On The Ground.

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  1. Kako was tired. Her shift at the Romans Bank was almost through and she was ready to go home. It had been a busy day today, many people cam through her line and one had a mental breakdown to her. She had claimed that someone was stealing money from her bank account even though she never had any money in the account to begin with. Kako had to get ahold security when the woman tried to grab her.

    She sighs, brushing a stray brown hair from her face.

    "Next please!"

    A tall man came up to the counter, smiled at her and handed her his bank card. She started to type in the number and do the normal procedure, but as she did she heard a scream.

    Her head snapped to the sound in curiosity and instinct. A woman was screaming her head off at the door, a black arm was around her neck and she had a look of pure panic in her eyes. She screamed again and Kako's eyes wandered up slowly until they met the black barrel of a gun pressed to the woman's forehead.

    Another hand clamped down over the woman's mouth and a deep voice could be heard.


    Kako did one thing along with everyone else in the bank.

    She dropped.
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  2. Korvin was waiting in his office for the next appointment of the day. He was a little bored, so the accountant began twirling a pencil in between his fingers. When he heard the scream and the booming voice to get down on the ground, he froze. Shit, not again! This was the third bank he had worked at that had been robbed. And he'd only been here a month and a half! He sat at his desk, frozen, waiting for it to just be over already. He slowly turned his head to see out of his office window, which was basically the entire right wall. He watched the scene unfold before his eyes.
  3. Kako shook in terror as the shuffles of the woman accompanied by the loud steps of the robber came towards her desk. Why does mine have to be the closest to the entrance? The man's deep voice was directly above where she lay. "You! Get that safe open!" Kako peeked up. Sure enough his glare was aimed directly at her, she shakily shook her head. Then screamed as the man gripped her hair in his fist and yanked her from the ground.
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  4. Tamara walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, signaling for him to let the girl go.

    "I've got this." She told him. She's a hired gun, paid to assist with the robbery but his messy methods were too lame that she had to take a passive lead. Bullying is all he's good at anyway. A blockhead with no tactics.

    She leaned so Kako can see her eyes clearly and hear her as Tamara spoke in a low tone. "I'm not going to shoot you. But see that woman?" She used her pistol to push Kako's face to an angle where she could see the other hostages. Among them was a woman with a child around ten years old. "With the kid? Yeah, I'll shoot her as her kid watches. I have a good aim. But you can keep them alive by doing what you're told. Now, do it."

    She watched Kako coldly, taking a second to aim. The other hostages cowered and pleaded. The mother hugged her son tightly, visibly fighting to keep calm and soothing the boy quietly. One of the hostage takers fired a warning shot and yelled at them to shut up.

    Turning to Kako again, she commanded in a vicious tone. "Do it."
  5. Kako looked at the conflict in utter horror. Then she made her decision. Getting off the ground slowly, she turned towards the safe and shakily entered the number lock.

    After the lock code was entered she opened the key safe and unlocked the locks on the heavy door. Which opened a simple button, pressing the button the door begun to slowly slip open. Kako had pressed the emergency key code into the door, which opened it as usual but also set off a silent alarm. The cops were probably on their way.

    She tried to hide her smirk as they shoved past her, leaving two men outside the door.
  6. Tamara kept her aim on the mother and child, then head counted the hostages. "Hurry up." She told the men who had gone in. "We've got to-"

    "Cops!" said the guy watching the hostages. The men outside rushed in, quickly barricading the door as the police filed out of their wailing siren topped cars.

    "Hey-!" Tamara called for the men who went in the vault. To her surprise, it closed shut automatically, with Kako standing just outside it. Tamara grabbed Kako, maneuvering her arms to be locked to her back. Tamara pointed the gun to her head.

