On The Planet of Padma

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On The Planet of Padma
Far in the future, the human race will be forced to leave Planet Earth. The scour distant galaxies, searching for a new, better, place to call home. Eventually, we did find a home. A planet our leaders decided to call Padma. With our own advanced technology, we established sealed compounds in various places across our new world. There were now artificially conceived borders anymore. We were one race. And we lived in peace. Soon, the compounds turned to cities, and cities turned to civilizations. We established quadrants for specific goods and services. For instance there are four quadrants.

Lithenwall - Clothing and Materials

Averack - Mining and Industry

Crevensa - Food and Livestock

Hawstein - Education and Economics

Unfortunately our story will not see much of the four quadrants. Because all though the area they cover is expansive, there is still uncharted territory on Padma. In the mountain region, there is a group out 'outlaws'. They call their own home Ranenme (Raw-nen-may).



The people who live in Ranenme are ones who either got tired of the quadrant system, or are ones who were once criminals, may that be skipping work, stealing food, or something more extreme. Its a peaceful living place, quiet and serene. Despite how they are living being completely illegal. And the fact that they were so peaceful was their downfall. In the night, the government came. The soldiers of Hawstein arrived and burnt their home. Taking some members and executing them. Though most escaped, their civilization was never the same. For now, the remaining members lived in a hidden waterfall cave, not far from their old home. They could still smell the smoke, and taste the blood of their friends on their tongues. This lit a fire in their eyes and hearts. Let the Revolution begin. They would take the government down. Burning and executing them in the same way.\

Character Sheet:



Appearance: (realistic or anime picture)

Deserted quadrant: (the place they left)

Personality Traits: (5-8)

Job / Special Skill:


My Character:

Name: Spark Rae Linsten

Age: 21

(the girl)

Deserted Quadrant: Averack (mining and industry)

Personality Traits: Head-strong, stubborn, sarcastic, hot-headed, smart, skeptical, and funny

Job / Special Skill: Has a way with anything mechanical. Cars, robotics, prosthetic, computers
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Name: Anna Delligatti

Age: 23

Deserted quadrant: Hawstein

Personality Traits: Helpful, selfless, intolerant, smart, humorous, socialable, fit, agile.

Job / Special Skill: Anna has a tick for thinking her way out of things and getting where she needs to be at the right time.

Character Sheet:

Name: Vance

Age: 44

Deserted quadrant: Crevensa

Personality Traits: Cold headed, experienced and trained. At times narrow minded, only wanting the best for the group even if it should come at a cost.
Loyal to friends, with little trust for strangers. Can only work with computers and electronics that use a easy to understand interface.

Job / Special Skill: Hunting and cooking. Can handle a knife and gun very well.

Bio: Coming later.
Both of you guys are accepted! Thanks for applying!
Name: Relixa Valium

Age: 20

Appearance: (realistic or anime picture)

Deserted quadrant: (the place they left) Lithenwall

Personality Traits: (5-8) Eccentric, intelligent, happy, tends to be very very imaginative and sneaky.

Job / Special Skill: Stealth is her specialty and she is able to almost be invisible due to her ability to climb almost anything nearly silently.
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