa chair and ungracefully plopped onto it quickly fallinginto a deep slumber.

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  5. Sanders noticed that the horse was getting a little nervous and he knew that wasn't a very good sign. It could be either the weather or the wolves. He thinks as he continues on slowly through the woods. She doesn't seem like a stupid person, so I assume she would be finding shelter soon. He thinks as he continues on. He then hears a twig snap and before he could react a wolf attacked the horse. It let out a frantic whinny as the wolf tore into its throat. He was just glad that the wolf wasn't after him. While the wolf was distracted he grabs the supplies and began to back away slowly. Then the sound of growling behind him was heard. "Great..." He says. He turns slowly to see a wolf staring him down. "Nice wolfy...I'm not going to hurt you...If it's the horse you want, then you can have it. It's no use to me now." He says as he backs away from it. But he noticed that there were more wolves appearing. And he figured that they were really hungry. "There is no way in hell that I am going to be wolf chow." He says as he draws his two bladed weapons.
  6. I yawned as I woke up my body felt stiff but it wasn't something that I could suck up and deal with. I stretched as I stood up looking around the room I saw nothing out of the ordinary then I did a couple of stretches and jogged around the room to fully wake myself up. I walked back to the sofa chair that my satchel was carelessly lying I hadn't even bothered to take it off last night so it must have come off in my sleep. I opened it and pulled out some food and water to nourish myself with, my strength felt replenished so I grabbed all my stuff and pulled out the key unlocking the door but I was shocked at what I saw when I opened it.
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