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  1. Paxton, right smack in the middle of the rural state Temdeil. It's a sleepy little college town, inhabited mostly by farmers, of note only for the mid-grade university sprawled across the east side. It's a nice place to live - property taxes are low, crime is nearly nonexistent, and everybody knows everybody else. Unfortunately, life is complicated, and there's more going on behind closed doors than any one person knows about.

    A child has gone missing, leaving the whole community in shock. As they band together around the stricken family, things start to come to a boiling point. Secrets are revealed, and words spoken in anger. Can the people of Paxton overcome their differences and reveal the good within their hearts? Or will they give in to their upset, mistrust, and cynicism, and decide that the tranquility of Paxton was nothing but a lie...

    This proposed RP is a drama/slice-of-life set in a modern fantasy world. There will be magic and fantasy elements, but the focus will be on how these characters are still people, with everyday human problems and ultimately pretty normal lives. I will detail more about the fantasy and world building aspects if people show interest in the themes of the RP.
  2. It does sound pretty interesting to me.
  3. Oooohhh! Boo likes it^^!!

    But! Reg. rundown: what is posting level, post frequency, can we play multi charries, max. number of RPers?
  4. Posting level is Beginner, post frequency is up for discussion, multiple characters is totally fine, and I'm thinking 3 or 4 players to start with, potentially accepting more when I'm more comfortable with GMing.

    World is basically the same as our own, except there are a great many humanoid fantasy races (such as naga, fire elementals, etc.) which have their own cultural backgrounds. Players can either create their own race or pick from a list of examples. No magic items, magitek, or anything like that. All other details of world building - alternate history, geography, etc. - are open to player participation if they so desire.

    Since people seem interested, I'll be starting work on a signup sheet :)
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  5. This sounds like it would be great fun!
  6. Awesome! I saw the Character Sheet and it mentioned occupation. Since this is set in modern fantasy, with farm land and a small college town, would any job normally in that setting work (such as teacher, shop owner, farmer, etc?) or should it be something more fantasy based like potion maker or wizard?
  7. Nope, teacher/shop owner/farmer/etc is the way to go - this universe doesn't have wizards or magical potions. I will clarify that in the introduction, thank you for pointing that out, and looking forward to hearing from you!
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