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  1. H i ▼▼ F r i e n d s ▼▼ !
    I am on the lookout for some 1x1's (or 1x1x1's) at the moment... and for a few reasons :3

    • 1x1's usually don't die as quick
    • It allows me to get to know all you peeps better ^_^ (and also gives me the chance to make new friends)
    • I have some ideas/pairings, but don't really want to make group rps for them. I'd rather it just be something small.
    • For those of you who have only ever seen me in group rps, well... it gives you a chance to see my sane side since 1x1's are typically 1 to 5 characters each (in my experience at least ... though I've had many more than that as well. Just depends on the partner :])
    • I just feel like gaining some 1x1's :)

    To make things a bit more organized I'm going to try to group stuff into sections... but if someone has an idea they want to try and I didn't put it down as a no-go I'm more than happy to hear you out! I'd prefer if ya'll sent me a message to plan rps and just posted questions or tagged people here, but if you prefer to just post outright on the thread that's fine, I can send you the message instead :).

    Some stuff you may want to know about me
    Before I go into pairings and ideas and stuff this might be a good idea to decide whether or not you should offer, stay on the fence, or find another friend (As much as I love all of you, I know some of our minds clash)
    • I'm pretty easy going with stuff, and though I would prefer to play a female or double-up I will play the male if you really don't want to.
    • I prefer to use OC's to Cannon's because I feel I don't do justice to most cannon's. I also don't mess with cannon pairings (for example: EmmaxHook or BellexRumple from OUAT, AladdinxJasmine or BellexBeast from Disney, AnnabethxPercy or HazelxFrank from HOO, HarryxGinny or RonxHermione from HP). If they were put together originally that's who they are stuck with in my opinion. While I don't make exception to the pairing part there are some Cannon Character's I'm willing to play.
    • I'm a huge Disney junkie (obvs) and a huge Romance fan (among other things) and I prefer to have some type or romance and/or drama involved in the rp, but it isn't completely necessary.
    • I tend to be a mirror poster... I can match just about any amount and I do my best to work with everything. If you give me four paragraphs I'll try to give at least three (chances are it'll be more like 4 or 5) but if you only give me five words I'm probably not going to give much back.
    • I love to format stuff ... but please don't feel intimidated if formatting isn't your forte. I don't judge on that! As long as I can read the post and make sense of it I couldn't care less if it has any formatting.
    • I'm not a fan of libertine and prefer to not rp there, but if you want it there as a just-in-case I'm all for it :3 (for example: this. We don't necessarily have any lib content in it, but some of our ideas might reach that point eventually).
    • I have a multitude of characters, with a plethora of different personalities and backstories... but the one thing they all have in common is that they are Straight sexuality wise (I guess I could go the asexual/aromantic route as well, but I don't want to). I only indulge in MxF romances. I don't have anything against any sexuality, but I am uncomfortable playing any other sexuality besides straight.
    • Like I said above, I have an enormous amount of characters (well over 200 human, about 58 anime, 60 warrior cats, 3 sims (sims 3) but plan to make more, 1 mlp but plan to make more). So if you're looking for specific looks, personality, heritage, etc just let me know and I can probably accommodate the request pretty well. I can also play just about any age... literally anything from like newborn to 65-ish, though I am most comfortable in the 5-25yr old range.
    • I always use a picture in my forms, and I'm kind of picky when it comes to certain things such as type of picture. I won't combine cartoon/anime pictures in an rp with human/real pictures... so whatever your picture preference is for the rp just let me know and I'll choose something from that category ^_^

    RP Basis

    • Past RPs - Have we RPed together somewhere before, or been in an RP together even though our character/s didn't really interact much? If you want to do a 1x1 variation or continuation of the rp just let me know!

    • Orphans - I've only done a handful of these, but they were fun.

    • Music Based - Song based, battle of the bands, pitch perfect, etc... music is a ton of fun in general so toss it into an rp and something at least decent should come from it

    • Historical Eras - While I'm not a huge history buff I do know a decent amount about certain time periods. I find it really interesting to rp this sort of thing... one of the first ones I did was between ancient Egypt and ancient Rome (definitely not my favorite one, but it was interesting and entertaining). I'm a sucker for this stuff... especially things like medieval/renaissance, french revolution, american revolution, ww2, etc.

    • -
    General Pairings

    • School Pairings - I am a complete sucker for high school and college rps. There are so many cliche possibilities that I just adore!

    • Slice-of-Life - I think anyone who has rped with me before knows that most of my stuff is slice-of-life based occasionally with something else mixed in.

    • Royalty/Hierarchical - This is another one of those cliche things, usually a little more dramatic and dealing with a past historical era... something else I love taking part in (most of the time).

    • Horse and Rider/Riding School - I'm pretty sure this is on here three times essentially. This was one of the first types of rps that I took on and I've always loved it... mainly because it deals with horses, but still.

    • Arranged Marriage - These can be fun... but they can also get boring really fast I've found.

    • Any 'Cliche' Pairing Really - Country meets City, Healthy and Sick, Brainiac and Popular, Good meets Bad, Rich and Poor, all those types of things... so adorable to put out

    • -
    Original Character's Only

    • Warrior Cats - I love the warrior's series, I read all the books at least twice and can't wait for the new one... but I am not a fan of trying to portray the cats from the books. I don't mind using the book clans and having the Cannon cats as relatives, but I'm not interested in using a cannon character... not even Midnight the badger.

    • Harry Potter - I've only seen the movies and I feel like they don't give enough info as to who the characters really are to portray them well enough... So I'm open to third+ generation/Originals.

    • Pirates of the Caribbean - I've seen all the movies at least once or twice, and I like them a lot but my understanding of anything and everything pirate is very lackluster.

