On the Menu Tonight!

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This thread is all about the meals we cook at home! Share with us what you're having for dinner tonight, and maybe some tasty recipes! >:3

Tonight, we are having meatloaf, with oven-baked mac & cheese and mashed cauliflower with parmesan!

Previously this week we had: Tacos, Gyros, Fajitas.... wow, a lot of things in handheld form. >>
Tonight, I'm going to make my teriaki noodles, and this weekend, I'm going to grill my first piece of meat EVER!!!! >u<
Ramen noodles, cuz I'm feeling lazy tonight.
MURDER! With a side of pulled pork, and some country mashed taters with a big ass southern helping of greens, and perhaps some down south gravy to go with it!
Daddy&Bro are going out for dinner. Mom's at work~

So I'm making Onigiri (rice balls) with left-over roasted chicken stuffings and some greek salad with apples <3

I think I might have some pineapple cake for dessert :D
I ordered pizza and cheese breadsticks tonight. It was quite satisfying ^_^
Kitti likes to cook homemade alfredo sauce with some noodles. ^.^
We actually went out to eat tonight, had some pizza and it was pretty good pizza.
I miss being able to cook so much. These Dorms SUCK.

Eh had some Cafe Rio food though, it was nice. A sweet pork burrito. Very fresh since they do not have freezers or fridges, they make the food the day they get it.
im thinking chicken keiv and mashed taters. with a side of peasncorn.

shit will be cash.

or mayhaps some shepards pie with curry powder in the mince.

or maybe even going to the shops and getting mroe vindaloo sauce.

hmmm, possibilities.
might be making pink sauce tonight.... I think it might be one of the reasons some of my friends come to my house..
I had chicken tacos. Awesome.