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  1. I was looking for a few more partners to RP with as my boredom levels slowly begin to rise. Just a few ideas I had running around my head, and here we go.

    Idea 1: Project: OLYMPIA

    In the ruins of a hidden lab, scientists worked in secret on a project that they knew could change the world. In the shadows of day, and darkness of nights, scientist sought to create mortal gods, and succeeded. Project: OLYMPIA, a secret genetic engineering project trying to create the perfect soldiers. But one day, the secret gets out, enraged the American Government calls for an airstrike against the scientists’ base of operations. In the aftermath of the explosion, nothing is left......nothing human.

    We would be playing as two of many involved in the experiments after the aftermath of the explosion, and how they survive in the new world that they’re faced with given their abilities.

    Idea 2: Last Factory

    A literal collection of seedy characters bent on taking over the area in which they live, and as a side note, maybe also take over the world. Abilities or no, this collection of beings has made it their mission to enact swift injustice on those that they feel inferior to their cause. It’s a large organization, and may within it have had children. The next generation of terror will soon take its reign, that is, if they want to.

    We would both be playing the children of villains in the organization, who run into each other often, one trying to be good, the other content to be bad.

    Idea 3: Gates to the Other Side

    There are three realms, and to separate them, two gates were made. The Human Realm and the Realm of Monsters were separated by the Gate of Time. Humans were made unable to see monsters, but were given fables of them to go by, and reasons to stay away from them. Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies and the like were made mere stories, hidden behind a wall of naivety. The Realm of Monsters and the Realm of Eternity were separated from each other by the Gate of Space. The Realm of Eternity consists of Gods and Demons, not like any that any myth has ever recorded, and are among the most powerful in the Realms, as they are able to influence even the Human Realm, which is far away from them.

    The Gates protect us, but in the end it was made, and like any thing ever created, it can be destroyed. Miniscule cracks appeared in the gates, causing stir amongst the realms, as Monster were able to leak into the Human Realm, and the Demons manipulative influence was able to do more than it had ever done before.... And the company was unappreciated, Humans took arms up against Monsters, and the Monsters did the same. As well as the beings of Eternia never having dealt with the lower species of any other realm, It was the brinks of War.

    We would both play one person from one of the three realms that gets trapped in the third, and are unable to get back, all the while having to deal with the hunters that would stop at nothing to get to us.

    Any of these three ideas would be up to changes or being tweaked to be more suitable for roleplaying. I only ask that if you are interested that you refer to my Roleplay Resume for anything you need about me, and that if you are interested in one of these and we start the Roleplay, that you tell me if you are going to need longer for your responses or if you are going to leave altogether.

    Thank you for taking the time to read over all of this!!

    PM me or message me here if interested!!
  2. still searching for partners...
  3. I'm interested in the last factory.
  4. @LoveandHate91 Alright, as of the moment I will be logging off for the night, but I can PM you at the earlier convenience tomorrow.
  5. Ok I shall wait until then good night.
  6. Thank you kindly.
  7. Gates to the other side looks interesting but i won't be able to start till tomorrow afternoon for sure.
    If that's okay let me know what i need to work out.
  8. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Crazy weekend at work. So if the Gate one is still open what details would you like? Like which gate do you prefer yourself to be from if any? You can PM me if you want. Also would you make it an actual Forum 1x1 or are you just wanting to PM it back and forth? Let me know my lady :3 Thanks
  9. @Deathrillz Yeah, theGates one is still open, and if you would prefer, we could talk about further details through PM like characters, storyline and how/where we would start the RP. I can message you through PM in a little bit.
  10. Alright look forward to hearing from you.
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