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  1. Hey guys!!
    My name is Aeriel, and my username is Aeriel.. Yeah, totally creative. But oh well.
    I have a few plot ideas, but first lemme just lay down some ground rules, to save some confusion.

    1: Do not post one-liners. If you reply with a one-liner, I will either just not reply, or I will ask you to elaborate. If it happens more than once, I will kindly inform you that perhaps we are not the best match.

    2: I usually only play female. Every once in a while, if I'm in the mood or I have a really good idea, I will play male. But usually, nope, only female. However, I do love FxF roleplays as well as FxM.

    3: You must be 18+ to roleplay with me. I use a lot of foul language sometimes, and I do enjoy sex in roleplays. Please tell me your boundaries for sex in roleplays.

    4: Please be able to post at least once a day. I am on usually every day, and I am a pretty fast poster unless I'm at school or work.

    5: If you are going to post a picture to show me what your character looks like, I prefer if you do not use an anime character. I like realistic characters and it's really hard for me to picture a character otherwise. If you prefer to write a description instead of a picture, that's fine with me too.

    6: I only RP via PM

    7: Last but not least, feel free to just chat with me sometimes! I like getting to know my partners, I'm not a robot! :)

    SO, if you made it this far, that's awesome. Now, for the plots!

    1.Muse A has been sheltered for most of their upbringing, coddled by loving but overprotective parents well into their teenage years. They’ve yet to experience most of the milestones that their same-age peers take for granted, like attending a school dance or getting their driver’s license. The only time that Muse A isn’t under the watchful eye of their parents is when they’re at school and even then, they’re under strict orders to come straight home once that dismissal bell rings. Muse B hasn’t resided with a parent/guardian since they were legally able to live on their own. They didn’t come from a nurturing environment, not even close, but they’re not looking for a pity party about it. Muse B fends for themselves in this world and they’ve earned a bit of a reputation for snubbing their nose at authority at every opportunity.

    Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they’re making their way to the bus.Muse A can’t help but stare with envy asMuse B mounts their motorcycle—able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and they offer Muse A a ride. Muse Aaccepts, hastily snatching up their first little taste of freedom.

    2. Muse A is young and naïve, always looking for trouble. They finally find it with Muse B, an older, cooler type that they encounter somewhere they have no business being with their fake ID. Muse B is attracted toMuse A on a physical level, but once Muse A’s age reveals itself, Muse B lays down the harsh truth: they’re not interested in anything beyond a one night stand and they’re definitely not what Muse A needs (and vice versa). Reluctant to let the opportunity to be with Muse B slip away,Muse A convinces Muse B to take them home. Lust clouds Muse B’s judgment and they let Muse A spend the night. In the heat of the moment, when the chemistry is so obviously there, MuseB says all the thingsMuse A wants to hear. Once it’s all over, however, Muse B’s attitude toward Muse Ahasn’t changed–but Muse A doesn’t believe it’s a hopeless cause. Much toMuse B’s dismay, Muse A starts coming around to their place, hanging with their friends, finding little ways to push into their life in the hopes of showing Muse B how good they’d be together despite their difference in age. Muse B insists that their relationship will never be; yet Muse B can’t help sending mixed signals when they continue to fall into bed with Muse A.

    3. So I was thinking there could be two gangs, and Muse A can be the leader of their gang, and Muse B is a member of the second gang. The two gangs are kind of rivals. Not like a regular street gang, but like a badass gang. But there's a plan. The leader of the second gang wants Muse B to purposefully spy on Muse A and get herself captured.
    Muse B can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and they see Muse A kill someone from a rival gang. Then Muse A sees Muse B and kidnaps her. So he/she takes her to headquarters and keeps her as a prisoner, but she begins to make friends with the other gang members. She ends up falling in love with Muse A, and then Muse A ends up finding out the truth, that Muse B is an enemy that is trying to sell them out.

    Here are some pairings:
    -Young adult/Older person
    -Arranged marriage (medieval)
    -Enemies in school

    I also love Harry Potter, so here are some pairings for that:

    -Dramione (Draco/Hermione)
    -Drarry (Draco/Harry)

    So, there ya go! So sorry this is so long. PM me if you are interested! <3
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  2. Still searching!
  3. Always looking!
  4. Would you like me to move this to Libertine for you dear. With the mention of sex and What you would like I can definitely move this for you.
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  5. Oh, no thank you. I don't want a roleplay centered around sex, but I do like it involved, but I'm willing to not do it if it makes someone uncomfortable. But thank you!
  6. Alright happy hunting dear
  7. Thank you! :)
  8. You seem like someone that knows what they like in a story, feel free to PM me and we can hammer out details tomorrow. ^.^
  9. I'm interested in plot 1 if your still looking =)
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