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  1. Hi guys! I'm Aleks. As the title of this thread might suggest, I just joined, and I'm looking for some people to roleplay with :33

    +Romance: M/M pairings are the only pairings all do. Sorry, I'm just not comfortable doing other pairings.
    +BDSM: I love any sort of master/slave elements or anything s/m, so the more the better.
    +Dynamic: I prefer to play submissive/masochistic characters, so I'll probably stick to those for now. If I get to know you and/or really love your posting style, I may eventually play a dom or two, but not right now.
    +Fandom: I'm in a variety of fandoms (will list below), so I'm willing to do anything in a fandom universe. No canon characters, though.
    +Kinks: Basically, I'll do pretty much anything under the sun, and I do tend to go on the side of heavier rather than lighter. Although, I do request we discuss before adding any kinks into a roleplay, especially when it comes to the more major ones.
    +PWP vs Plot: I'm fine with either doing complete PWP or doing something more 50/50; probably not gonna do something super plot heavy unless I've roleplayed with you before.

    -Het/Yuri: Sorry, F/M and F/F just aren't things I'm interested in/comfortable roleplaying.
    -Abuse/Rape: I'm really not fond of these, really the only time I would include them in a roleplay is in a hurt/comfort situation where the character is being rescued.
    -Furry: I'm okay with animal hybrids and xenobiology, but no anthros please.
    -Animals: No thank you I will stick to humans.

    +Activity: I'm having some health issues right now, so I tend to post a little slower. You can expect posts anywhere between once a day and once a week, it depends on how I'm feeling/how busy I am.
    +Post length: I'm not super picky, but I'd like at least a few sentences, and enough content to respond to. Good grammar/spelling is nice, but I know we're not perfect, so a few mistakes here and there are okay. I tend to post anywhere between 3 and 20 sentences, on average.
    +Communication: I enjoy plotting/talking throughout the roleplay, so please be willing to chat. I swear I don't bite!
    +Long Term: Ideally, I would like to keep these RPs going for a while. I don't care how fast you post, I would just rather steady, slow posting over a few months rather than post vomit over a week and then never seeing you again.

    The role I would prefer to play is in italics
    +Student/Teacher (Or really any sort of taboo, power/powerless thingy)
    +Vampire/Human Slave
    Brother/Brother (Could be twins or older/younger)
    +Mentally Ill Character/Lover (Basically lover tries to help the other character; lots of angst, pain, etc.)
    +Slave/Alien Master (psst. Tentacles are a thing. Definitely.)
    +Murderer/Psychiatrist (Psychiatrist wants to help, murderer wants to go stabby-stab, and now someone is deciding to throw romance in there)
    +Soldier/Medic (Maybe in a historical war, or in a futuristic setting)

    +Harry Potter
    +Doctor Who
    +Game of Thrones (only on the second book, no spoilers please)
    +Vampire Chronicles/anything Anne Rice
    +Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
    +Welcome to Nightvale
    +Ai no Kusabi
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  2. ;o Awesome!. Maybe we could do an RP together if you're interested?​
  3. Oooh, I'd love to! Do you have any specific plots in mind you were wanting to do? :33
  4. Honestly, no. I'm totally fine with anything. x3. Anything you want to do is fine with me.​
  5. I'd love to do vampire/human, or brother/brother, then :33 I've been craving those lately. Which one do you prefer? or we could do a mix?
  6. How about we do a mix? ;o That seems amazing.
  7. Sure! (sorry for lagging, had dinner). Maybe the older brother is human (maybe early/mid 20s?) and the younger brother is a vampire and slowly turns his brother into a slave/thrall by first convincing him it's a nice favour to let him drink his blood and kinda just escalating things from there? X3
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  8. I would love to do some Yaoi, if you'd like! :)
  9. @Rin Okumura: Sure! Is there any specific plot bunny I have up there that you're interested in? :33
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  10. Yeah that sounds good!. I'm guessing you're the Older brother or am I? ;o
  11. @Cromical: If it's okay with you, I would love to be the older brother :33
  12. Yeah that's totally fine, so. CS? Or no?
  13. I'm fine with either way. Maybe a basic charrie sheet, like a picture, name, and age or something along those lines?
  14. Alright that's fine. Anime picture or Real life?
  15. Anime? :33 If you want, I can start the roleplay.
  16. Alright, and please start it. xD I'm not good at starting most of the time.
  17. We could do vampire/ human slave. Shoot me a PM!