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  1. It was close to midnight, Ciel could tell. The wind was picking up, the wolves were howling in the distance, and she started to feel very paranoid about her surroundings.
    It wasn't that long ago when their plane crashed into the forest they were now in. The plane carried some hunters and huntresses who were supposed to be on a mission to eradicate the wolves and other monsters that lurked about, but they had a crash landing when the controls failed to function ("Of all times," she heard someone curse.). Ciel could see the outline of the ship from where she stood -- not another human in view, and their only mode of transportation back to Spark (their home) was up in flames. She hoped everybody was still alive and what armor they had on would protect them from the spreading fire.

    She was lucky to have her weapon in her hand. A sword almost too large for her to use shone on her back where she kept it, something that broke into two when she needed defense -- a shield, and a gun instead of the hilt -- with the press of a button. She didn't have much experience with the combat training back at Spark, but with the help of her teachers, she would be killing wolves in no time. Or bears. Or whatever was behind the bushes.

    Ciel was grateful to have her teal coat, beige pants, and boots on at this time because it was getting really cold. As much as she'd wanted to stick to her safe spot, she had to look for others who needed help. She was lucky enough that she didn't have any injuries. So Ciel jogged back in the direction of the burning plane and looked around for survivors.
  2. fang was slowly waking up. his armor was completely destroyed, when the plane crashed the impact and speed sent him flying. he reched back and checked his weapon. he carried a katana thats blade was black as night. he also checked his gun it was in tact but his ammo was limited. "i hope everyone is ok." he started wandering the island in search of survivors. the best place to start would be towards the inferno.
  3. As Ciel was running, she saw a figure moving towards the inferno. His armor was damaged, but judging by the way he held his weapons, they were still alright. She turned towards him and tried to catch his attention, shouting, "Hey, are you alright?"
  4. he looked over to where he saw someone yelling. he shouted back, "yeah, have you seen any other survivors."
  5. "Ah, not yet so far," she replied as she got a closer look at the new person. "You're the only person I've seen around here since the crash. Maybe we can break down the door of the plane somewhere so that some survivors may get out. I hope they're alright though."

    Why are you babbling on like this? Introduce yourself, Ciel.

    "I'm Ciel Capricorn," she said with a weary smile. "What's your name?"
  6. "opening the door wont do anything the back side of the plane id ripped off so if they wanted out theres a large exit there. ive checked inside the plane, theres no one alive in there. so if theres any other survivors theyre either scattered from the crash or they escaped the plane already. im fang by the way."
  7. Right. Should've surveyed the plane first.

    The winds were getting stronger now, and the flames were licking up the plane fast. There was indeed a large hole at the back of the plane; Someone from the inside probably took it down. Or someone shot it from behind while they were flying. Oh well, no matter now. What's done is done, and now Fang and herself were to continue on with their mission -- to eradicate the monsters.

    "Well, nice to meet you, Fang," Ciel said as she started walking towards the forest, unsheathing her weapon from behind her back. Then she realized that maybe the other hunter may not have enough ammo for his weapon. She took a full container of special bullets -- specially made for killing various kinds of monsters, and showed it to Fang.

    "Some extra stuff I picked up at the back of the plane earlier," she explained. "Take these in case."
  8. Tenney woke up with a jolt. Oh. He must've fallen asleep on the plane. But hold on, this...wasn't even a plane anymore! It was a wreck, simply a wreck! "Ah!" He exclaimed. "Not very good, not great at all!" Tenny was never the best with words, and often fragmented his speech. He stood up. His mask, his light armor, his precious scythe! They were are fine. Now, how did he sleep through a plane crash?

    "Hm, dead, many dead." He said rather calmly, putting a glove up to his mask as if thinking. It was a normal habit. "No, not good. Let's see..." He pushed his way out of some rubble obstructing his seat. The seat wasn't damaged either. What a nice seat!
  9. ((OOC: Welcome to the RP, Strikedown! :D))

    Ciel took one last glance at the burning plane. She couldn't tell if there were any survivors anymore. It would almost be impossible at this rate. Instead of going back into the inferno called their plane, she took her sword from her back and hacked at the large mass of trees up ahead. She hoped it would serve as a sign that Fang and herself were going this way.

