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On Crescent Wings: Riders of Cretia (wanna ride a dragon?) (OOC)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Volatile, May 29, 2010.

  1. Ok I don't know if it's cuz i'm bored at work and have nothing really important but I had to post this up because (in my head) I really like the sound of it and i'd like to share and see if it can spark some good interest.


    After three full centuries of war, there was finally peace on Cretia. The five nations came together at Sanctum Castle for a ceremony of truce that would mark the beginning of a peacefull era for all of Cretia, but during the great ceremony a powerful dark force swept through the skies and unleashed a fiery hell. Meteors and tornadoes of fire rampaged through the great city, destroying all but the lengedary Dragons of Sanctum. They were the prime cavalry force for Sanctum and the main cause for the end of the war. Their riders, who were all great warriors, perished under the force of this catastrophe along with all the rulers of all five nations.

    Ten years later, Cretia sits in unrest as the five nations are still without rulers and are on the brink of war again. The great Dragons of Sanctum haven't been seen since the cataclysm and are thought to have gone into hiding, but something evil stirs in unknown regions of Cretia. The powerful and demonic force that nearly destroyed all of Cretia has resurfaced and the Dragons feel that this time the force will wipe out ALL life on Cretia. They have chosen to come out of hiding in search of new riders who will be brave and courageous enough to fight this nameless nightmare and reunite the nations!


    So as stated above, there is a great and powerful evil somewhere in Cretia and the lengendary Dragons of Sanctum are on the lookout for new riders to train and fight this evil in order to save Cretia and unite the Five Nations.

    I've figured out the endgame i'm aiming for is that since there are five nations with no present rulers and are all on the verge of war, i think it's best there are 5 players total (myself included) who after destroying this evil, take control one of the nations. So 1 Rider and Dragon rule 1 nation in the end. Thus unifying them all :)

    So i need four other people who might be interested in this. Each player will be in control of their character and their own Dragon. Note that your characters are going to start off as simple folk, very little to absolutely no combat experience and no magic experience. Your dragons will train you in all of that. Also, coincidentally each character happens to be from one of the five nations, so you get to make up the nation you're from which in the end will be the nation you and your dragon come to rule. The weapons and armor you get will be the equipment of your dragon's original rider (you get to make those up too).
    The dragons themselves are only different in appearance. There is no specific magic element associated with a specific dragon. They are all armored, they all breathe fire, and all have terrific flying abilities. They do vary in size, color and shape but keep in mind they do all have to be a rideable size and also not GINORMOUS either. keep it reasonable :) They are fairly large but elegant creatures. And yes they can talk.

    With that being said, anyone interested?

    Rider 1: Feedback (reserving the Sanctum region)
    Rider 2: OPEN
    Rider 3: OPEN
    Rider 4: OPEN
    Rider 5: OPEN


    Each player will have two character sheets; 1 for them, and 1 for their dragon

    Character Sheet (player):

    Nation: (Which region your character is from)
    Weapon(s): (the weapon that your dragon bestows upon you)

    Character Sheet (dragon):

    Age: (anywhere from 300-500 years old)
    Appearance: (picture or detailed description. You don't have to but it might help stating the height, weight and possibly wingspan of your dragon, as a better reference to our imaginations)
  2. Name: Victor

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Nation: Algarius Jokei (pronounced: Hoe-kay)

    Appearance: http://www.u5uk.com/you/masquerade/images/artimg/ZUU59-H/Medieval Knight.jpg

    Weapon(s): https://www.fantasyblacksmith.com/images/Savage Celtic Spear.jpg , http://www.by-the-sword.com/acatalog/801108.jpg

    Bio: Victor, growing up in his nation since birth, had heard of all the stories from the day of that tragic ceremony. Since he was a kid he had always wanted to bring the nations together once again, but seeing that he was only one boy, no one would listen to what he would say. His parents had begun to think their child was going insane for what he said at times.
    Victor mostly raised himself, eating healthy, exercising and keeping in shape. He would help with his father with chores and carry most of the heavy things that his father was getting to weak to handle. But the one thing that Victor always wanted to do, and had always been his dream since a little boy was to meet one of the five dragons that had been keeping themselves in hiding. He believed he was strong enought; brave enough... But how big and powerful these creatures were, not many of the people exactly knew.
    So, as a hobby when the chores were done, Victor kept himself occupied in research or drawing. Drawing what he thought the five looked like. And calculating how big the were. But this was only his hobby and a dream...

    Character Sheet (dragon):

    Name: Icuras

    Age: 475

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/snake dragon/Z-Man-A/DragonsFog.jpg?o=1" target="_blank"><img src="http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa320/Z-Man-A/DragonsFog.jpg" border="0"></a>
  3. nice, thanks for joining. And to answer your question, you can just come up with any name you want. The nations aren't element based. They're just territories at the moment.
  4. Okay, It's fixed.
  5. John

    "It's better than yours. You were the one who nearly got us arrested." He nudged her back.