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  1. ((So basically, everyone's just hanging out at an ice rink. Some are skating, some are eating at the snack bar, some are just doing whatever. Here's the clincher, though: nobody here can actually skate. Anyway, just jump in with whatever and enjoy.))

    Annaliece squealed as her skates slipped out from underneath her for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. Once again, she landed flat on her butt and once again her earmuffs dropped down off of her head only to halt in front of her eyes. Mentally chastising for wearing a skirt when she could barely take two steps on the ice without falling, Annaliece fixed her earmuffs with her mittened hands. With that done, she set about getting back up, turning over onto her knees so she could put her skates back under her. Not the easiest thing to do.
  2. Logan skidded to a stop in front of the girl. He stood at 6'4" with black hair and blue eyes. " are you ok " he held out a hand to the girl
  3. Annaliece maneuvered her skates and tried to stand, ignoring the offer of help. It wasn't until her feet slid out behind her that she took the outstretched hand and tried to pull herself up, hopefully without pulling the boy down in the process. "No, I'm not okay," she said as she grabbed his hand. "My butt's freezing from falling so much."
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  4. Logan helped the girl up. "Do you want me to help you. I've been ice skating for 6 years now." He smiled a bit. "If you need me to I'll catch you."
  5. "Big brother!" A little girl of six years with the same shinny black hair as her brother slid towards them. She tried to skitter to a stop but slammed into Logan's leg. "I-I can't stop in time." She sniffled and clung to him.
  6. Nate stood at the side of the rink, in front of the bench he'd been using to tie his skates. He looked down over to the girl who'd fallen, "Well, at least I'm not the only one." he laughed a little to himself, then gulped at the thought of having to step onto the ice. "Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall..." He kept repeating to himself as he slowly put one foot onto the ice. "Alright, halfway. This isn't that hard" He reassured himself, then with his new found courage, (or cockiness) he quickly moved his other foot onto the ice. "Hey that wasn't that hard!" He commended himself, then nearly fell over when he tried to take a stride forwards, sending his medium length bleach blonde hair flying over his blue eyes, obscuring his vision even further. He flailed his arms out, and thankfully managed to grab onto the boards. "Alright, not as easy as I thought." He looked out onto the open ice in terror. He hesitantly took another step forwards, sending him falling to the ground and getting some snow on his gray sweatpants that hung loosely around his legs. He gripped the sleeve of his black long sleeved shirt and used the fabric to protect his hands from the cool ice as he quickly got back up and retreated back to the boards, "Yeah I think I'm just gonna stay here for a little bit..."
  7. Gabrielle absolutely hated ice skating and frankly didn't know how. She grumbled as she clung to the wall with all hope. "This is it. This is where I die." Gabrielle muttered with a scowl. "Wow I hate ice skating."
  8. Skylar hadn't been skating for a while and was hesitant when she stepped her right foot onto the ice. She clung onto the side, he aurburn hair blew slightly from the breeze and her blew eyes cast over everyone that was there.
  9. Courtney was sore all over. She had fell in the ice so many times she was almost pretty sure something was broken. This was roller skating all over again. She watched from the bench as a girl with a skirt was helped up by a guy who skated like he was in the olympics. Then her attention was turned to a little girl yelling for her brother. At least she has some one to catch her if she falls.

    There was another girl who clung to the walls for dear life. Why didn't I think of that. And a girl who was just testing out the waters. Everyone seemed determined to just skate and have fun yet here she was sitting on the bench. Just as she resolved herself to go back out a boy with blond hair took a serious fall on the ice. Before she could stop herself she let out a burst of laughter while wiping a tear out of her warm brown eyes but then quickly slapped her hand over her mouth. Oh my gosh I shouldn't have laughed. That could have easily been me. She hoped that no one had heard her and quickly stood up to return to the ice as the guy made his way to the boards.
  10. Lola absolutely hated iceskating. No, in fact, she hated all sports. Every. Single. One. Except gymnastics, of course. But, she wasn't exactly supposed to hate that, though, especially since her mother lived, breathed, and ate it for breakfast each morning, but it was apparently her destiny, too, or whatever, so that wasn't really something she could exactly not hate, even with how much she totally does hate it. This iceskating, though - she wasn't even going to pretend to like it. She lost a bet to her stupid, cheery, rich-girl best friend, Kat, and this...this stupid, girly, waste-of-time ignorant, fall-flat-on-your-ass iceskating was the punishment.

    Kat spent all her time skating. Sliding, twirling, and dancing on the ice for all to see. Of course, that's what she was doing now, impressing the hell out of everbody wth her undying skill and jewel incrusted pink and silver ice goddess dress. But, Lola, on the other hand, wearing her black tank top, black high wasted pants, black leather boots, and black, well, everything, was sitting alone at the food court, spitefully eating her hot dog and watching the clumsy skaters fall with complete and utter annoyance.

    This...this sucked.
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