On the run (Group rp - sci-fi/steampunk)

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  1. Since the spaceship was built it was a huge success and with the planets around them that they could travel to, it got even better. But soon, disaster came. Just like with the africans, the better and stronger wanted their muscular body to work in gain to make even more and bigger spaceships and other inventions on earth. Slavery was once again on the run.

    For every spaceship there is a captain and for every spaceship a crew and for every crew there is slaves to work with, aliens in forms and even normal humans. With the spaceships going back and forwards through planets some slaves are sent back to Earth and some don't even return.

    But one day, one of the slaves had enough, the slave wanted to run away, away from everything and it would start on the "planet of heaven", Earth. The slave have been away from it's homeplanet for a long time and when coming back is a huge shock, everything, precicely everything has changed. The huge cities where filled with dirt, steam-machines, high-tech robots and much more.

    When the slave gets it's chance to run it does and gets away, the captain on the spaceship the slave was in, is in charge to capture the slave on the run.



    At least three or four people can be in this rp, if more, then it'll be too much for me since I've only done 1x1 and 3 (including me) in a rp before.

    No god-mod please, it's no fun if we have a character that can for example kill everything and everyone and then the rp will end

    I want people that are online for the most of the days, not once in a month or a year. If it is like that then we who wants to continue the rp can't go on because one person wont answer. So I want people to really want to be in this one.

    And about who goes first, the first one who comments is the next one to answer the rp (IC) and the second who answers is the next one to answer, etc.

    If no more people seem like to join this rp and it's only 3 (including me) then I'll start it anyway

    If you've questions, please PM me :3


    My Character:

    Name: Hibiki Lui

    Age: Unknown

    Kind: AI and a mix of a cyborg

    Lui (open)

    Likes: Animals, the green field and blue sky painting that was hainging in his room. His biggest dream now is to see the green field and blue sky he saw on the painting. He also likes other cyborgs.

    Dislikes: When humans or aliens boss him around too much.

    Background: Was built in planet Xundor and was supposed to be thrown but a doctor saved him and they sent him to another planet to get upgraded, he have been trained and has a very unusual large memory system and can work faster than most of the other AI's. He is now working in Earth as an AI for a big company but ran away to see the outside world. He is being chased now.

    Other: He liked animals though he don't know why, his childish appearence makes him look weak but his cyborg powers can be in help. He can get glitches once in a while but that wont happen often but if he is near a more powerfull computer or an old one that sends out strong radioactive waves he can also get glitches when moving and speaking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.