    "What the devil did you just do. You know what's going to happen now?" Tamara hissed.
  7. Korvin could only watch from his place at the desk as the horrid scene unfolded before his eyes. He kept thinking Not, Kako, not Kako, not her, please, not her! And then they chose her. Damn it! He hated not being able to do anything about it, but he was just an accountant, what could he do? But then the cops showed up. Oh, thank God! He relaxed slightly at the sound of sirens, but tensed just as quickly when the female grabbed Kako. Damn it, please, don't hurt her!
  8. Detactive Kid was with the cops outside "tham again how may have it been this time god" she grabbeds the spicker and yelles "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR BLABLABLA WE WONT SHOT WE JU WANT TO TALK BLABLA A YOU KNOW THE SHIT NOW COME OUT OR WE COME IN" Kid smiled and breath in everyting "i hate my job but whatever" she smirks one of the cops walked up to her "were not real going to walk in there are we" kid laughed "no stupid head first were going to egosheat with something giving us more time to find out how to get in with out killing anyone" she sighed andthe cop left

    I look from the coffee in my free hand to the radio, then over to my partner sitting in the passenger seat.
    “…well, shit,” is my only response, as I drop the coffee, still brimming at the lid, out the window and gun the engine of the car. We shoot forwards as I snap on the lights and the sirens, a cacophony of flashing lights and blasting sound announcing our presence as we begin to tear through the streets.

    A 10-33 is just the sort of call you don’t want to start your shift handling. It generally means that one or more assholes are currently attempting to hold a business up. In this case a bank. Which, given the mayor’s hard-on for coming down on bank robberies in this town, means that they’re not going to come quietly; I’m already getting the feeling that this is going to end badly.

    Fucking typical. So much for dinner.

    Beside me, Officer Joey Perez reaches over to the police scanner and snaps up the handset, the tone of his voice reflecting my mood perfectly.
    “Dispatch, this is Car 11G6 responding to your 10-33. We’re a couple minutes out, over.”
    “Oh, just fucking great!” I yell over the siren, “They’re armed to the teeth and they have hostages! And of all the 10-33s in all the cities in all the world, it had to be Detective Kid responding to ours!”
    “Frank,” my partner says with that trademark grin that makes so many want to smack him, “anyone ever told you you’re a grouchy motherfucker in the evening?”
    “Yeah,” I retort through gritted teeth as I weave through traffic, “your wife.” Joey laughs as he watches cars and trucks peel out of our path, like some sort of vehicular Moses parting a red sea of automobiles.
    “Fuck you, Frank. I forgot how much of a charmer you are when you haven’t had your fifty or so cups of coffee. Shit’s bad for you, man. Gonna give you a heart attack.”

    He’s right, of course. That’s one of the things I both love and hate about my partner; motherfucker’s always right, even when you don’t want him to be. Here I am, Frank Glass, a 29 year-old officer of the law who’s still not worked up the guts to sit the detective exam and harbours a grudge against anyone who manages to pass it who’s not been on the force as long as him. Receding hair-line, expanding stomach and a train-wreck for a home life. On the bright side, at least I only have a fixation on downing enough coffee to kill the average man rather than the ‘drink myself into an early grave’ approach a lot of cops have.

    The car screeches through a junction and around a corner to bring us face to face with our 10-37; police vehicles are already formed up outside the bank, and over a dozen officers are stacked behind cover with their weapons levelled at the door. I pull the car to a halt to the left of one of the other vehicles, helping to strengthen the perimeter we’re already setting up, and barge open my door as Joey leaps out to my left. Instinctively my hand snaps to my side, where my sidearm hangs in a holster. Glock 18, compact little thing with a high-capacity 9mm magazine. Good weapon, but when there’s a 10-37 in progress it just isn’t going to cut it. I swing round to the back of the car, hauling open the trunk and retrieving two long, sleek weapons. Remmington 870s, the sort of shotgun you don’t want to find pointed at you. “They’re loaded, right?” Joey calls from the other side of the car. I flash him a quick nod. “Alright, king me.” I throw the shotgun in my right hand across to him as we make our way towards the other cops, which he catches with practised ease. Should have been an athlete, Joey. Think he nearly was at one point, but for some stupid fucking reason he decided being a cop was a better calling.

    Crazy fuck. Probably why we get along so well. They pair the two nutters up and let them loose on the streets.

