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  1. Hello there, I seem to be at a loss for finding something that appeals to what I'm looking for. Not because there's a shortage, but because everything I'm looking for is usually full (Sad Face)

    So! I thought I would cast a net and see if anything comes back to me... that metaphor was bad and I should feel bad. Anyway!

    What I'm mostly after is something fantasy based, something that incorporates magic without solely relying on it as a backbone. Something diverse where players can create their own little corner of a world for their backstory while taking part of the main plot etc. I understand this is probably confusing so let me throw some examples.

    One Piece would be a good example, as it has fantasy and super powered elements to it. Elder Scrolls is another good example, World of Warcraft is also an example.

    I do like Sci Fi, although I'm not particularly looking for that right now. Also! I do adore to play villains so if you're in need of one please consider shooting a PM my way.

    I'm missing something... oh right!

    I tend to vary somewhere between the adept / advanced side of things, though I don't limit myself to only participating in threads catering for that. I post multiple paragraphs usually and sometimes walls depending on creative flow. I'm able to post once per day or more if required. I think that just about covers it...

    If you require anything from me, examples of posts or simply a question answered feel free to PM me or ask me bellow. Hopefully I'm what you're looking for ^^

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. If you're interested my sister is opening a Zombie based RP.
    Now I know you're intro doesn't really mention anything about liking horror or survival based Rps
    But it does say Villains >:)
    Our Rp has a community of nefarious people that come into play.
    Which has us in the market for some much needed villains
    Here's the link, Check it out if you think you might be interested
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  3. Hello!
    Just glancing over your invite, I think you might really like my new RP group called Knights of Fiffle
    Check it out and submit a CS if you're interested!
  4. Hahaha. I'd say that description fits Omnibus Academy pretty darn well. :P
  5. Hey Winter! I just posted my role-play, if you'd wanna take a lookie. I'm focusing heavily on incorporating character backstories and really making the characters an important and meaningful part of the story, instead of them just reacting to whats being thrown at them. Let me know if you're interested! Its fantasy

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Affinity Sign-Ups and Plot Info
  6. Hey, I'm looking for villains for Charmed: The Next Generation if you're interested. Most of the villains are going to be demons, so backstory is completely open to your imagination as well as any powers they have. I do have a couple demons in mind, but they'd need to serve a more powerful demon. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please PM me, I think we could have a lot of fun plotting :)
  7. Thank you for the invites. I'm presently and currently away from home but I'll be sure to give all of these a look once in home :)
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