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How attractive are you, on a scale from one to ten?

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  11. Grecian Gods wish they were as hot as me.

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  1. How attractive would you say you are?

    Generally curious as to how much self esteem y'all have.

    I'm gonna go with a good 4-5 for me (and that's on a good day). *thumbs up*
  2. I am pretty damn hot, if I say so myself. /steams up the room.
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  3. Damn straight you are <3
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  4. I'm a solid 8 becouse I have been told that by someone once, I am sticking with it.
  5. 9 because I am the 1 for y-//shot

    Well, for Hana anyway.
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  6. I am a 3-4 right now, could probably go up to an 8 if I get fit.
  7. Turts <3 /dips in chocolate, lovingly.
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  8. On a good day, I'm a 6
  9. Honest answer is that for the past few years, the way I meet new people I am putting emotional distance between myself and them from the getgo. I actively, sometimes aware of it and sometimes not, make attempts to get people from getting too close. Especially if there is any potential for romantic or sexual attraction.

    So in that sense, I couldn't rate myself very high. Despite my huge ego.

    Also I don't work out enough.

    So for now I'll settle for a five. Working on it, though.
  10. 7, from as objective a speaking point as possible. If I worked out more and actually sought to gain some real muscle mass, probably an 8.
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  11. Being a ego lover and sarcastic, no list can contain the sexy looks I have.

    Now in real life I get called twelve...... so probably Im on 3. On a good day where my hair is just right, a four. If I wear a mask a six cause then nobody can say I look twelve when they cant even see my face..... Why does everyone think I look twelve.... Im a manly as.... Im a funny eighteen year old! I can do adult things! But yeah probs 3.
  12. Grecian Gods, you say?

    Fucking yes I am.

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  13. I would fuck me, and I'm not even interested in dudes. I'm just that hot.

    But really probably a 7 at best, and 8 if I got into good shape.

    Here have a me (open)
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  14. I would say a five, so completely average. Sure, I have my moments of sevens when I care to dress up and fix my hair, but I can't afford to go to the barber to keep it short enough to not need brushing, and I'm too lazy to brush my hair, and quite frankly my hair is too electric for it to stay in place even if I brush it, and I don't care what I have on me, so fuck it. I'm gonna be a five 95% of the time. Who needs to look good anyways.
  15. I'm a 0!

    Seriously, I'm married. I don't care what I look like. My husband's happy with how I am, and that's all that matters to me.
  16. I'm not sure about my looks, but I do have dat ass. :cool:
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  17. Maybe a 6. Like others, if I worked out more (lol, at all, let's be real,) maybe more.
  18. If I worked out, Id just be a really buff looking twelve year old. If anything that would lower my looks to a two XD
  19. I'M A SOLID 3.

  20. Moobs! That's hot. The bigger the moobs, the higher the hotness!

    I want a man with a D cup!
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