    "I hope they see this," she mumbled as she trudged onward. Ciel didn't know of her fellow hunter's plans, but she had a mission to accomplish.
  10. Several Miles from the Burning Inferno Aerith Woke up Sore All Over.

    "Never Again Will I Ride those metallic death traps." Aerith Muttered,Groaning.

    She Checked her condition,so far so good..her armor was badly damage from the crash,at least her sword was still in-tact. or God Have Mercy what Sorren would do when he finds out.

    it would be in along the lines off:

    Aerith Cringed at the thought,feeling a shiver down her spine.

    Suddenly,she heard voices coming from the other side of the plane. Aerith struggled to get herself up and limped towards them. wincing at her wounds.
  11. ((Thanks! ;D ))

    Once Tenney was finally outside the plane, looked around. Fire, lots, lots of fire. But wait! Trees? Trees cut down by blades? He ran over to the trees to examine. "Yes, perfect cut. Not possible by plane, no. Hm." He had no other way, so he decided he'd follow the man-made path. "Right way...yes? No?" He questioned himself, but walked regardless.
  12. One Down,Another To Go.

    Aerith Swang her blade in Irritation. She Knew She had heard Voices,But The question was,Where?

    Another Tree,A Sharp Blade,Another Fallen Tree.

    Aerith heared movement and the rustling of leaves behind her,She turned around,Glaring coldly to the intruder.

    "Who Are You?" Aerith said,Ice clear on her tone. Her hands,although bleeding,dint hesitate to grip on her sword and raised it.
  13. Katja opened her chartreuse eyes to the sky. She lay there on her back and measured herself for any injuries before trying to move. Considering what it could have been and what she's faced before, her injuries were minor. The gash across her left shoulder would need a few stitches, but that was the worst of it. Smaller cuts and bruises across her body would heal without any tending.

    Awake and aware as the plane went down, Katja had grabbed her backpack from the storage above the seats before they touched the ground. It was now laying only ten meters away from her. With an annoyed sigh she pushed herself up with her right arm, the pain in her left arm pushed to the back of her mind, and stood slowly. She approached her bag and nealed to open it, checking its contents. A bottle of vodka, gaus, surgical tape, a single flask of water, brass knuckles, one t-shirt, a pocket knife, and a 9mm Ruger with only two spare clips. Everything she believed she would need were this type of thing to happen.

    She removed her tattered and torn shirt and truly looked at her shoulder. Blood covered the entire area and was already beginning to dry. Very matter-of-fact in her demeanor, she pulled out the bottle of vodka, opened it, and took a long sip. She then poured enough over the would to kill any bacteria, her jaw tightening against the familiar sting. She worked quickly wrapping her shoulder with the gauze and taping it. Now it was time to prepare.

    The new shirt was thrown on, long black hair pulled back in to a tight bun, the gun put to her side, brass knuckles adorned, the knife clipped to her pocket, and the rest, her old shirt included, thrown in the backpack and put on. Now that she was taken care of it was time to look for others. If she survived there would be others and the fire blazing in the distance seemed as good a place as any to start. Alert and now prepared, she started towards her destination.
  14. "Oh dear!" He held his hands up in an attempt to prove he's harmless. "Tenney! Name's Tenney! Hero, on the plane! Like you, yes?" He said in his normal jumbled manner.
  15. Aerith raised a questioning eyebrow.

    She stared at Tenney,And sighed.

    "Aerith.My Name Is Aerith."
  16. Voices! From behind me! Ciel thought as she turned around to listen for more. Yes, there were indeed people behind her. Shadows danced in the distance, shadows of humans -- a group of them -- and they were walking towards the path that she had created. Didn't expect that one to work, she thought.

