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  1. So, I'm here looking (still). :D

    I really love fantasy. And dragons. Anything with dragons is awesome and I'll probably love it.

    I'm also open to steampunk and futuristic. I don't do those often, but I'm willing to try.

    My pairing preferences are mxf and fxf.

    My blog is updated with a few characters I would love to play. I currently have all males, but I'll be updating it up soon with some others. :D

    So, I have a list of plots that I'm open to doing. Of course, I'm also interested in hearing anyone else's ideas. :3

    1. The Wrath of the Legendary Pokemon
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    All of the regions were living in relative peace, outside of the occasional uprising from the various evil teams. However, the legendary Pokemon began fighting. The clashes between Groudon and Kyogre became massive and this time, Rayquaza did not step in to stop them. The legendary birds caused storms of ice, fire and lightning, and the legendary dogs only added to the catastrophe. Ho-oh and Lugia were nowhere to be found. The Pokemon rained death and destruction from on high, and eventually, all of the regions crashed together to create a faulted and broken landmass. Because everything had come together, the remnants of the evil teams decided to forge a single organization. They called themselves Team (insert awesome team name here, and they began to scour what was left of the world, stealing Pokemon in an effort to use them in a battle against the legendaries and harness their power to rebuild the world to their liking.

    2. Hunted(original/creaturexhunter)
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    In a world full of magical creatures and powerful beings, creatures are hunted for their scales, horns, claws, teeth; whatever they have. Unicorn, dragon, and griffon hearts are seen as food delicacies for the wealthy. Creatures are hunted for sport. One would think these creatures could easily defend themselves from a single hunter, but the hunters became smart and began to stalk their prey in groups. Certain nobles have started giving rewards to the hunters who gather the most creature parts in a set amount of time, and now they've started to keep certain creatures as pets and pay handsome rewards to hunters who catch the creatures alive. Some people think it's wrong to hunt the creatures, but they are ignored. One hunter is brave enough to take on a creature alone, but there is no telling what would happen. ((This is open for any creature.))

    3. HIdden Powers(original/gifted)

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    When mutated genes started showing themselves in people across the country, no scientist could figure out why. The mutated genes caused people to possess strange powers ranging from all types. Instead of letting the people live in peace, the government feared that criminals would use the power to their advantage and cause chaos. The government was quick to send their top analysists to create a vaccination that would force the genes to re-mutate and stop the effects of the strange powers. Because they couldn't know whether or not most people were mutated or not based on appearance, everyone was required to come in for mandatory testing. If a person was mutated, they would be thoroughly tested, marked, and then vaccinated. For a while, it stopped the mutations, until the vaccinated people began to show signs of re-emerging powers. Now, these mutated people are being dragged back off to be locked away until a more permanent solution can be found. (This idea has the potential of being more of a runaway scenario, if it ever gets picked.)

    Well, that's me. Post away! :3
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  2. The thief one is intriguing...What kind of plot/pairing are you looking for?
  3. Anything you want. :3 it's really all up to whatever. I put it there as a character reference so people know what they're getting into, haha. I've had a lot of different plots with him, but they're mostly set in the medieval /fantasy/ genre. So it's basically up to what my partner would want.
  4. Medieval fantasy sounds good to me. Hm...I don't know what type of character to use, though. Mage? A fellow thief? I'm up to whatever, really.
  5. A rivalry sounds fun if you played a thief. My character thinks he's the best, but he could get shown up by your character and then they try to race each other to the most valuable targets. Or something. :3
  6. Ooh, that sounds like fun. Alright, what setting specifically? A mage tower or something might be interesting, and they're both trying to steal a magical artifact of some sort?
  7. That sounds like a good place to start. :3

    Do you prefer threads or messages?
  8. 7 has really caught my interest. Mainly because it fits SO WELL with an indea I have within one of my own stories. It involves a creature I designed. They are considered a 'beast race' basically not a real race but closer to animal. However many people believe that they are a true race, just like humans and elves and shouldn't be poached for their parts. The creatures I made up are called Draxons. They look between a cross between a dragon and a sabertooth cat I suppose is the easiest way to describe them.

    Anyways what sort of direction did you have in mind? A hunter and creature interaction? Seeing as draxons are intelligent this is possible. Or a hunter and someone trying to protect the other creatures?

  9. I could do either, but threads have the added benefit of boosting post count, so.
  10. That sounds awesome actually. :3 What I had in mind was a hunter/creature interaction.
  11. Threads it is! :3 I'll start us up if you like.
  12. That would be appreciated, thanks. c:
  13. http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u162/ziear/draxonmale_zpse306d334.jpg Sketches of young common male draxons.
    I don't have a decent female draxon sketch but that can easily be fixed. I of course would love to play the draxon. Anything your character would want them for would fit. Males have the biggest teeth/scales/horns and thus more valuable. They are also vicious warriors in a gladitorial ring and can make good 'watch dogs' if caught young enough. Females can be just as vicious but are of course smaller.
  14. I want to do the Pokemon one so bad but I haven't watched that in ages.

    So, I'll go with the Hidden Powers plot please.
  15. Sounds awesome. And I like the way they look. :3 I'll play a hunter.

    Maybe my hunter buys your draxon out of a really corrupt fighting ring in hopes of finding where more draxons are, but then sort of has a change of heart later on while dragging the draxon all around?
  16. Sweet. Haven't had a hit on this one in a while. There's a few ways this one can go down. The characters can already be in the facility; running away from the facility; or running and get caught and escape again. Depends on how we want it to go.
  17. Ah yes best way to catch a draxon is with a draxon. I like the idea. :D And a corrupt fighting ring is a great idea. My mind is kinda mush right now but I'll come up with better ideas tomorrow when I wake up.
  18. Not a problem. :3
  19. How about they already be in the facility and get together to plan an escape? Does or would that work?
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