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Akira Atsuhiko

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Hello there! First, thank you for taking the time to check out this request thread of mine and second, welcome~! Here I will be posting the different things I like to see in RPs, characters, and a few other things. This might be a lot, but I appreciate those who will read through all of this thoroughly. Now, let's start with this:

Modes of RPing

A Few Things About Me:
  • I'm a generally nice and laidback person most of the time, but I can and will fight back if provoked
  • I'm quite patient and tolerant to most things, but general and obvious disrespect towards me is the last straw
  • I love writing and RPing is one of my favorite past times other than reading or playing games
  • I can be a bit stiff and too formal when it comes to new people but once I get to know you enough I can be very open and even dorky at times
  • I get worried easily too especially if I'm close friends with someone and they don't speak to me for a while without any forewarning
  • I'm also quick to defend my friends when I see someone disrespecting them
  • I'm alright with both long-term and short term RPs, either of them is fine with me
  • I don't mind strictly smut-based RPs and actually crave them from time to time, but on most occasions I love plot-driven and long term ones most of all

  • I have RPed for almost 3 years now
  • I have had many RPs already before, the serious ones all being Literate, and have finished almost all of them in such a way that both of us who were RPing together were happy and satisfied with the ending
  • I can write from a few sentence up to a few paragraphs, meaning that I'm a Semi-Para up to a Para type of RPer
  • I'm quite flexible and can either RP as a male of female, top or bottom, depending on what has been talked about

What I Hope to Achieve/See:
  • Good characters, meaning those whose personalities are realistic and would not be those who are overdramatic or too dark and lifeless
  • A good plot that was agreed upon by both parties after enough planning
  • To have fun~!

  1. You must have at least, decent and understandable grammar, able to achieve good setence structure, and give adequate descriptions in your replies
  2. When I say that I am not comfortable with something then plese heed my plea or else I will drop the RP completely
  3. Please respect me and in turn I will also respect you
  4. If I do not respond to your request for some time, it's either that I'm just very busy or am not interested
  5. Don't take things too personally, please

  • Naruto***
  • Pokemon***
  • Harvest Moon
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core***
  • Devil May Cry***
  • Avengers
  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • AtLA
  • Kuroko no Basuke***
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening***

Favorite Pairings:
  • Demon~X~Human
  • Demon~X~Angel/Other Celestial being
  • Teacher~X~Student
  • Furry/Human~X~Furry
  • Pokemon Gijinka~X~Human
  • My OC~X~Cannon
  • Childhood Friends

Favorite Themes:
  • Romance
  • Friendship
  • Smut
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fluff

If there's anything you want to try and RP with me that isn't listed here then don't be afraid to PM me and ask, especially if you have some interesting RP ideas, okay? So as to help you all out, you may check out my F-list if you want.

Now, I think that's about it for now. I'll update this thread whenever I think of something new. Anyway, thank you again for all those of you who took the time to read all of this until the very end. I hope to hear from you guys soon so don't be afraid to PM me~!
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Chaotic Cello

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Hello. If you haven't already found somebody, I would be interested in DemonxAngel.
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are you still looking for someone to rp crisis core with? i'm not sure if we have similar pairings but i adore almost all of the characters and i'm flexible. i'd be up for knb too!


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Fire Emblem: Awakening***
I've wanted to start an FERP for a while now. Are there specifics you were hoping for - particular characters, OCs, a certain scenario, etc?

Jack Lillie

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Heya! :) if you are still searching for a partner I would love to do a naruto themed roleplay.

Seihou Wukong

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Romance, modern, action, adventure
Hi there! I want to roleplay something among the themes of Friendship, Fluff, Fantasy or Action! Maybe we can come up with an idea that involves some of these, maybe? :D

Citrus Arms

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Heyya there. :D I'd be excited for a Pokemon RP. Or maybe we can work out something original? That'd be fun, too.
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