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  1. IC Thread


    Paxton, right smack in the middle of the rural state Temdeil. It's a sleepy little college town, inhabited mostly by farmers, of note only for the mid-grade university sprawled across the east side. It's a nice place to live - property taxes are low, crime is nearly nonexistent, and everybody knows everybody else. Unfortunately, life is complicated, and there's more going on behind closed doors than any one person knows about.

    A child has gone missing, leaving the whole community in shock. As they band together around the stricken family, things start to come to a boiling point. Secrets are revealed, and words spoken in anger. Can the people of Paxton overcome their differences and reveal the good within their hearts? Or will they give in to their upset, mistrust, and cynicism, and decide that the tranquility of Paxton was nothing but a lie...

    Setting is a modern fantasy world, inhabited by hundreds of different magical races, known as magic types, each with a unique cultural background and power set. Magic exists only within living creatures, as an innate ability. All characters must have humanoid forms.

    • Iwaku rules apply
    • Basic roleplaying etiquette applies - no Sues or Stues, no powerplaying or godmodding, no dropping without letting us know, and no metagaming
    • Please do not include any explicit sexual content
    • If you do not post on schedule, we will have to continue without you. If your character is in the scene, the GM may have to temporarily take over.
    • Post length is up to you, but please make sure your post contributes something to the story
    • Multiple characters are allowed
    • Feel free to ask questions, or offer advice on my GMing

    Magic Type Examples

    Feel free to create your own magic type, just post the magic type information and I'll make sure it fits the setting.
    (More coming shortly)

    • Abilities: The naga have dominion over lizards and snakes, communicating with them freely and commanding them to do their bidding. Naga are also capable of a hypnotic dance which puts watchers into a pleasant trance state.
      Appearance: Naga have a thick serpantine tail rather than a pair of legs. They have no other specific appearance traits.
      Background: The naga are historically from the Sunless Jungle in east Umdel. They are stereotyped as a passionate and hot-blooded race, and their carnivorous eating habits may be seen as distasteful by more squeamish individuals.
    • Abilities: Heat elementals can radiate heat of varying intensity from any part of their bodies at will, and can't be burned. They can see in infrared when they choose to.
      Appearance: Heat elementals generally look exactly like humans, except they generally have bright red hair and orange eyes. Some rare individuals can assume a complete flame-form with effort.
      Background: The heat elementals were born in the scorching deserts of Alhanabar, where no other humanoids could survive, but they were one of the first magic types to begin commerce with, and immigration to, other countries. Today few heat elementals have much in the way of cultural ties to their homeland, instead adopting their new home countries' cultures wholeheartedly.
    • Abilities: Light shapers have the natural ability to mold light with their hands, including things like changing the color, increasing brightness, and creating small holograms. Being in darkness for longer than a day or two will make them sick, and they are not blinded by bright lights.
      Appearance: Light shapers usually have pale, somewhat eerie eyes. While light blue, yellow, or tan is more common, some may seem to have entirely white irises. They often have a natural "spotlight effect" visible around them, i.e., the area around them seems brighter.
      Background: Light shapers have a rich history of employment in the entertainment industry, and while any given individual might not be in the biz, they probably have a relative who is. This has led to the perception that light shapers are flaky, artsy types, but this is really just a stereotype. Traditional light shaper cuisine is heavy on sweets and airy pastries.
    • Abilities: Fertility spirits can make plants grow, flowers bloom, and increase the general health and wellness of animals and people around them. Their powers usually work in subtle ways, and different individuals may have different strengths.
      Appearance: Fertility spirits are usually short and curvy, and always have green eyes.
      Background: Fertility spirits traditionally come from a background of big families and living off the land, as farmers or groundskeepers. Their culture is one of warmth and hospitality, but also of avoiding difficult subjects.
    • Abilities: Lionkin are known for three main things: their roar, their strength, and their senses. Lionkin typically have fantastic lung capacity, and deep, throaty voices that lend themselves well to outbursts that would be intimidating even without the hint of magic. They are also capable of feats of great strength, easily attain "buff" physiques, and have a naturally high tolerance for pain. Lionkin eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell are exceptional.
      Appearance: Lionkin generally have dark skin ranging from tan to umber) and fluffy tawny hair, which can prove quite striking. They also have retractable claws instead of fingernails and toenails.
      Background: The Lionkin are said to have originated on the savanahs of Telmere, as tribes of natives whose bond with the land was so strong that they began to take on the traits of it's greatest predators, the lions. Traditional Lionkin culture is strongly patriarchal, and mainly revolves around the hunting of game. The Lionkin are also well known for their beautiful traditional jewelry.

