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  1. All your life you have lived in secret. You have these special powers that not even your parents could explain. You're now a teen and you want answers. Why are you the only one with these powers? Why should you hide them? What are people hiding?

    "I don't know what to do anymore, he's getting curious," the teen boy's mother spoke in a hushed tone to his father.
    "There's only one thing to do," her husband answered, not even trying to keep his voice down. The two of them were in their bedroom, around eleven at night, close to midnight. "Tell him the truth."
    "Honey, we don't know the truth," the middle aged woman spoke.
    This couple was only told that their kid will be different. It was said to keep it secret from others, and not to ask questions. The two weren't to know anything until the kid was ready to know everything.


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  2. He was sitting in his room, wide awake. Even though it was late he had always been a night owl, more comfortable in the dark and quiet. He had always known he was different. But he didnt know why. Something about him unnerved other people, it was too easy for him to make friends, to trick people, to get his way. All it took was a doe-eyed look, a little pout to his lips, his golden eyes growing sober. His eyes were the most strange part about him. They were wide, and a little rounder then most humans, they were a strange, bright yellow ringed with green around the pupil. He thought they were beautiful, but some people said they were the eyes of the devil. He wasnt a bad kid, sure a little lazy, and his temper got bad sometimes. But he was just a kid, special as his parents always put it. Yet he heard their conversation, what did they now know? What wouldnt they tell him?
  3. "I'm sure he's ready to know the truth," the teen's father spoke to his wife.
    "I don't know," the woman sighed as she rubbed her temples.
    "He's ready, it's you who isn't ready," the man said, annoyed as he through the room door opened, knowing his son could have heard at least half the conversation. He waited for his son to say something before he could explain anything.
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    He looked up at his father, his golden eyes very calm, and almost cold, "father. Please tell me why im diferent. Why you and mother are keeping secrets from me" he needed to know. They always tiptoed around him. It was obvious there was something they werent saying. "please.. I cant bear to not know who or what i am any longer"
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    The male looked down at his son and nodded.
    "You're old enough to know, but I can't tell you" his father started. He ran a hand through his hair, which was starting to gray.
    "You have to find those answers on your own. There's someone else who can tell you. She lives in the next town over. Here's her address," he said, giving his son a piece of paper with writings.
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