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  1. 'Ello there~ It's been quite a while since I last put one of these up but I would like to go in search of some new partners. Some of my RPs have either died, or are dying, or someone just hasn't been active for a while, or the person just isn't moving the plot along (which irritates me and bores me). So I hope to find some new partners this time around. I plan to add more to this as I go :)

    What I would like to see from you
    All I simply ask of you is to give me some lovely responses. I love to see more than just one liners. I'm the type that if I'm really into something, I can give around three or four paragraphs. It all depends on if I really like the role play.
    Please, do not force an action on my character(s) and if you need to, please just say something. I cannot stress this enough. I have had one too many people try to force actions upon my characters and it has thrown me off.
    I love chatting! :D I love talking to people, it makes things enjoyable in my eyes. So, please, don't be afraid to talk or throw ideas out there!
    DETAIL. I love it when people add detail to a response. Even if it's just talking about how the character feels or even what they're thinking.
    Please tell me if you will not be on for a while. I do not want to feel like I have just sent you away or something like that.
    I would like at least one post a day. I understand that most people have lives and school.
    In some plots, I play male characters and in others, I play female characters. I am up for doubling. That is completely agreeable on my terms. Just please don't think that I will be the male character in nearly every RP because I do enjoy my female characters more than my male characters. THOSE WHO ARE ONLY GOING TO PLAY FEMALE CHARACTERS AND NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO COMPROMISE WITH ME ON WHO GETS WHAT CHARACTER, DO NOT POST ON THIS.

    What to expect from me
    I am still in school, yes, but I am home schooled so I am on more than I should be. I give about a paragraph or two in response but I can give three or four if I'm really into something. I adore historical romance and also fantasy/mythology. I love anything that has to do with history and I love to have it in my role plays since I plan to major in history when I enter in college later this year. I do get distracted by other things, mostly my video games or my television shows, and so don't worry if I don't respond right away. I tend to go out and about during the weekends so don't expect many replies during that time because it's really the only time I get out of the house. No, I am not a genius so if you plan to hint towards something in your response, don't expect me to get it right away unless it's something that I know very well.
    I also do not do MxM pairings. It makes me very uncomfortable.


    The bold is the role I would like and if it is in italics, I would like to do that most. Most roles I can be flexible with if we speak about it.

    General pairings:

    Teen pregnancy
    Student x Exchange Student
    Blind girl x Normal boy
    Deaf boy x Normal girl

    Rich boy (or girl) x Poor girl (or boy)
    Detective x Assistant (think like Sherlock and John despite how I don't ship them)

    Fantasy pairings:

    Quarter Dragon girl x Human boy
    Student x Teacher (this can go in various ways)
    Master Dragon Trainer x Trainee
    God x Human
    Time traveler x Person from the past
    I want to work with dragons as well... And some sort of medieval setting.

    Historical pairings:

    A German girl x Russian soldier (WWII RP)
    Prince of England x Normal Girl (set during the Revolutionary War)
    Forbidden love
    Knight x Princess
    I really want a Revolutionary War RP too. Or a French Revolution RP
    I would like to also work with the teen pregnancy during some historical time since it was frowned upon for a very long while.


    Fantasy Student x Teacher plot: What would you do if you were human and the person you fell for was not only your student (this can be changed to teacher) but something mythical? This student (or teacher) could easily outlive you by a few thousand years but that won't stop you from trying to be with them. This student has also seen thing you haven't. They have seen various historical wars and probably has even participated in them. They may look young in appearance but mentally, they're very old. (I would also like to turn this into a dark rp as well. I have many ideas for it)

    Detective x Assistant plot: He was the detective and she was his assistant. He examined the crime scene while she asked the questions and tried to get the witnesses to calm down and remember what all happened during the crime. She's worked for him for two years now and at first, she viewed him as a friend but now she was questioning her feelings for him. He was an odd person and no matter how hard she tried, she could never figure him out.
    (I have yet to work the full idea out but you can put something in if you'd like :))

    Sleepy Hollow (FOX) inspired plot: She (or he) was from the past and she somehow ended up placed under a spell that kept her (or him) asleep, almost like Sleeping Beauty, for so many years and then, she (or he) awoken from her sleep. Dazed and confused, she (or he) walked out of the place she had been in for all those years only to come across a town. This town is full of unusual things, people, and buildings. Someone had called the police because she (or he) had been babbling about nonsense that no one knew about. While at the police station, or mental hospital, this person meets someone who is willing to help them adapt to modern life. This other person doesn't understand the struggle they're going to face with trying to help this other person because they are just as clueless as they are.
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  2. I would like to do either Teen pregnancy or God x human
  3. PM me and we can discuss which one to do?
  4. the Revolutionary war pairing is interesting ^^
  5. I'm up for the fantasy teacher x student or god x human, as well as master dragon trainer x trainee. I wish I had found this post earlier, we seem to roleplay the same!
  6. Prince of England x commoner girl ^-^ I would love to do that one with you
  7. PM me and we can discuss a plot?
  8. Hello! I'd be interested in a few of these plots! Teen Pregnancy, MurdererxPsycologist, KnightxPrincess, or possibly even Time TravelerxPerson From The Past all interest me! I might be interested in some other forbidden love plots a well, depending on exactly what the pairing was. ^-^
    If you're still interested in any of these, please send me a PM. :)
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  9. Give me about an hour or two and I will PM you :)
  10. OK awesome, sounds good. I might not be home when you send it, but I'll reply once I return. ^-^
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  11. I'd like to do student/teacher, teen pregnancy, or forbidden love.
  12. Looking once again~
  13. Tiny nudge upwards. I'm looking for, like, one or two other partners.
  14. I'd be willing to do any of the historical pairings if you want?
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