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  1. Omnibus Academy
    "Welcome To The School Of Your Dreams"

    [ In-Character Thread ]

    (@Sail is my co-GM. If you need something when I'm not around, try asking him.)
    Welcome to Omnibus Academy, a safe-haven for magical, supernatural and otherwise fantastical creatures of all kinds! In this RP, you will be playing the part of a student attending one of the best schools in all the known realms.

    The part that makes this really unique is that all of the races in this universe are created by the players. Even pre-existing races like vampires and werewolves will likely have their own unique flair, as each person will 'canonize' them differently. This means that the world of Omnibus is essentially a blank slate, where almost anything can happen. In fact, your race need not even be magical at all; a races such as androids or aliens from another planet are completely viable.

    With each new race, another layer of lore is added to the RP, and the world generally becomes more interesting. Although Omnibus is technically a high-school setting, the focus is more on the craziness that comes with the diverse cast; class attendance being optional. Standard curriculum that you'd expect a high-school to offer exists alongside more specialized classes, such as "Blending into human society" and "Controlling your powers."

    Even though Omnibus is meant as a blank slate, a few things have been fleshed out to start with. Firstly, Omnibus Academy is a beautiful boarding school located on a remote island on earth. Omnibus relies fully on word of mouth to attract a very diverse bunch of students from the various realms. Due to their general ignorance, your average human will never hear of, and thus never attend, the school. It is possible for an extraordinary human to hear about it though.

    Magical/supernatural abilities are typically hidden from other races, especially humans, although Omnibus has proven to be a safe place to display and use these abilities proudly. Although aging can vary between races, and all ages are accepted at the school, Omnibus caters towards apparent teens and young adults. Similarly, the school caters towards humanoid races, but will still accept those that aren’t.

    PLEASE NOTE: Characters will not be accepted until the race they belong to has an approved race sheet. The gist of this is that you shouldn't submit both a race sheet and a character sheet at the same time. This is explained more fully in the sections below this yellow area, so please read them all thoroughly.

    Let's explain how creating a race will work:
    You can either create a completely original race, or canonize a pre-existing one (like vampires). In either case, you'll fill out the "race sheet" below. One of the GMs will review it and, potentially after a few tweaks are made, accept it; just like a character sheet. From then on, you become the 'ambassador' of that race, meaning you decide what is and isn't 'canon' for the race.

    Players may submit character sheets for any race, but will need approval from the ambassador as well as a GM. Thus, pre-existing races will likely acquire their ambassador very quickly. The ambassador may also allow other players to create "sub-races," which are usually the same as the main race, but with a few changes made by the second player. Dislike how the demon ambassador made demons a peaceful race? Ask them if you can submit a more evil sub-race of demons.

    Remember that we want players to always have the option of making a character for any race that already has an ambassador, so race sheets should be written under the assumption that another player might want to make a character for that race in the future. Because of this, your race sheet can’t include anything that would make your character(s) the "last of their kind", or create other barriers that would prevent more characters of this race from being made. In general, try to avoid thinking of a race sheet as background lore for your character(s) specifically, as such thinking is often what causes these sorts of issues to be overlooked. Instead, think of a race sheet as an info dump that any player can use to create a character.

    Once a fair amount of races and characters are accepted, these characters will be paired into co-ed dorms at random. Omnibus will have constant open signups, but the more popular pre-existing races will probably get their ambassadors more quickly under the first-come first-serve rule. It should also be mentioned that most humans can't attend Omnibus, nor can humans have an ambassador. It you do want to play a human, they'll need to be magical or special in some way.

    Also, please bear in mind that, in this universe, magic is kept secret from humans. Or at least, the humans of earth. So, when creating your race idea, bear in mind that it needs to be something that could plausibly be kept secret in the world as we know it. If that means that past encounters between humans and your race are now considered to be myth, or that current encounters between humans and your race are kept secret through MIB-style government cover-ups, then that's totally doable. But, any sort of history or lore that turns your race into common knowledge among the people of earth is a no-go. If your race comes from another realm, however, then you have a bit more leeway.
    PLEASE NOTE: The exact layout of this template is meant as a suggestion. You are allowed to add or remove fields in whatever way you see fit -- whatever would make the most sense for your race. Just be sure that you're basically providing the same sort of information that this template asks for, and that you're not leaving out anything important.
    ALSO, don't forget to include a "short description" along with the rest of your race sheet (details below).
    Name (Singular):
    Name (Plural):
    Physical Description:
    Cultural Description:

    [Think: society, mannerisms, typical personality traits, etc. How does this race organize themselves? Paint me a picture of a day in their lives.]
    [If your race comes from a realm not already listed, please describe it here -- along with your realm's connection with earth and/or your race's reason for traveling to earth, if applicable.]

