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  1. They say that things were different once. But it doesn't matter because nobody remembers what it was like.

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  2. There are those who claim that life used to be easier. They have ridiculous ideas, like water that you could drink just falling from the sky or plants growing all across the ground. Everyone knows that those are just dreams or wishes, though. Life would be a lot easier if some of the things that they said were true, but they're not. No one really knows who spreads these crazy lies but there has to be some sort of cult out there perpetuating them because it's always the same things. They don't come up with any new ideas like people building houses on the water: it's always the same crap.

    For as long as anyone I've ever known has been alive, the landscape has been bitter and inhospitable. The few cities that cling to their respective niches are all but inaccessible to one another because they're so far apart. They need all that room in between to gather resources but it makes going from one to another a rare event. Some people never leave their city their whole life. The gangs that control them like it that way, too. If one of the bigger gangs were to start trouble with one of the smaller ones, it would be a mess for everyone. It's better this way.

    I started my life in one of the other cities, which is pretty uncommon. I was born in Helrand, which has always been run by the gang Switchblade. Even as far as gangs go, they're ruthless. Most of the others have a soft spot for the kids and sometimes they look the other way when you owe them money but you didn't collect enough scrap this moon. But not Switchblade. That's part of the reason I left. My kid brother and I were doing okay until he got sick and I couldn't collect enough scrap to pay for medicine. It's a long story, but Spark ended up getting adopted by some family loaded with food credits and I ran away so I didn't get sent to the mines like the other Nobodies.

    I meant to go to the city closest to Helrand, Pierson, named after the leader who basically created the city with his gang after he ran away from Helrand. I figured because of that, the Rock Fist Band might feel a little bad for me and help me out. Or something. Maybe just not kill me or send me back to Helrand, anyway. But my life is full of bad luck and I got turned around in a dust storm and ended up half dead on the abandoned road between Helrand and Arc Saw. Maybe that was fate or destiny or something, though. The leader of the Arc Saw gang was headed back to Arc Saw on his motorbike after meeting with Switchblade when he saw me. He was probably checking to see if I was a dead waste hound but that doesn't matter now. What matters is that he brought me back with him saying that he liked my moxie. I've lived here ever since.

    That was eight years ago and until today, I've been a member of the gang here, Sawtooth. But today, on a piece of yellow paper squeezed underneath my door, there were words that pull me back. Spark is in trouble and he needs me. The journey might as well be through hell on foot but only the rich can afford a motorbike to make the journey which means that I'll be walking through hell. I don't think that I'd be able to make this journey alone, though, and the first order of business is rounding up a group of people who are crazy or stupid enough to want to go with me.
  3. Character Name: Copper

    A young man of approximately twenty-two years of age. He is tall with a slim build which could be described as slight if he were to lose muscle. His skin is the dirty pale brown of one who would likely be pale under different circumstances (read: not standing in the scorching sun much of the day). His hair is a bright redbrown color and in almost constant need of a trim, hanging across his face when he lowers his head to enter doorways. Eyecolor is difficult to discern given both his height and hair but is a muddy green shade by all accounts.

    Determined and stable, if a bit grim and pessimistic. He's a reliable sort and practical, not often given to great or noble acts. He has a kindness and a conscientiousness that he works hard to fight but often manifests in notable leniency. He's not forthcoming with information most of the time and prefers to remain factual over hypothetical in most situations.

    Born to lower-class parents in Helrand, he was educated by his mother at home. His mother earned credits for teaching children in the better-off homes how to write their numbers and letters, though she was tight-lipped regarding where her own education came from. When Copper and his brother were young, their parents died in an outbreak of Bloodcough. Copper is five years older than Spark and Spark scarcely remembers their parents but continued learning from his brother in evenings.

    After Spark was taken in by a wealthier family, purportedly for his good manners and surprising education (which is a secret pride that Copper holds close to his heart) , Copper attempted to flee the city and was taken in by the Sawtooth leader, Hound. Hound gave Copper a place to stay in return for becoming his underling. Copper has kept quiet about what it is exactly he does for the gang.

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