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  1. After a necessary break, I have returned! I have brought with me old and new characters that need playing. :D

    My posting habit can vary, but I typically reply either once a day or once every two days. I can, however, take up a week to reply, as school gets really busy for me on certain days. If I have not gotten back to you in two weeks, you can poke me and I will do my best to update you.


    These characters (except Kreinvokunkulaas) are contained within my blog, which is here. They are tagged as male or female, so you can search appropriately.

    Shea and Aehs - A Man and His Demon
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    1. Shea is doing his best to find a way to exorcise Aehs from his body without losing his sanity, while Aehs is doing his best to corrupt Shea and use him as a host to rule the world with an army of demons. Shea meets someone who he finds helps him cope with Aehs, but this person has their own secret.

    2. Shea is on the hunt to remove the curse of Aehs, but along the way, he meets someone who also wants to remove their curse, and together, they travel to meet the beast known as the Dreamer, the only known person/thing ever to remove its own curse.

    ((Note: both can be played in a modern, medieval, or future setting. MxF only.))

    Keiran Hir-Morana - A Prince of Winter
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    1. The House of the Sunlight's Ray in the City of Summer, has turned on the Cities of Spring and Winter. They have allied themselves with the House of the Fall's Leaf in the City of Autumn to bring about only their seasons, meaning crops and sunlight for their side of the country only. Keiran, as an envoy, must travel through the decaying seasons of winter and spring to meet with the House of the Sky's Flower in the City of Spring to find a way and restore their seasons and prevent the Cities of Summer and Autumn from reigning over them.

    2. As the days grow hotter and longer in the world and people will the summer and heat to last, the spirits of winter find themselves dying. As one of them, Keiran discovers that if he can make someone believe that the cold and what it brings can still help the world, he can save his dying race.

    ((Note: the first idea is played in a medieval setting, the second can be either medieval, modern, or future setting. MxF only))

    Kleliharith - A Time Wizard
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    1. Someone wishes that the Time Wizard would send them back in time... for a price.

    2. The Time Wizard teaches a young wizard in the art of magic, but when the young wizard overthrows the Time Wizard, it must employ the help of someone new.

    ((Note: these are intended for medieval settings, but due to the nature of time travel, the settings would change quite a bit. MxF or FxF))

    Kreinvokunkulaas - The Dragon of Suns and Shadows
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    1. In the wake of a war between dragons and humans, the Dragon of Suns and Shadows places the last of the dragons in a secluded area far from human civilization as per the treaty between the races. Rogue hunters try to find the elusive Dragon Refuge, as rumor has it that the area is beautiful and full of valuable dragon eggs, scales, and claws.

    2. A king of the human realm has captured the Dragon of Suns and Shadows to use as a mount, forcing her to submit to him in mysterious ways so he can conquer the rest of the land. One lone person wants to help her escape.

    ((Note: these are intended for medieval settings. Kreinvokunkulaas can be viewed here. MxF only.))

    Sasha Valzorin - A Runaway with Strange Abilities
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    1. Sasha and another Mutated escape and are on the run from the government for being Mutated fugitives. (Can be started in a facility or when they're still running.)

    ((Note: I have a lot of lore and background information about the setting, though it is modern or future. MxF or FxF))

    The Keeper - A Mysterious Librarian
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    1. A group of mercenaries burn part of the library and the Keeper is granted anything it needs to hunt down the arsonists. It chooses a single person.

    2. Someone tries to discover the Keeper's secret and gets themselves entwined in something much bigger than they ever anticipated.

    ((Note: these are intended for medieval settings. MxF only.))

    Verity Allencourt - A Snobby Princess Full of Snobby Ideas
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    1. Verity gets in over her head and finds herself lost outside of the city and far away from home, a place she doesn't know. She meets some form of male/female traveler to help her way back, but nothing is that simple.

    2. Someone recognizes Verity at a rowdy time in a tavern and kidnaps her, trapping her in a tower with a singular guard.

    ((Note: these are intended for medieval settings. MxF or FxF))

    I'm also open to any ideas that anyone has! :D

    Added Characters:

    Tavar Bainard - A Lucky Bard with a Penchant for Killing
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    Tavar can be seen here. No ideas at this time. Help me make some! MxF only.

    Saraph Vireo - A Singer with Wing(er)s
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    1. Saraph is exiled for a crime he didn't commit, and he hides in fear of the humans because he doesn't want to be made fun of. Someone finds him and takes him in while he tries to discover a way to get back to the Island of Clouds.

    2. A plane loses control in a storm and crashes onto the Island with only a few human survivors. The Cloudis must find a way to get rid of the humans, but it becomes difficult after Saraph gets to know one.

    3. The power source keeping the island and its inhabitants alive and near-immortal is stolen by a strange, magical human, and the island crashes into the ocean. The Cloudis scatter, some to die and others to try and find the power source so their home can return to the sky.

    ((Note: all three plots are intended to be played in a modern setting, but can be played in the future or medieval (except the second plot for medieval). MxF only.))

    Zenosha Silinire - An Elf Who Lacks Magical Prowess
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    1. Zenosha, an elf who cannot perform magic like her peers, is forced away from her home after she cannot contribute. Since that time, she has tried to master physical weapons in hopes of impressing her peers so she can be welcomed home. Someone she meets might be able to help her.

    ((Note: Zenosha can be seen here. She is originally a Skyrim character and can be played in the setting, but she can also be broadened into other fantasy settings. Any character can help her, good or evil, bad intentions or none at all. MxF and FxF.))
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  2. Updated with two more male characters! :D
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  3. I'm interested in The Time Wizard, Verity Allencourt, and Tavar Bainard from the added characters!!
    ((Not sure which RP to choose, they all sound good ^^))
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  4. My apologies, I didn't have my own thread watched. xD

    If you're still interested, I can send you a message.
  5. Hello!
    That's all right, that happens to all of us LOL

    I'm still interested, but I have a huuge writer's blocker .. .
    Once I get over it, I'll PM you :D
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