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  1. Hello Iwaku. I am The Last Thylacine. The very last of my kind, many people hunt for me throughout Tasmania and Australia to prove my continued existence. I am a large marsupial who has somewhat canine features due to convergent evolution. I am here on a hunt for another animal, an animal so rare it is possibly also the last of it's kind. Scientists thought it extinct when it stopped answering it's cellphone and receded into the dark depths of the internet, not leaving a trace of it's existence. This creature is the rare and illusive Ossochanter. I hope to make contact with this amazing creature in the deep forests of Iwaku.

    I'm also here to roleplay. Hi guys. :llama:
  2. HOLY SHIT. Hi!

    Stalker. >:[ *Gets the shotgun*
  3. Is there something I should know about?
  4. Make friends with this chick! She's sort of cool or whatever.
  6. If you shoot the very last thylacine everyone in the science community and in Australia will hate you.

    And wow, just sort of cool? After all the ultra sexy things we've been through this past decade...I thought you loved me, Eri, for you are my sweet cinnamon-sugar honeybun. <3 I guess I'm just some chick to you. :'( I see how it is.

    And Yav, you should like getting to know me. Just like being gifted an ornate box full of shaken up/angry baby alligators, I'm lots of fun. :D Because baby alligators are cute . <3
  7. Don't mind him, he's tsundere animu kawaii desu.
  8. So you're telling me his name is Kawaiidesudesu-chan? Got it. Nice to meet you, Kawaiidesudesu-chan.
  9. It's Vay.

    And I don't care if people hate me, they do anyway so what's a few more scientists.

    And I hate cuteness.

    *Fills the box with acid.*
  10. *bites your head open* Thylacines can open their jaws very wide, and use crushing force to make clean, deadly bites to prey including but not limited to bandicoots, potoroos, wallabies, and of course, you.

    Also there is major flaw in your logic. How can you hate cute if you associate yourself with the rare "Ossochanter", the cutest Cervidae in the world? Scientifically known as Muntiacus Ossoscreamus, or the Greater Jagged-Toothed Screaming Ossojac, it is a close relative of the muntjac. It's the ONLY close member of the muntjac family found in North America. There is only one official picture of this amazing creature. You can't hate cute and hang around the animal many have lovingly dubbed the Ossochanter.


    Only official picture and official sighting, 1948 near Galveston, Texas. Scientists fear it's extinction, but people sporadically report unofficial sightings in the San Antonio area -- however it has never been filmed again. Notice how it's displaying jagged teeth. This picture was captured while screaming out it's distinct mating call, which is said to sound similar to an eagle, only on fire. When shown this picture for the first time, Texas naturalist Roy Bedichek exclaimed, "OMG. IT'S SO KAWAII."
  11. *Closes his skull before the pulsating void within can escape and consume reality prematurely.*

    Because I'm clearly a masochist.
  12. ...

    VAY HAS A NEW FRIEND! Hahahahaha!