    Suddenly, there were shadows of bigger things. She wasn't sure if they were of monsters or the gigantic trees about them, so she retreated and returned from the way she came. Ciel faced a new batch of faces, but they were those of the hunters and huntresses she had never met before.

    The only thing to do now was to introduce herself and warn them about the incoming danger.

    "Hi, everyone!" She exclaimed and waved her blade in the air. "I'm Ciel, one of your fellow hunters, huntresses. I'm so glad you're here alive with me right now!"

    The trees were rustling strongly now, and she could hear a loud, thunderous noise... of hoofsteps. Those were of the Boars -- they were easy to kill but not if they were many. She wondered if the small group of hunters gathered before her would survive this yet again...

    "Introductions are to be in order soon, but I'm afraid some monsters are on their way here."
  17. "Monsters? Oh dear! Not good, no!" He says while taking out his scythe, ready for the coming ambush. He started hearing the noises of hoofs and started to walk back toward the wreck. Yes, they saw crashing, and burning. They're angry!
  18. Her slow stride quickly became a sprint when she heard the commotion. There were creatures that needed to be eradicated. As she came closer she could make out voices as well. She quickly pulled out her knife, never assuming the others might be of the friendly variety. Only meters away she slowed and quieted her steps. She listened carefully, attempting to make out voices to see who they were, friend or foe.

    After a moment she slipped between the trees to enter the semi clearing where the others were. She didn't put away her knife, she knew the beasts were close. One of the women she recognized from the plane having sat across from her. She was about to speak, but as soon as she opened her mouth the first boar revealed itself. It snorted and stomped and began its charge toward the group.
  19. "Master, I've brought down the plane as you requested." A dark haired male who called himself Luke reported from his kneeling position on the ground. Blood soaked through his jeans, chilling more then just the skin of his knees. There was the stomach churning sound of bones crunching as the male's master bit into what was left of a human hunter. The male swallowed thickly, willing the bile in his throat not to rise for risk of showing weakness in front of his master. Thankfully the poor man had already been killed before Luke arrived so he did not have to sit through the other humans suffering. Still he shuddered to think of what the hunter had gone through.
    He didn't have long to consider it before his masters hissing, snakelike voice filtered through his head. In truth his master was a creature, demon even, and could not produce speech in his physical form. But the master was so mentally developed that it was able to communicate directly through a link he had to Luke's mind. That link was formed all those years ago when Luke's pregnant mother had been captured by the master and gave birth to him just before he died. Rather then devour the baby, the demon-thing had taken Luke under his wing and molded him into a loyal follower who held no ties to his humanity. Except the master had failed there; Luke was still very much human. He still felt emotions and sympathized with the captured hunters and huntresses. He had developed special empathetic powers which allowed him to not only amplify emotions, but mask his own. It was the only reason he had been able to hide his feelings from his master for so long...
    "Excellent... now go and lead them here. They will think you were on the plane as well an will trust you without a doubt. Foolish humansss..."
    Luke repressed a shudder as he rose to his feet and turned to leave the chambers. He had done this many times before. Led unsupecting hunters right into his masters clutches. This time would be no different he was sure.

    Luke quickly made his way towards the crash site. Once there he exchanged clothes with one of the dead bodies, hopefully one none of the living knew personally. With the rips, blood stains and burn marks he would fit right in. He dabbed some blood and dirt on his face and mussed his hair for good measure before heading towards the voices. The group was being attacked by over-sized and rather angry boar. He would wait, let the boar get the best of them before he swooped in to save the day. That should earn him the groups trust easily.
  20. One Down,More To go.

    Aerith Moved Swiftly,Lunging to a nearby monster. She dint think,all she needed was that all monsters must be wiped out.
    Another Beast Came out of nowhere,advancing on her. Aerith pulled her blade back,and thrust at the monsters forehead.

    "Why Does This Things Happen to me?" Aerith thought.
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