On The Backs Of Angels

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  1. (( hello! if you have any questions about this, you may PM me! this is intended to be romantic, but it can go different ways! ))

    Wings are special. They're a sign that tells everyone around you that you're important. They tell everyone that you've earned them. They tell everyone that you've got it right the first time.
    How exactly are wings attached to the back of angels? Was it God's doing? Was it an inventor's doing? An inventor, who was obsessed with control and power? With greed and jealousy? Was it natural? Will we all get our wings in time?
    Only the worthy will receive their wings. But in time, they will.

    Orel was worthy once. He was worthy to receive his wings without distress, but him, being a person what was shrouded in so much darkness and in so much dread, in so much greed and so much want, he would have to work for it. His work would be tedious and hard. It was possible he would not succeed, but that is expected from someone like him.

    In his past life, Orel was very successful. He had a well-paying job. Well, he had a fantastic paying job. He lived the life of luxury. He never had to move a single finger. It seemed the entire world was at his every whim. He had butlers and maids, personal cobblers and cooks.

    The cobblers and cooks, the maids and butlers, and everyone else who served the man well, did not like him. One night, one terrible night, he was poisoned. He was poisoned by those people who he calls his friends. They slipped the poison in his wine, and they watched as he went belly up, begging for the sweet relief of death that would not come.

    Well, it came.

    It came, and while it came, it soon left with him. Orel was swept with the wind, and left the workers and tenders to bask in the newly shared wealth that they all now owned. That was, well, till they all were charged with murder in the first degree. No one showed up to Orel's funeral. Not even the men who were to bury him.

    Orel, after taking his spiritual departure, met the face of God. " Orel, my son, my boy. You have served the mortal world well. But, you have not served me at all. For that, you are not worthy into my kingdom. " The Ruler started. " Your back is bare, and you are a disgrace to me. You must go, go and help someone with a trouble they are faced with. "

    And with that, Orel was planted back on Earth. Well, in spirit. The man, now in spirit, had to help a single person. That was when he would be allowed into the realm of paradise and happiness. Orel was assigned someone, who was shrouded with as much dread as he was.

    This person was in a rut. With their lover running off and finding someone new, they were left alone. Orel had to make sure that they would leave this rut, and once he accomplishes that, he would receive his wings.

    Orel had to meet them, but in a way that would seem a little less awkward. He would have to do so, so he could properly explain his situation. All day one day, he stalked his assigned mortal. He was noticed a few times, but he blended in. Only because he seemed like a normal person only to them.

    It wasn't until they were completely alone that things grew a bit strange. He stalked them on the bus as they did their arins. He stalked them in the store, and in the parking lot. He stalked them on the way back, and even down the sidewalk as they returned back to their living quarters.

    It wasn't until later that he was found out by them. And boy, it was a scene they caused.
  2. I keep getting this feeling of being watched but that's just normal. I'm on a crowded bus with a bunch of strangers. I got to get of on the next stop.

    "15% sale on meat products."

    I should get some of that meat for diner. Who knows maybe I could rekindle the fire between Jessica and me. She would take one bite and melt in my hands. Even better than that beat up that boyfriend to a bloody pulp. She would see how manly I am. Jump in my arms and ask to be whisked away.

    * Crash * I get that feeling of being watched again and drop a jar of raspberry jam. Now every one is looking. Who ever it was I couldn’t make out whom now?

    "Sorry my bad I will clean it up"

    In the parking lot, the way home, and even a side walk. Maybe a spirit is hunting me. There is no ways that exist, right? It has to be someone not a spirit. I was hiding in the corner when he started to pass I stopped and questioned him.

    ”Who do you think you are stalking me? What could possibly be so interesting about me? My cloths? My groceries? Tell me why have you fallowed me?”
  3. He was noticed. Great. he started out small, walking towards him with a small-awkward, dishonest- smile. " Hello, hello hello! " He drew out every hello with a tone of uncertainty. " How are you? Hopefully your night is going better than mine- and it is. The problems I've been having are at an all-time high! " He said, using hand motions this time.

    " You see, the thing is, you're the only one who can see me, but I am real! " Orel said, slowly. " Everyone in the neighborhood thinks you're... Well, you're talking to yourself! " he said, with a nervous chuckle.

    He cut the bullshit, and the smile left his face. " Okay, listen. You're depressed, I'm dead. You're lonely, I need to help you. Now, lets cut the bullshit and I'll explain this simply. " He cleared his throat. " I'm an angel now. But, as you can clearly see, I am missing something: My wings. You're missing the love of your life, so, we have to work together and we can both get what we want and never speak again. "

    " So, how about we go to your house and we get some dinner? I'll be able to talk to you more, without the neighbors threatening to call the cops on the strange man who keeps talking to himself. "
  4. "Fine you can come inside but only because of the neighbors."

    We enter my home and I prepare some snacks while diner is cooking.

    "So you stalk me and give me some bullshit story. You must think I'm a fool. Now tell me the truth. What do you want from me? As you can see I have no money nor do I have power of any kind."

    Wait, that last sentence. I rush and bust a glass. Now I have a weapon.

    “I see I have no money, power, and people that care fore me! Don't think you can kill me just like that! You should go before I call the cops!”
  5. " Call the cops. Like I said, you're the only one who can see me. " Orel chuckled. " They'll see a madman waving a glass bottle, and you'll go to jail for some crime you didn't commit. " He shrugged. " You want Jessica back, right? And I want wings. I want to leave this world, and quite possibly find someone for myself. "

    " But hey, go ahead and stab me if you want. As you can see, I am tangible, but I can't be hurt. I am a messenger of God, of course. "
  6. "You got some balls to be so calm."

    Throwing away the bottle I chuckled to myself.

    "Now I got to tell you that is either brave or stupid. You can have half of my diner. Seeing I only made it fore one. I honestly thought I would be rid of you by now."

    I set the table and split the food. He really is strange.

    "Are you going to eat the snacks too or should i put them up?"

    What is he doing? This is getting a little out of hand. Following me and talking about being an angel. Saying he needs to help me to get his wings. I don't need his help not ...
    He just said Jessica!

    "How do you know her name? Have you watched me all this time? You must get a kick watching me suffer. What ever, a stalker couldn't possibly know any thing about women."
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