    Short Description:

    [Whatever you type here will be copied onto the race list at the beginning of the thread, thus serving as a sort of "preview" of your race, separate from the full race sheet. Therefore, we recommend that you keep this section short -- about 2 sentences. This same limit does not apply to the rest of the race.]
    Age (Apparent):

    [Most characters should appear to be around 14-to-early-twenties to maintain the school setting.]
    Age (Actual):

    [Personality, history, and the like.]

    Q: Can I create my own unique version of (x) race?
    If that race follows the rules and doesn't have an ambassador yet, then yes, definitely.

    Q: What if it's similar to one that already has an ambassador?
    Depending on just how similar, you would probably have to get the ambassador's permission to create a sub-race. Where to draw the line between new race and sub-race is a bit subjective. If your race could easily be mistaken for another, both IC and OOC, it should probably be a sub-race.

    Q: What if I want to RP a hybrid character?
    That is acceptable. You would just need to have your hybrid approved by the ambassadors of both parent races in order to ensure that such a hybrid is even possible, and that your description matches what both ambassadors think would be plausible for a hybrid. Because of this, a hybrid would require a fair amount of planning from all parties involved in order to work out, but it is theoretically doable. All of this also applies to creatures that technically aren’t "hybrids", but are nonetheless the result of overlapping between two different races — for example: a non-human being bitten by a vampire, and becoming a combination of a vampire and whatever they were to begin with.

    Q: Would I need to write a new race sheet for a hybrid?
    No, you would just need to get approval from both 'parent' ambassadors, as explained.

    Q: Can I reserve a race?
    Not officially, no. The plan is that people who want to claim a specific race will make a post saying so in the OOC, so that, if two people do want the same race, then you guys can work it out between yourselves. We trust that you can be polite and reasonable. But, if that doesn’t work out, then we GM’s can step in and figure out what to do.

    Q: You say that humans aren’t allowed, except for "magical or special" ones. What exactly does that mean?
    Essentially, we don’t want to see any ordinary, unremarkable human characters. But, say you want to RP a witch or wizard, or something else that could technically be considered human but still clearly belongs in Omnibus. In that case, "wizards" would be considered their own race and would be treated like any other race, even if they could technically be called humans. And, surely, there are many other possible scenarios where someone could create a technically non-magical-human character who still has a clear reason to belong in Omnibus. Basically, it’s pretty clear what we’re looking for when we say "no normal humans". We just don’t want to make a hard "no humans" rule, when there can be plenty of reasonable exceptions.

    Q: What's the distinction between apparent and actual age?
    Actual age is how long they've been alive in Earth years. Apparent age is how old they appear, and usually, how far developed their mind is, when converted into human years.

    Q: What exactly is a realm?
    A realm is basically any place that can house your race. Earth is the realm of the humans, as well as several other races. Realms can also be things like other planets, planes of existence, micro-galaxies contained inside marbles, etc.

    Q: Do I need to make a realm?
    No, you can always use Earth if your race can blend in or hide. Other realms may be used with permission from their ambassadors.

    Q: You mentioned "unnecessary gatekeeping" when reviewing my race sheet. What’s that?
    Unnecessary gatekeeping means that, the way your race sheet is written, you’re preventing other players from being able to make a character for your race, and we don’t want that. I may also call out "unnecessary gatekeeping" if there’s a detail in your CS that creates a similar effect, such as making your character the "last of their kind", or if you try to tell other players that they can’t create a character for your race.