    Character Sheet Info
    • Image (optional)
    • Name
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Magic Type - i.e., magical race
    • Occupation - these are normal, modern occupations for a small town
    • Details - personality, backstory, etc. Leave room for your character to grow!
    • Secrets - this is where you add some complexity; what about this character would they not want others to know? What bad habits, guilty pleasures, or secret wishes do they have?
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Sasori Lufer
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Naga
    Occupation: English Teacher

    • Shy when speaking to strangers, however when it comes to his profession he tends to be confident in his work. People often mistake him as a loner due to this or cold because of his stern looks, but he compels himself to make time for his students.
    • Passionate about protecting those he cares about, be them human or reptile or elemental or spiritual.
    • Studious, usually curled around various books (though his intelligence is far from above average).
    • Forgetful, maybe due to being easily distracted by his studies or loosing track of time, he is often described as "unreliable."
    Backstory: Sasori never tried to be different from his siblings. Born into a family of twelve in the Sunless Jungle, he wished nothing more than to blend in with his older and younger family members. However, somewhere between puberty and adulthood, it became clear he was not satisfied with the boisterous voices and hot headed nature of his fellow Naga. He wasn't the only one. When leaving home a few of his siblings followed suit, but found themselves splitting paths along the way to find their own adventure and life style. Though he doesn't speak ill of his family, he doesn't seem ready to go for a visit any time soon...

    Key Belongings:
    • Hard cover books.
    • Encyclopedias.
    • Photo albums of reptiles and residents in town.
    • Lotion to keep his scales smooth.
    • A heat lamp at home for when he requires solitude indoors away from the natural heat.
    Pet(s): Owns a simple fresh water red slider turtle at home.

    • Doesn't want people to know he was rejected in adulthood by some of his family due to his more timid nature.
    • His diet, similar to a reptile's, involves small rodents, birds, even fish--but he still has to fight the urge to eat larger pray.
    • That he sleeps under his heat lamp not just for warmth but to keep the darkness away.
    • Has to shed his bottom half every season, but what he does with the skin no one knows.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Alexei Irwin Daniels

    Nickname: Danny- Alexei tends to go by this, for he doesn't exactly like his first name.

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual Biromantic

    Magic Type: Light Shaper

    Occupation: Bakery Shop Owner

    Looks(More in-detail): Alexei stands at about 5'11 in height. His eyes are almost completely white, with the irises themselves being white. His skin is medium beige and his hair is dark brown.

    Usual Outfit: White tank-top, white stained apron, blue jeans, when not barefoot(indoors, of course) he wears red and white sneakers. Around his neck is a pair of headphones, usually, as he can often be found listening to music, even when working.

