On the hunt for group or 1x1 RPS

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  1. Hello prospective partner(s)!

    I am currently looking for modern or fantasy role play. I am most comfortable playing a female. I usually have smart characters with some type of artsy interest. I have played other types of personalities.

    if there's someone out there willing to work with me one on one to develop my male character prespective I would be totally open to that. I play characters from different backgrounds and nationalities.
  2. 1. Are you alright with semi-predecided roles?

    2. Are you alright with joining an RP in which the GM is already hosting another RP you are in?
  3. pm me can help with 1x1
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  4. @Crow 1. as long as the roles are personalities that i can do well then yes. also yes for the second question.

    @Scorpio Queen i will pm you within the next two days. thank you for offering me help!
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  5. Let's see...

    INTEREST CHECK - Princess Cronus

    I got this assembled. Or something. I'm thinking of making the OoC when banners get back up. I have a few more RPs to assemble.
  6. If you're still looking for an RP to join, I've got this link here with some pretty good options.
  7. thank you @Mágissa Kei and for anyone else that comes across this in the next couple of weeks im am open to take a look at any suggestions.
Thread Status:
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