On broken wing... We shal fly (S/U)

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    Mystical winged creatures came from all over.Angels from their home in the heavens (known to them as Shangri-la), daemon's from the firey reaches of Hell, tengu from just above the mountainous regions in the sky's of Terra Firma, and other mystical creatures have all landed on Terra Firma at sometime or another.

    Many have stayed there, but not of their own will. See, the humans on Terra Firma have always greated these creatures with great joy. They still do. They like them so much that they have found ways to keep them on the planet, and never get back to their home. To keep them, against their will and let them be misserable.

    Strangely there are some that don't want to go back home, but those are the few who have done the forbidden and/or fallen in love with a human. The rest of these creatures are striving to get back home, or have accidentally "fell" from their home and are lost. Their ultimate goal is the same, to feel safe, secure, wanted, and feeling like they have a home again.

    We are focusing on a city that is connected to all of these homes in some form or another. Within a place called Tokyo the creatures meet, for better or for worse. What shall happen in this great modern city?

    I'M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW!!! Unless you are one of the things I specify below you should "create" a new chara!!(NOT A NEW ACCOUNT!!) Cause anything else doesn't really fit the rp.. If you got an issue with this either don't post or take it up with me in a pm

    What I will accept:

    ~Angels /Fallen Angels-weak to pure evil/darkness, easiest to shackle to Terra with a spell. falling in love with a human is forbidden and therefore Angels can become fallen on Terra Firma.

    ~Daemons-many come to earth in search of a victim for their childish pranks, though some are sweet.. and they tend to stay in the form of little kids... it is rare to see them in an adult form but they sometimes are.

    ~Tengu-these creatures are known as crow gods and their extreme beauty, there are few female tengu and this is why these handsome birdmen come to earth to take a human back to their home to be their bride. This human will never see their home again.

    ~Human-of course, the weakest of all the creatures by strength though there are some that exceed expectations in cunning and deviousness

    Anything else will have to be run by me first!!! If I don't want your species in the rp please don't be offended. I have my reasons for these limitations...

    GUESS WHAT!!! I made the IN CHARA!!!! here it is!!! http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=15890&p=428762#post428762
  2. Chara-Sheet!!

    Accepted Species:
    Description: (what they look like, what they like to wear etc.)
    Background: (no just asks....their life story and how they got to Terra)
    Tattoo's/Magical Markings?:
    How are they shackled to Terra Firma?: (spell.. blah blah blah)
    Do they wish to stay on Terra?:
    Pic: (any and all forms)
  3. I like this idea, but is it still active?
  4. ahahaha it hasn't even started.. cause i haven't had any people sign up lol
  5. im intrested ill put something up when more pepople join
  6. well thank you for the interest!
  7. Chara-name: Devlin Winters

    Accepted Species: Human

    Age: 19
    Description: usually wears a scarf that covers the face

    Personality: Greedy, money grubbing, ruthless contracter, very inquisitive

    Background: Born into a family of warriors and martial artists he's been taught in the ways of fighting. He excels particularly at medium ranged combat and throwing weapons. He did not really get along with the family though. His family is supposed to be honorable but Devlin never could back down and always picked a fight. He was the black sheep of the family and was eventually disowned for not following traditions and respecting his family. He didn't mind however and lived perfectly well on his own. He ventured out into the world and made a name for himself as a shady but gets the job done at all costs bounty hunter and contractor. He would do anything for a buck and now his latest contract takes him to Tokyo and gets caught in the middle of things where the story begins

    Pets?: no

    Piercings?: no

    Tattoo's/Magical Markings?: no

    How are they shackled to Terra Firma?: Native/ lives there

    Do they wish to stay on Terra?: Yes

    Demon hunter.jpg

    I hope this a good enough character for you to use. Please tell me if there's a problem with the char I've made
  8. I'm interested. Could there possibly be a half breed?
  9. like half angel half human?
    or half daemon half human?
  10. accepted

  11. Half angel/human
  12. okay... but i'd be hoping to see a pretty good background on that... *nods with conviction*
  13. Name: Kelpie Lawrence

    Species: Half human/angel

    Age: 19

    Description: Kelpie usually wears black or white. She never wears any sort of skirt or dress. She usually sticks to women's suits.

    Personality: Kelpie is very quiet and happy-go-lucky until she's provoked. In those moments, she's usually very outspoken, sadistic, mean, violent and dark. Under her harsh exterior, Kelpie is very self-conscious and longs for the affection her father didn't give her when she was a child.

    Background: Kelpie was born to a rich, corrupt human father and an angel that fell into his trap. The affects of their copulation led to the creation of a monster. She was a half breed; her father was furious because he could no longer sell her for a good price. Her mother, however, lived her dearly and taught her everything she knew about the angels and Heaven. It soon became Kelpue's dream to see heaven too, but it was practically impossible.

    When Kelpie was sixteen, her mother gave birth to a full-fledged baby boy. Her father was thrilled and saw no further use for Kelpie. He kicked her out of the house and told her he'd kill her if she ever attempted to return home. For two years, Kelpue lived in the streets until one day a bar owner gave her a job as a bar tender at a Night Club. Now, Kelpie lives in a cheaply renovated walk in closet just above the Night Club.

    Piercings: Both earlobes are pierced and she has seven cartilage piercings in her right ear.

    Markings: Kelpie has twin wing scars from when her father hacked off her wings as an infant.

    Bond to Terra Firma: Biologial

    Desires: Kelpue wishes to escape Terra Firma so she can see heaven like her mother did.

    Pictures: 465049-bigthumbnail.jpg
  14. accepted!
  15. Sweet, so when are we starting this :)
  16. when more people apply lol 3 people though it can be fun, can also get kind of boring at times...
  17. if you are still interested in this rp could you possibly make a character so i can get a feel of which way people are leaning?
  18. if you are still interested in this rp could you possibly make a character so i can get a feel of which way people are leaning?
  19. WOO! Definitely in! I'll post up a CS in a couple of... somethings. Half-human/half-tengu? Do they have wings too like angels and stuff or do they just transform into a crow? cuz if that's the case then i wanna play an angel or something. hahaha
  20. they have wings too the tengu do.. but i don't know how a tengu would be half human/half tengu when that's basically what they are already.. part human.. lol