    1. Nervous Wreck: Even when small things go wrong, he freaks out. He worries. Something missing? Oh boy, it's time to act like the world is ending.
    2. Kind: If there's something he can do for you, he'll do it. If there's something you need done that he CAN'T do, he'll try it anyway, even if it means taking up all of his free time doing it. He also loves to lend an ear to those who need it.
    3. Easily Flustered: Flirting with him will succeed, probably, in him stuttering and blushing. He's a mess. Embarrassing him will probably yield the same results.
    4. Clumsy: Don't trust him with doing anything that requires grace. He's fallen off ladders many times, burned himself many times, dropped things many times, and, over all, has injured himself by accident many times.
    5. Easily Startled/Scared: If you sneak up behind him, even unintentionally, he'll most likely freak and fall over.
    6. Diligent in His Work: He gets things done no matter what, and he gets them done well. That's how he works.
    7. Maybe a Bit TOO Diligent: However, this leads to many sleepless nights and missed meals, as once he starts to work on something, he's reluctant to stop til it's done.
    8. Not Self-Confident: He doesn't really believe in himself. At all.
    9. Hopeless Romantic: He loves romance. A lot. Again, he's a mess.
    10. Horrible Liar: The guy can't lie. Literally. You will know instantly if he's trying.
    Background: As the youngest of 3- not including his twin -Alexei was constantly overshadowed by his sibling's various success. The two oldest went off and became part of the entertainment industry, and, though Alexei's parents did hope for him and his twin to follow in their footsteps, he simply couldn't. It wasn't a matter of him not wanting to, it was a matter of him not fitting the role. However, his twin stayed simply because Alexei stayed.

    Alexei moved out of his parent's house at age 18, but didn't move far. In fact, he still lives in the same town as them, running a bakery. He's fairly happy there, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think about what it could've been like to be similar to his siblings.

    Likes: Romantic Comedies, Sweet Foods, His Family, Cats, Reading, Baking, Gardening

    Dislikes: The Dark, Water(As In Pools), Needles, Having Nothing to Do, Hospitals

    Skills: Alexei is skilled with designing things, drawing, and baking.

    Hobbies: Baking, drawing, gardening

    Fears: Deep Water/Drowning, The Dark, Needles

    Habits: He's always moving, whether it's pacing, bouncing his knee, or tapping his fingers on the table. When nervous, he fidgets and moves his hands around, playing with whatever's nearby.

    Secrets: ​
    1. Alexei doesn't particularly want anyone to know that it wasn't that he didn't want to get into the entertainment business, it's just that he couldn't.​
    2. Alexei is, admittedly, the reason that his father has one less finger than he's supposed to. This was because he was clumsy, 12, and not paying attention.​
    3. Even though the ability is natural, when he gets excited or nervous he can't control it very well. This led to him nearly blinding someone at some point.​
  4. Okay guys, I'm going to open up the IC thread, but we'll still be accepting one or maybe two more players. Can't wait to see what you guys write!
    Edit: Forgot to mention, until signups close there will be no particular posting schedule, to allow everyone to get into the groove. Once signups close we will come to an agreement for a posting schedule, based on everyone's availability.
    Edit: Forgot to mention, until signups close there will be no particular posting schedule. Once all slots are filled, we will come up with a posting schedule based on everyone's availability.
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  5. Just to be sure, does that mean my character's accepted? :'^)
  6. Yes it does! Sasori and Danny are both accepted!:confetti:
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  7. posting my first post now!! I hope it's alright
  8. Yay so excited!
  9. [​IMG]
    : Noah Jacob Daniels

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Homosexual Homoromantic

    Magic Type: Light Shaper

    Occupation: Police Officer

    Looks(More in-detail): Noah stands at about 6'0 in height. His eyes are almost completely white, with the irises themselves being white. His skin is medium beige and his hair is dark brown. This is exactly like Alexei/Danny, as they ARE twins.

    Usual Outfit:
    • Off Duty: White button-up shirt, dark brown leather jacket, black jeans, black boots with silver buckles on them, and a black headband that holds back his hair.
    • On Duty: White button-up shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, official officer jacket, black hair tie that ties back his hair, police officer hat.

