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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm Aeriel, and I'm looking for some more partners! I'm pretty open when it comes to ideas, so I would love to hear yours. I have some myself, just shoot me a PM!
    Here are just a few rules when it comes to roleplaying with me:
    1. NO ONE LINERS. It's seriously annoying, I will usually try to match the length you give me but I can't do little sentences, it's just boring.
    2. Don't just duck out of a roleplay, if you don't want to do it anymore, just tell me.
    4. I only write as a female.

    Here are some of the types of roleplays I enjoy.
    1. Anything having to do with fantasy
    2. Roleplays set in the medieval era
    3. Realistic roleplays
    4. Straight or lesbian roleplays

    If you're interested in sharing any ideas or brainstorming, shoot me a PM and we'll get started on an awesome roleplay!
  2. I'm interested in trying to brainstorm an rp with you?
  3. Sure, PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.