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    I am Nassione some of you may know me some of you may not.
    I am back on the hunt for rp partners, I have six years experience in roleplaying and am semi literate to literate.
    Also am a gamer and comic nerd

    Now to be straight up with the yes and no's just to get them out of the way XD

    1. I am usually online everyday so will reply at least once a day would expect the same or at least once or twice a week
    2. If you decide to bail out on the rp say so!
    3. One liners are a no go here sorry.
    4. Communication! Talk to me I am super friendly! ^-^

    Moving on to the interesting stuff!! Roleplays and co.
    I am a massive fandom roleplayer as well as a standard roleplayer!


    Tv/ Anime:

    Legend Of Korra (really want to do)
    Fairy Tail
    Sengoku Basara
    Agents Of Shield
    Innocent Venus
    Deadman Wonderland
    Darker than Black
    Sons Of Anarchy
    Game Of Thrones
    Wolfs Rain
    fruits Basket
    Samurai Champloo


    The Avengers
    Iron Man
    Disney movies


    Far Cry 3
    Metal Gear
    Devil May Cry
    Assassins Creed
    Beyond Two Souls
    Sly Cooper Series
    Jax Series
    Resident Evil
    Kingdom Hearts
    Dynasty Warriors

    There are so many fandoms I did not list so just ask me XD

    Normal Rp Ideas:

    Samurai X Princess
    Demon X Angel
    Commander X Blacksmith
    Assassin X Target
    Friend X Friend
    Alien X Human

    Well for now that is all! ^_^ I shall update asap!! If you are interested, want to know more or even just want to chat post here or pm me!

    I shall leave you with this cute fox <3

  2. Hello I would like to do the aliens human
  3. Samurai x Princess could be cute and fun... providing we don't go super serious on making everything historically accurate. >_<
  4. Could both of you please pm me? ^-^
  5. I'm up for:
    Assassin's Creed
    Samurai Champloo
  6. Demon X Angel, Assassin X Target, and Friend X Friend could be fun. How do you feel about modfan or high fantasy?
  7. How did I not see this! T.T Cicatrix could you please pm me? ^-^
  8. I'm interested in either The Avengers or Iron Man(Either one is fine since I am a Marvel fan. :3 ).
  9. Awesome!! X3 pm me and we can decide what we should do XD
  10. Okay. Will do. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.