    1. Pretty Chill Dude: In the face of danger, he can stay calm and plan things out.
    2. Spiteful: However, that doesn't mean that he can't hold a grudge against certain people. He holds grudges. A lot of them.
    3. Jealous: He gets easily jealous over things.
    4. Suspicious of Everything: He doesn't trust many people, even if he talks to them often. It's really just a habit at this point, born from the fact that he spent most of his younger life shooing annoying people away from his brother and bothering them if they gossiped about the boy.
    5. Mischievous: He likes playing tricks. He finds them funny. He also particularly likes doing them to people he doesn't like.
    6. Cynical: Kind of goes with suspicious of everything.
    7. Jokester: Loves to make jokes about e v e r y t h i n g.
    8. Sarcastic: No one is safe from the sarcastic things he says to get a point across.
    9. Protective: He's protective of things and people he likes. His family are the main people he gets protective over, but there are a select few friends and objects.
    10. Social: Though cynical, it doesn't stop him from talking to random strangers and people.
    11. Good with Kids: He loves kids, and has a special soft spot for them. He also seems to be particularly good at talking to them and playing with them.
    Background: Noah has always been the center of attention. Out of the twins, he was the most energetic and likely to try and please a crowd. Which was mostly what he spent his time doing.

    That, and getting in a lot of trouble. He was about as injured in his youth as his brother was, but it wasn't out of being clumsy. He simply was a trouble child. That didn't stop him from trailing behind Alexei/Danny all the time, though, nor did it stop him from trying to protect the other. However, for a brief time around Junior High, his parents sent him off to another town with his aunt to check out the entertainment business.

    When he came back, he was surprised how much everything changed. He felt replaced by a certain friend of Alexei's/Danny's, as he had simply expected everything to go back to normal, but now he wasn't the only person his brother spent time with. From that point on, he's always vying for attention, especially from his twin.

    Likes: Acting, His Family

    Dislikes: The Dark, Not Being the Center of Attention

    Skills: Noah is great with acting, if it wasn't clear. And singing. And dancing.

    Hobbies: Improvisation acting , singing

    Fears: Needles, Heights

    Habits: Runs his hands though his hair a lot when nervous.

    1. He hides the fact that he gets jealous over things easily. He really doesn't like that fact about himself.
    2. He pretends that he couldn't get into the entertainment business for the sake of letting Alexei/Danny seem like the more capable twin.
  10. Holy cow, guys, I look away for half an hour and you've advanced the plot by miles! I hope I wasn't moving too slowly for you, I was just having a little trouble getting the hang of steering the plot as a GM. I'm really glad to see things moving along so nicely! @TragicTrees, Noah is absolutely accepted (and, amusingly, is a dead ringer for an NPC I was just about to introduce). You guys rock!
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  11. Don't worry about it, you're not too slow, hah! Take your time. I know the feeling. And thannkkss! I'm glad it worked out ahah. I was planning to make all of Noah and Danny's family bc just mentioning them every now and then though they live in the town just seems odd. I'll introduce him now!

    alsO I thought it would b funny if the friend of Danny's he has a personal vendetta against is Taxi but that's totally up to you :'^)
  12. @TragicTrees I quite like the idea of there being a bit of friction between Taxi and Noah, so no objections from me.
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  13. Sorry guys, have a migraine today. I'm afraid replies will have to wait until I can think straight. Sorry for the bother!
  14. It's fine!
  15. Apologies, migraine again :(
  16. Is there anything Sasori should actually know about the Straws? Just so I don't feel like I'm adding nothing to the story, figured I'd ask before I say anything else haha
  17. He know's Fred's a physics professor, and somewhat prickly, but overall a decent guy. His blow-up at a student was because of stress, and he said some very hurtful things. Now would be a great time for a colleague to say a few kind words to him *hint hint ;)*

    BTW, great to see how Sasori's reacting to things like racial profiling, I feel like you're doing a great job of showing the juxtaposition of his upset over his insecurities versus his natural shyness!
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  18. Awesome thanks for the information! I will have to post tomorrow, sorry I couldn't on today is my grocery day haha.
  19. I know I said I there wouldn't be a posting schedule yet, but it's been quite a while since you guys last posted. Please let me know if you've decided you're done with this RP, otherwise I would appreciate a note if you're going to go dark.
  20. Ahhh I just don't know what to do to be honest. :'^/ sorry
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