    We kneel down behind one of the police cars directly opposite the doors to the bank as I turn to one of the other officers crouched nearby.
    “Fancy getting us up to speed?” I ask him, not taking my eyes off the doors.
    “Count about two gunmen in there, pretty tooled up by the looks of it. Maybe a dozen or so hostages; the techies are working on getting us access to the security feed.” He gives me the sort of serious look one cop gives to another before delivering bad news. “Frank, they got kids in there.”
    “Goddammit,” I snarl, “How long before SWAT gets here?”
    “Five minutes, last I heard.”
    “Fucking ERU guys sure as shit take their time,” Joey quips, “Dispatch said we have a detective on-scene?”
    “Yup,” the cop says with a sigh as he motions with his head to one of the other cars, “We lucky beat cops have the great fortune to have ‘The Kid’ coming to our aid. She’s behind the car over there.”

    “Alright,” I mutter, still watching the doors, “we’ve got a good perimeter set up this end, so let’s get some guys round the back and have that cordoned off. No-one going in, no-one going out. Lemme go have a word with the detective. Joey, watch those doors; either of those fucks try to come out shooting, perforate them.”
    “Shit, Frank. ‘Perforate’?” Joey’s giving me that shit-eating grin again. “That’s a four syllable word. You feeling alright?”
    “One of these days, Joey, I’m going to smack some sense into you.” I flash him a smile as I move out from cover and in behind the vehicle Detective Kid stands behind. “Evening detective,” I grunt by way of greeting as I set up position beside her, “Lovely night, isn’t it? We’ve got some of our boys moving behind the building to cordon the other entrances off, and SWAT’s apparently en-route. What’s the game plan?”
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  10. "Do you know what you just did? You just dug that woman's grave." Tamara growled at Kako, immediately shooting the woman's leg. Some of the other hostages screamed, including the boy. The police went on barking over the speakerphone, they seemed to be warning them

    The woman however, continued to soothe the boy. Tamara wanted to kill her much more, but she knew keeping her alive to bleed and agonize over the pain was better-

    "The fuck! You're not supposed to do that!" Hostage Watcher said. Tamara hadn't the time nor the interest to learn their names when she was paid to assist them. "We need to get the fuck out!"

    Tamara wasn't listening. She was too frustrated and annoyed. The police and their yapping, the cowering hostages, the bawling boy, the trapped guys in the vault banging on the door and shouting muffled words-everything seemed to be scolding her for acting on her own. She's better than this. She belongs to an elite group. A brotherhood of sorts. And yet, she's too frustrated to do anything.

    I shouldn't have taken this job. If I hadn't been so bored that left my brothers to work for a brainless group, I'd be with them doing-

    "We surrender!" One of the Door Watchers scrambled out.

    "Eto piz`dets." Tamara swore under her breath. Everything pissed her off about this. It shouldn't have happened if they listened to her plan. But she "isn't supposed to decide" for just being hired. Idiots.

    From the bottom of her heart, she hoped her brothers would save her.
  11. Detective Kid doesn’t have a chance to respond before the sound no cop ever wants to reach his ears emanates out from the bank.

    A single gunshot echoes out through the street.

    “10-38! Shots fired!” I yell as the other officers begin to react, “Alert Dispatch immediately!” I spin around to shoot a glance at the detective. “We can’t wait on SWAT getting their asses in gear, detective! If they’ve started shooting we’re gonna have to make a move!”
    “Eyes up!” Joey yells from the opposite car; I look towards the doors just in time to see them open and a masked figure step out with his arms in the air, a pistol still clutched in them.
    “We surrender!” he yells, walking towards us.

    Now, this is one of those fun moments in a police officer’s career where he has to make a snap decision that could very well bite him in the ass in several distinct ways. Robber-boy coming out the doors has his hands in the air and looks like he’s out to call it a day, but it’s entirely possible that this is just a ruse to get him close enough to start shooting. So now I have to make the call. Do I let him approach, and accept the possibility that this could lead to him killing a fellow officer? Do I not take any chances and unload a couple shells into him, then live with the possibility that tomorrow the newspapers will be running with the headline ‘COPS SHOOT SURRENDURING MAN’?

    It’s fun little moments like this that make the job oh so fucking rewarding.

    I’ve got to get him to drop the pistol. That’s the clincher in this situation. Using the hood of the police car as support, I level my shotgun at the approaching figure.
    “You at the doors, not another step!” I yell, “Drop the pistol immediately, or we will fire! This is your only warning!”

