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  1. Hey Guys and Gals! Myth here, obviously. I'm not really one for introductions, so I'm just going to jump right in.

    I've got a few pairing ideas/plot ideas that I'd really like to find partners for! Though if you have an idea that you think I'd like, you're more than welcome to throw it out to me. I don't bite, at least not hard.

    A bit about my standards and myself

    I'll start with post length. I tend to write about a paragraph per post. I'll never throw a one-liner at you; frankly I find them rude. As long as you can write 2+sentences that add to the plot, we'll be fine. I'm really not hard to put up with, I promise.

    Okay, so grammar. It's not really my strong point, honestly. Semicolons will be the death of me, I swear. I understand that English may not be your first language, and thats okay. I also know about writing on mobile; I only own a iPod and sometimes have typos. Though I do at least try, and I ask the same of you.

    Unless the plot is one of romance, I really don't give a rats nest on whether romantic relationships happen. Sometimes it's best to just have characters that hate each other, you know? If the plot is one of romance, I'll do MxF, or FxF. I've never done MxM before, but if you really want to I could give it a shot.
    I'm under 18, so yeah.
    Honestly I'm not that good at romance posts in general. *shrugs*

    I will play male or female characters. I tend to pick whichever I think fits the idea I have in my mind for said character. I don't care whether you play male or female (unless we're doing romance, for which I specified above.)

    Another quick note on romance, I will NOT do Smut/ fade to black.

    For how often I post, it really depends on how busy I am. I'll try and give you at least a post every 2 days. Though sometimes I can write multiple posts in one day. If I think I'm going to be gone for a week or more, I will tell you. I ask that you do the same.

    As for things I'm not comfortable with coming up. Pretty much anything is ok, except for descriptions of self harm. Having a character that deals with self harm or has a past of it is ok; describing the character physically self-harming isn't. It's a real trigger for me, and I hope that you can understand. If you have any triggers or things you aren't comfortable with, I will make sure to respect that. Swearing, violence, and the likes don't bother me.

    My Ideas
    The more *'s, the more I'm craving this plot/pairing

    Girls Like Girls-FxF-Realistic/Romance ***

    Notes: This was sort of inspired by a music video. While romance will be a big part of it, it will not be the whole focus. I'm fine playing character A or B.
    Plot: Character A and Character B have been best friends for ages. Character A has always had very strong feelings for Character B. Character B has as well, but not quite as obviously.
    Character A has a very religious and homophobic family, and always feels as though she had to hide her true self.
    Character B is stuck in a pretty bad relationship with a guy her parents set her up with. While Character B's family isn't religious or homophobic, she still feels as though she can't show her true self.
    Somehow, both characters end up showing that they like each other, and they have to figure out how to deal with the obstacles they face.

    Prince x Princess x Peasant **
    This is a three-some, which I'm not sure how exactly that would work on this forum; or one could be a NPC. I'm fine playing any character. The idea is that the Prince and Princess are "happily" married, but either the Prince or Princess is beginning to fall for a Peasant, which makes the other mad as heck.

    Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature *
    Don't really have an idea for this one either.

    I think something with forbidden love/ arranged marriage may be interesting. **

    Teacher x Student *

    Teacher x Principal *

    Bully x The Bullied **

    Cancer Patient x Best Friend ***

    The New Girl/Boy **

    [Muse 1]is a popular student and head of the football team/cheer squad. [Muse 2] is the new kid to town. The two have nothing in common. But what will happen when [Muse 1] sees [Muse 2] being abused by their significant other?

    Police x Criminal *

    Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian ***

    Anything from zombie apocalypse to seemingly perfect utopias, it's all cool.

    Roommates (College) **

    City Girl/Boy x Country Girl/Boy *

    Spirit x Haunted Human **

    Hero x Villain *

    Hunter x Supernatural **

    Prison Inmate x Prison Inmate *

    Something Involving an Asylum setting. ***

    I don't usually do fandoms, and if I do we'd be using OC's; I'm not comfortable Roleplaying with cannon characters. Really the only fandom I know a lot about is Percy Jackson and The Olympians. :P

    These last few plots I did NOT come up with. I found them on this-http://plotsforall.tumblr.com/
    blog, and would love to do them. (I hope it's okay to do this/post the link. The blog is meant for you to use the plots they come up with.)

    (I've numbered these so you can refer to them easier)

    1) Muse A is distracted when an out-of-breath Muse B takes a seat by them on the train. When they finally glance over at their seat companion 2 stops later, they catch sight of smeared blood on Muse B’s fingers/clothes. Muse B signals for Muse A to keep quiet then and they calmly lean over to inform Muse A that they’re going to need their help getting away because they’ve just committed a crime. ***

    2) Muse A is arrested for a crime they did not commit and they can’t understand how the DNA evidence seems to point to them. It isn’t until Muse B is taken into custody and put into the same holding cell that Muse A realizes there is a duplicate version of them who’s also claiming to be innocent. **

    3) When Muse A misses the bus, they reluctantly turn to Muse B their crazy hot next door neighbor, for a ride to school. Before the lunch bell rings, rumors are flying about the two of them being a couple. ***

    4) When Muse A finds the locker they were assigned for the year, they discover that Muse B, their sworn enemy since kindergarten, has mistakenly also been assigned to the same locker. **

    Sorry about this last part being in all bold, I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

    Ok, I think that's all my ideas. If any interest you or you have an idea you think I may like, post down below! Have a good day!

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  2. I'd be up to doing a bad guy/shy guy type of roleplay with you.

    I have quite a bit of experience with mxm roleplays so I'm sure I can help you out if/when you stumble over something.
  3. I was hoping someone would be interested in that one! I'll PM you in a few minutes so we can talk about it. :)
  4. Hey! Bully x Bullied seems interesting, as well as Captor x Captive....annnnddd the mythical creature ones. I do any type of romance, really, so if you wanted to try another mxm, that's cool, I've done a lot of those before, and if you want to do fxf and mxf that's cool too!!
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  5. Added a couple things last night/tonight. I'd love to find a few more partners!
  6. I think I'd be up to doing the Captor x Captive one, or the FxF roleplay with you ^.^
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  7. Added a rating system for how much I'm craving a plot/pairing! I would love to find a couple more partners!
  8. School is still sort of busy, but I would love to find another partner or two! If I found someone to do the A Little Surprise plot or The Whispering Wood plot with me, I'd give them a huge pile of pancakes and puppies.
  9. The Whispering Woods sounds cool!
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  10. The little surprise one sounds cool. PM me if you're still intersted.
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  11. Thanks so much to you both, I've sent PMs to both of you.
    Closing this again, because I wouldn't want to take on too many RP's as once; the amount I now have is one I'm happy with.
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