On the Ice at Actis Major

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  1. Actis Major is the premiere skating school in the world. Then again, it helps that it's literally the only school of it's kind. This has, unfortunately, led to a slight problem. At first, Actis Major only took in the best of the best. When that didn't earn them enough to keep their rinks frozen and their doors open, however, the faculty at Actis Major decided they'd start allowing in students of all skill levels and walks of life, provided that A: they could pass the written entrance exam, and B: they paid the entrance fees. Whether or not this will prove to be a mistake, nobody knows.
    1. Usual rules apply. No god-modding, no meta-gaming, etc.
    2. Don't leave the other players behind. I don't want to see a full page of only two people when we have about half a dozen players (hypothetically).
    3. Play nice!
    4. Have fun!

    Character Skeleton
    Appearance: (detailed description or anime picture. No photographs!)

    Background: (Please include information on their history and the level of skill they have when skating. Characters that haven't been skating before are allowed.)
    Notes: (Extra stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else.)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.