    • Pitch Perfect - I absolutely adore these movies, and while it would be utterly hilarious to rp them with cannon's, I don't think I could do it... not well at least.

    • Legally Blonde (& Other Broadway/West End/Etc Musicals) - I absolutely adore these things, and while it would be utterly hilarious to rp them with cannon's, I don't think I could do it... not well at least... basically they are in the same boat as Pitch Perfect.

    • -
    Open to Cannon's

    • Heartland - It's a Canadian TV Show and a book series. I wasn't able to finish the series due to being unable to find the remaining books and I stopped watching the series somewhere around season 8. I attached a wiki link to what it's about. Essentially it's a fancy horse and rider set-up. This is one of few that I'd prefer to use cannons in... I'm more than comfortable with any of the characters :3

    • Chestnut Hill - This is very, very similar to Heartland... It's a book series, written by the same author, but about an all-girls boarding school for 7th-12th graders. I attached a wiki link about it, but it's another horse-and-rider set-up. This doesn't really make a difference to me as to whether it is cannon or not. If we go with cannon I am comfortable with all the characters but would prefer Honey, Dylan or Mallory.

    • Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus - I prefer to use Original Characters for this, but I'm comfortable with Percy, Grover, Piper and Hazel... especially Hazel.

    • Animated Disney, Quest for Camelot and Anastasia - I really prefer second generation disney rps, but depending on the characters/pairs I can do cannon if you want. What I won't do is animal Disney (like SimbaxNala, KiaraxKovu, PerditaxPongo, MarlinxDory) Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Wreck-it-Ralph and Brave. While I love all the animal movies and wreck-it-ralph, I'm not a big fan of sleeping princesses, Alice in Wonderland or Brave... and I just don't think I could play a character from those movies very well. I can work with either cannon or second generation for both Anastasia and Quest for Camelot, though I would actually prefer cannon for the latter.

    • Live-Action Disney and Disney-ish - I have seen both Cinderella and Maleficent many times and find them both very fun and do-able. The same thing goes for certain spin-offs like Mirror, Mirror and Disney-ish versions of movies like Into the Woods.

    • Hunger Games - I'm going to be very honest. I only saw the first movie, and I only read the first two books + the very end of the third one. This is one of those things where I would prefer to use OC's, but I think I could be competent enough to use Prim, Katniss or maybe Peeta... though I'm a bit hesitant to take him on.

    • Once Upon A Time - I'm only about mid-way through season 4 at the moment, but with that taken into account, I think I could handle Emma, Henry, Snow, David, Belle and maybe Tinkerbell, Red and Regina... depending on how I should be portraying Regina that is... I don't do evil very well. Though I much prefer Second Gen./Original's for this ^_^.

    • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - I've seen every episode and movie (I think)... Big fan. I prefer to use original characters, but am open to cannon's. I'm comfortable with Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, and possibly Cadence, Shining Armour, Granny Smith and Spike.

    • -
    Not Interested

    • LGBTQ+... I have nothing against this community as a lot of my friends belong to it, but I only am comfortable playing straight characters

    • Most Futuristic, Supernatural and Fantastical stuff... it's a very touchy subject with me, especially future settings and supernatural creatures. I'm not a big fan of it, but with the right plot I might be open to trying it.

    • Horror... I'm a big baby. I tend to shy away from anything scary.

    • Dice Games ... I'm actually interested in dice games, but I have absolutely no clue how it works. It's always confused me and I've just never tried to figure it out

    • Animal RPs ... unless it's a warrior cat or my little pony rp I'm not overly interested in solely doing an animal-based rp (such as wolves, dragons, dinosaurs, birds, etc). As much as I love animals (trust me that's a lot) I don't really enjoy rps centered on them. I do however like things such as horse & rider rps where you control both the horse and rider together. Probably a little confusing, but if you're wondering about anything specific just ask!
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  2. you beautiful woman you
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  3. always open to take another with you
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  4. We'll discuss stuff later I'm sure :3... you know how to get a hold of me if you want
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  5. always
  6. Well, I'm happy with the 1x1 RP that we currently have going on!
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  7. Thanks for the tag but it seems we don't match up interest wise! Good luck on your rp partner search though! :3
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  8. Aww, I'd love to start a 1x1 with you! I'm always up for another warriors rp if you want to go for that, but a really cliche slice of life rp is always fun!
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  9. I'm totally down for a 1x1 for you. I'll shoot you a PM later, got some replies to do!
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  10. I enjoy it too but wanted to tag in case you wanted a second one lol XP

    That's cool! Thanks though :3

    Yayayayayayayay.... I'm down for either :3

    Yesh! I look forward to it :)
  11. I'd be interested in coming up with something together!
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  12. Well I'm interested.

    I like the orphan idea(dunno maybe some sort of state run school for foster kids or something) but also up for slice of life to.

    I am slower at posting than I use to be however I am dedicated and stuff.
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  13. Hi!

    I am interested in a slice-of-life role play. I have a shy, slight anxiety disorder, girl character I would like to try out. Let me know if you are interested!
  14. I'm open to another few 1x1's, so if anyone wants anything you can message me on here or on skype (or text me if you are one of the two people on here with my number XD). I also added an interest for broadway/west end/etc musicals (like Legally Blonde, Les Miz, Wicked, Something Rotten, Roger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella, etc)... cause I'm not sure how the hell I forgot about it before since broadway is such a big part of my life... but I did forget it before lol)
  15. @~Happily.Ever.After~ - Still looking for partners? @Stargazer and I may be interested in a 1x1x1 with you! Let me know I'll shoot you a PM (or, if it's easier for you, you can just go ahead an PM us ♥)
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  16. I am interested!!!
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