On All Fours needs help...

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  1. Hi, Everyone...

    On All Fours is up to Chapter Eleven now, but I need some help. Read the story first, then let me know if you're interested in helping out. Soon, I'll be needing a host of new characters... third paragraph, Chapter Eleven, mentions "To include the suggested fiction-writers. Photographers and artists. And organized medical personnel." So, always wanted to meet aliens? Have a "First Contact" experience? This is your chance to ask questions, if you want to be a suggested fiction-writer. Compose photo/art you'd want to do, if you want to be a photographer and/or artist. And yes, I suspect we do have actual medically knowledgeable people here who could come up with what "examinations" they might want to do. If not actual medical personnel.

    This is the place to let loose your creative muse, get those "juices" going, and help a writer/author build a part of his novel. So I leave myself to your tender mercies. If you wish, create a character and roleplay your post. I'll be looking forward to what you provide.

    Thanks, and Thanks Again.
  2. 134 "hits" and no takers? Shame... :bsmile:

    Chapter Twelve is done (Thirteen soon to start), so I'll be needing this soon. Or I'll have to come up with everything all on my own, without the fun of other participating in the creative process. Please, dive in!