On the edge of life

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  1. "I can't live like this anymore."
    "Then don't."

    Explanation of it all

    The following plots are not finished ideas, but I'm sure that we could figure something out together. I'm open for any ideas if anyone is interested in doing this with me. These aren't really seperated plots, they're based on the same things, but it's differents versions of it. Plot 1 is the main idea, and plot 2 and 3 are others versions of it.

    Of course we could mix things up, these versions aren't finished so it would be great if someone would work with me on this so that we can come up with a RP that suits both of us. As for the genders, I'm OK playing both and the genders in the versions can also be changed.

    I'd like a partner who writes a bit more than just a few paragraphs, and also it would be good if you're not only passive (which means that it would be good if you also made the story move forward and so on).
    It's only wishes though, if you like the plot and really want to do it even though you don't write more than a few paragraphs/are passive, I guess we could figure something out.
    What I'm saying is that anyone can RP this with me if they want, but that I'd prefer someone who writes a bit more and are a bit more aggressive to move the story forward.

    Plot 1

    There are two persons who are kind of messed up, they're in a mental hospital. They become (or have become) very good friends (or gets to know each other later on), and they decide to get away from there. They have no where to go, but they're determined not to stay there anymore.

    Without medications life is difficult, but they are determined to make it work. But sometimes it doesn't work just because you want it to. Maybe it's that they try to figure their lifes out and make things work. It could be a story looking back at where things went wrong, and then trying to fix it again.

    Plot 2

    It could also be that one of them are a patient and that the other one is someone who works there. For some reason the person working there has to go with her. It could be that there's a romance between them and that he can't tell anyone about it, because if he did he wouldn't have his job. Anyways, he has to come with her.

    Plot 3

    It could also be that they're both in this mental hospital but that one of them has a past of working in a place like that, but for some reason he/she ended up there too. That way, it's kind of similar to the second plot, even though it's a bit different. That way the past worker has experience of both "worlds", so to speak.