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  1. I'm back from the grave.

    Not really, I just disappeared from this site for a while. Mainly because of school and I hated my old job with a burning, fiery passion.
    But I'm done with all of my hard classes and I got a new, awesome job. I have a creative spark again. I can actually, like, think.


    What can you expect from me as a partner?

    * I will try my best to reply to you at least every other day. If you cannot wait more than 5 minutes for a reply, I'm not the partner for you.

    * I do mxf and fxf pairings. I tend to play more female characters, but that doesn't mean I don't like to shake it up a bit.

    *I can do libertine roleplays. It doesn't have to be one by any means.

    *I'm not too picky on grammar or length or anything. At least a paragraph is preferred through. Two to three paragraphs and I'll love you forever. <3 Whatever you give, though, I'll match in length.

    Now, onto genres.
    I don't really have any big plots or anything. Just some small ideas and pairings we can stem ideas from.
    Anything that is bolded is the role I want to steal.

    Pairings :

    best friend x best friend
    shy x rebel
    knight x princess
    commoner x princess
    ghost x human
    vampire x human
    kidnapped x captor
    princess x assassin
    teacher x student
    boss x employee
    roommate x roommate
    neko x human
    older brother x younger sister
    older sister x younger sister
    cousin x cousin

    Fandoms :

    Ghost Hunt
    Princess Tutu
    Noragami (up to date on anime, I have not read the manga)

    Other ideas :

    * Zombie apocalypse, survivor and survivor. Could do a group as well, if anyone is willing to do more than one character.

    * People with superpowers or 'gifts' in an otherwise normal world.

    * Beauty and the Beast. Maybe modern?

    * Arranged marriage. Could be modern or more of a medieval type of plot.

    Please feel free to PM me if you are interested or have any questions.
  2. pick me pick me! pleaseeeee
  3. Hey I read a bit and I think I'm interested in a couple of pairings:

    Best friend/Best friend
    Big Brother/Little Sister
  4. I'm interested in some of these ideas; the older sister x younger sister, the best friends, the roommates and the cousins.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.