    There, nice and professional. I didn’t even call him an asshole, despite the urge to. Now to see if he’s a good little felon who listens to the line of armed officers, or if he fancies himself one half of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

    For fuck’s sake, friend. Make the smart decision and put the gun down.
  12. "O-okay." Door Watcher said. "I'm-I'm putting the gun down. Don't shoot me, I didn't shoot anyone!" his voice was panicky.

    But he was apparently calm.

    Tamara swore in her native tongue again. This is going to be very messy. She envisioned her escape route. Or her imminent death.

    He stood right beside the door, keeping it open so another man came into view. As he bent down to put the gun on the floor, Second Door Watcher tossed out a tear gas bomb.
  13. " Shots fired " He was playing cards with the guys until the alarm went up, There faces becoming straight and there attitudes becoming serious. The crew stood up and began running, more like rushing to get there gear. He was ahead of everyone his gear was on and he was rushing for his weapon the .308 caliber Remington 700, A small smirk on his face when the men were loading up and being briefed. His mission was to secure a position if needed to take out any of the armed robbers, or disable them to make it easier for the swat team to get in. " Falcon watch the armed robbers when the swat team preps for a secret entry " Falcon nods and the captain shouts for them to get moving, They rush out and hurry to the swat truck. Climbing inside last he closes the door and the truck takes off speeding down the road at high miles with the sirens on, They weren't to far from the bank but it took long enough for them to get there. The swat team rolled out of the van rushing and speaking into the microphones checking them, They rushed up behind the police cars and set there weapons towards the doors. Falcon came out last a small smirk on his face as he saw Detective kid, He then is tapped on the shoulder and begins rushing towards a building. He began scaling the building until he reached the roof where he could see through the windows of the bank's top, He put the mount down and aimed his sight onto the different Robbers. Speaking into his microphone he said " Clear shots..except for one she's a bit off of my sighting view, i would have to shoot through the building to hit her " He was a bit angry that his shot would probably not hit if he had to shoot through the building. He was on waiting whim command if needed, His hair stuck down by a black hat that was backwards so the back was facing the front. It said SWAT on it he was smiling still, he hadn't had this much action recently.
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  14. The female robber starts to get increasingly more frustrated with the situation as soon as the sirens could be heard she grabbed Kako. A cold round object was placed on her temple and she tried her best to act strong.

    The robbess screamed in Kako's ear once again and the barrel of the gun left her skin. Woo! Then the robber fired a shot at the woman with the little boy. Kako screamed in terror along with the little boy and a few other people. She peers at the woman, holding her breath and then exhales when she realized the woman wasn't dead. Just injured. She mouthed to the woman I'm so sorry. Kako was going to have to at least try to stop this!

    As she was mulling over a small plan, a gruff voice yelled.

    "We surrender!" Kako's eyes looked over to the source to find one of the robbers stepping out the front door, arms in the air. After a few moments a loud voice proclaims;

    "You at the doors, not another step! Drop the pistol immediately, or we will fire! This is your only warning!” Kako swallowed.

    The robber stuttered out another sentence. He begun to bend down slowly, one of the robbers by the door pulls something from his pocket. As soon as his gun hit the cement, the robber threw the object out the doors. Everything turned chaotic. Kako looked around. The robbess had her by the arm, but she could get away in a yank. Her eyes scanned the ceiling and she see's a small movement in the corner of her eye.

    Naturally she looked towards the motion and froze. A man was on the building next to the bank. He wore all black and clearly had a huge gun on the roof in front of him. Judging by how she could barely see him herself, Kako knew he didn't have a clear shot at the robbess. In the end, Kako had two choices. Either it was a robber as well, or part of the SWAT. Quickly choosing, she pulled away from the woman and jerked forward. The robbess darted after Kako. I hope he has a good shot.
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  15. Window!

    I'm not one of those idiots. She's trained. She immediately retreated away from the window when the tear gas bomb exploded.

    It was a good enough distraction. She clicked on her right earring as she aimed for the woman's leg but instead hit her shoe's heel in haste.

    She took cover at the first wall she saw. "Lyosha, mne nuzhna pomoshch'..." Asking her brother for help was the only thing left to do.

    "Aah, Tomochka." her sworn brother Alexey replied in a smug voice. She knows what's coming. He's going all I told you so at her.

