On the run (Mage RP)

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  1. The sound of blood hounds filled the night. Torch lights could be seen sprinkled through out the city of Faerut. Rex knew it was risky trying to take refuge in the anti-magic city but he had been living in the woods for so long. He needed supplies and information. He thought that he was well ahead of the hunting party that was pursuing him. A few days back he had thrown off his scent by jumping off an eighty foot cliff into a lake. He was lucky the water was deep enough to jump into from that height. The last city he was in was leagues away from where he was now. He had hoped that the mage hunters would have gone to Heun City, a city more tolerant of mages. That would have been the logical place for Rex to go. He had not thought that they would some how send a message to the people of Faerut about him. Now he was running from alley to alley trying desperately to get out of the city. The fact that the hounds were getting closer and that he could hear the city guard running to the citys gates told him that getting out of Faerut would be unlikely. Rex would die before they let them capture him again. He would never go back to the institution. Never.

    The run away mage dashed across the street and nearly knocked over an old homeless man. The old squatter simply grumbled and continued on his drunken path. Rex slid into the next alley and placed his back against the wall. He peered out back into the street. He could see several mage hunters with torches checking every house for him not to far from where he was. The home owners were all to willing to let their house be searched. Many years ago a coven of witches had nearly burned the entire city to the ground. Since then Faerut had become anti-magic. Rex turned to run down the alley only to see two guards and mage hunter on the other side. The guards held crossbows at him and the hunter wielded the signature mage hunter shield paired with a hefty club. The shields were designed to deflect magic attacks. Rage started to creep into Rexs heart. He hated those cursed shields.

    "Stop running apostate Logan. We have you now, stop now and we will not hurt you." Said the mage hunter.

    "Logan?" Rex asked incredulously.

    "Don't play coy foul mage. Drop your weapons and lay on the ground." Ordered the hunter.

    "I don't know what game you are playing at, but I won't fall for it." Rex said through gritted teeth as he hefted his magic glaive in front of him.

    "SHOOT HIM!" Yelled the hunter as he ran towards Rex.

    The apostate mage summoned up a magical barrier which easily stopped the first bolts. Next he casted Gravity Ring on the three men. Gravity ring was a high level spell that caused the gravity in the target area to be much heavier, slowing any one with in the ring dramatically. How ever, the mage hunter had some anti-magic devices on him and seemed to be only slightly affected by the heavy pull of gravity. The guards slowly reloaded their crossbows as the hunter charged Rex head on. Rex fired one, then two fire balls at the hunter. Both were easily deflected by the shield. The hunter closed in on Rex and attempted to slam his shield into Rex. This straight forward tactic might work on low level mages. It would not work on Rex. The enraged mage planted his foot firmly behind him and held both hands forward. He called upon his magical energies and channeled them into a forward force blast. The resilient anti magic shield could withstand many attacks. But it was only as strong as the person holding it. The sheer force of Rexs attack blasted the hunter back down the alley straight into the guards who were still effected by the gravity ring. The three men were all knocked to the ground. Normally Rex would have then finished them off, but he knew that the sound of his blast would now draw the attention of any one near by. He had to run.

    The runaway mage sprinted down the alley. He made sure to step on the head of the mage hunter as he passed him. Rex wished he had time to drive his dagger into the hunters eye but time was not on his side. He rounded the corner and saw some guards down the street running his way. He couldn't go the way he came, and he couldn't afford another encounter with the city guards. So he ran into the nearest house. Rex didn't even check to see if the door was locked. He simply blasted the door open with force magic. He ran through the now open door into the living room of the house. A mother screamed and covered her kids has Rex ran through the house. The guards called out saying that they had him cornered. Rex cursed loudly as he sprinted up the stairs. On the second floor, he spotted a window at the end of the hall. The force mage paused unsure of what was on the other side of the window. The sound of the guards stepping into the house left him no more room for second guessing. He ran down the hall and jumped through the window and fell to the ground. Rex hit the ground in a forward roll and quickly got to his feet. He took two steps but had to stop. Three mage hunters stood before him. There would be no running from this fight. Rex did not think he could take three of them in his current state. He would likely die or get captured again.

    "You won't take me alive, bastards" Rex said as he prepared to cast magic.
  2. She was not far from where he was running and she knew she had to get his attention before anything happned so she tried to find a way to get him into her complex with out getting him hurt in the first place. She ran as fast as she could after him trying her best to get to him, when she did get to him she grabbed his hand and pulled him back to her flat as quick as she could, to keep him away from the hunters.
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