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  1. So I'm looking for new partners. I don't have a lot of ideas. So we can always brain storm, which usually works better anyways. I have a few ideas, but like I said, I am more than willing to brain storm!

    They aren't well developed developed yet, but here they are:
    1. In the middle of a war zone (we can decide against who or what) that has claimed many lives and has resulted in bringing in a civilian doctor due to the death of the military one. They have gone from being on the offensive to the defensive to being taken over.

    This right here is where things can change. Either something happens and my character (the doctor) and some others get left behind. Or they get captured and have to escape.

    2. Kind of similar to the first. But with all the toxins that have been released into the air and waters, people and things have mutated into deadly creatures. While the government's of the world are working on cleaning the world of both toxins and mutants they have been unaware that some people have mutated into just a better human. There are very few, and most try to avoid the hunters of mutants that both kill them and capture them to take for experiments. If they were found out they would be taken apart to try and figure out how to make the military into people like them.

    So those are the only two that I really have more than just a small idea for. They are more developed but not enough to mold so that both of us enjoy it as much as possible.

    I have others. But are pretty basic. You know:
    Human x demon
    Demon x demon
    Zombie or post apocalypse
    Scientist x test subject
    Like I said. Basics.

    I do have to tell you that I do play females. Not a surprise. But if I try males I just come off as awkward or creepy. Girls get away with more than guys xD. I like people who can write decently long. They more you give me to work with, the better. And don't be afraid to take control either. Sometimes if I'm the only one with the reigns, I get stuck because I don't know where to take it.

    Like I said, I'm down to brainstorm with you if you have any ideas or anything also. ^.^ I just want to roleplay!
  2. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! If you're still looking i have a romance idea thingy for the warzone one!
  3. Hi! If you haven't found anyone for the humanxdemon rp, I'd definitely take you up on it ^^
  4. Ahh! I'm so excited! I'll message you both!
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