    "Seychas!" she demanded, looking around. To her surprise, there was a man cowering in a stall. She recognized him, but wasn't sure who he is. She pointed her gun at him.

    "Da, moy Tomochka." he was chuckling. If he's taking her panic lightly, they must have known what situation she's in and have been waiting for her to ask for help, perhaps to let her know that she shouldn't do this again.

    She wouldn't dare to.
  16. Kako heard a shit fired and screamed, assuming it was the sniper on the roof. She shouts again as she feels a clank on her foot. The robbess cursed and Kako grimaced. Looking to the mother and son she saw a huge bloodstain on the tile where her injured leg lie.

    Gasping, she rushed over and kneeled down by them, ignoring the third robbers command to stop. Kako checked for a pulse and then after finding a faint one, she yanks off her sweater and ties it above the wound tightly.

    "Please...w-watch...Anthony...'" The woman struggled to speak. Kako nods and crawls towards the child.

    "Hey sweety. I know your probably really scared right now but you need to stay strong for Mommy, alright?" He sniffles and nods his assent.

    Kakos eyes trail around the room again and meet the gaze of the accountant behind the glass wall. An idea formed in her mind. There should be a back door that the accountant could open for the SWAT in his office. Our gazes locked and she mouthed to him "The door. Your door !"
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  17. Tamara pointed the gun at the man. "Looks like we missed a spot." She said, half debating with herself whether to kill him and rid herself of some tension and half listening keenly for the cops. The man was so oddly familiar that she decided to simply point her gun at his face and taunt him coldly.

    "YA tebya vizhu." Alexey's voice cracked from her receiver.

    Just then, a nearby door burst open. SWAT had broken in.

    One of them pointed his gun at her, instructing her to put her gun down and she obliged.

    Lyosha! Spasibo! Tamara was so thankful she thought of doing him a favor right back. Alexey in the SWAT uniform kept her at gunpoint as the rest of the squad flooded in, one secured the man she was pointing her gun to.
  18. Kako didn't know what to do next. The robbess pointed her gun at the accountant...his name was....Kolton? Carl? Oh well, it didn't matter. As she racked her brains to come up with another solution, the door slammed open and men in black poured in. One pointing his gun at the robbess and telling her to drop it. Once she listened Kako sighed. Finally this nightmare was over.

    She begun to lead the boy out the door, he was crying and screaming for his mother, who hadn't moved from her spot on the ground.

    Kako feared the worst.
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  19. Raising his sniper from its position he spit and was disgusted in how he wasn't going to be able to take the shot, He had not been instructed to intervene. He felt terrible for the women who got shot she must of saw him and that is why she made the daring bolt away, if only i wasn't bound by the law to not fire unless told to. But if i would of fired it would of given away the position and the robbers could of began killing hostages then a voice came on over the radio " Good job Falcon im glad you could keep your cool " Falcon spoke back into the radio saying " I'mdisgusted with myself im going to go talk to that women " He said as he rushed down the steps and out the front door of the building, He slung the sniper around his shoulder and rushed up to the women holding the child who was crying. He stopped her and said " I'm sorry...so sorry" He then patted her on the shoulder and rushed passed her inside, He looked at the scene and saw the robber his hands tightening as his anger rose slowly. He then saw the women lifeless on the floor, He teeth gritted against each other as he began to walk forward but he was stopped by his captain who pulled his shoulder and lead him out the door. He shook the hand off and walked and leaned on a cop car his head hanging as he fiddled with his thumb and removed his hat, he threw it on the ground he let a small sigh escape his mouth.
  20. Holding the sobbing child closer to her body, Kako sniffled. All the stress was beginning to fall on her shoulders now that it was over. "Hush...I know honey." She rocked their bodies back and forth and waited where the cop had told her to. She looked behind herself as she heard someone approach. It was a man, he wore a SWAT uniform and had a hat backwards on his head. "I'm sorry...so sorry" At first she was puzzled. What did he do? then it hit her. He must have been the one on the rooftop! As he left her with a pat on the shoulder she stared after him, sure enough there was a black Remington on his back. She knew it was a Remington but wasn't positive what model...oh well. Her attention turned back to the boy.
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