    Q: This reminds me of another RP...
    Omnibus is heavily influenced by a discontinued RP series called Tenshi Jigoku Academy (or Nefaustus Lupata Academy, as it was called in one incarnation). Aside from serving as a source of inspiration, there is no connection between TJA and Omnibus. And, as such, TJA/NLA’s history is not canon in Omnibus. For those of you who were members of TJA/NLA: it is recommended, but not required, to create a new race/characters for Omnibus. If you do bring in a race or characters from TJA, be aware that this is a fresh start, and that none of the old lore or events apply here.
    I have a lot of rules, and they all exist for a reason, so, I would appreciate it if you read all of them. Since there are so many rules, I'll try to keep each point concise.
    1. Please do not post "WIP" CS’s. I will ignore them. While I don't expect everyone to write a CS all in one sitting (in fact, I would prefer that you take your time), please save the half-finished version off-site somewhere (Word, Google Docs, etc), and post it here only when it is finished.
    2. If you change your username, please make a post in the OOC notifying me of the change.
    3. There is no formal limit on how many characters each player can have, but I will be limiting players on an individual basis based on how many characters I think you can handle. If you want to play more characters, then prove yourself to be a responsible player.
    4. Communication is key. Please contact me if you are planning on dropping out. I won’t be upset with you, I just want to know that you’re dropping. Also, please contact me if you want to stay in the RP but you’re having trouble posting for whatever reason. Basically, if anything at all goes awry, talk to me. I will be happy to work things out with you.
    5. You cannot post in the IC for a certain character until I have accepted that character. If you are unsure as to whether or not your character has been accepted, please ask.
    6. If you know that you will be unable to post for an extended period of time, please notify me.
    7. Please try to include, in every post, SOMETHING that other characters can react to. This means that you CANNOT:
      • Make a post that only passively restates what your character just saw, without adding any new dialogue or actions in response.
      • Make a post about your character doing something that doesn’t affect any other characters at all (ie: them doing something alone in their room, or any other isolated location).
    8. If you play more than one character, please don’t put off posting for one until you can post for both of them. For example, if you’re due to post for character A, but you can’t post for character B until you get a response from someone else — post for character A.
    9. This RP has no formal posting order. Please post whenever it seems right to do so. I will be keeping track of "activity flow" in some off-site notes, however, so if I think that you should be posting, I’ll send you a friendly posting reminder.
    10. I like to use my OOC threads as member lounges. This means that every member is allowed and encouraged to participate in off-topic chatter in the OOC threads. This does not mean that you’ll be required to wade through pages of off-topic talk in order to find important information. If I have important announcements to make, I will tag everyone.
    11. I expect that all members of this RP are comfortable socializing with other members in the OOC. If you only ever contact me via PM’s to talk about this RP, that, to me, is a red flag. I feel that OOC interaction is very important for keeping players engaged, so, please use it.
    12. If you’re arriving late to the RP, you are not required or expected to read through the whole IC. Just ask for a summary and I’ll get you up-to-speed.
    13. If you have a mental illness/disorder or other issue that’s affecting your ability to participate in this RP, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate for you. Just let me know what I can do to help, and we’ll work things out from there.
    14. Are you missing posts because your alerts "broke" for this thread? I’m pretty sure I know what caused that. Please read this thread to learn how to "fix" your alerts, and prevent them from breaking in the future.
      • I also recommend checking your "watched threads" list every once in a while, in case your alerts break without you noticing.
    15. If you enjoy using fancy formatting on your CS’s and IC posts, try to remember to keep things mobile friendly as often as possible.
    Lastly, I need you all to know that it’s ok to call me out on my bullshit when necessary. As the GM, I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder to make sure I follow all my own rules or enforce them consistently. If you think I’m being an unfair or unreasonable GM, please, don’t suffer in silence. Talk to me about it. I’m open to criticism.

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  2. Name singular: Mista
    Name plural: Mista

    Powers/Abilities: The Mista are a rather simplistic race with abilities suited mainly toward locating essentials and protecting themselves from predators. These abilities include heightened senses of sight and smell, organs that keep their stamina at peak levels, and fingers with small, sticky pink pads that allow them to cling to and climb most surfaces.

    Lifespan: The longest living Mista ever recorded was close to ninety years old.

    Short description: A race of scavengers and hunters with soft, pliable bodies. These strange folk reside within forests and other such places.

    Physical description: Mista are a humanoid race with bodies of varying height and girth, never exceeding 213cm or 7 feet except in very rare, unusual cases. Their bodies are a deep pink from head to toe, typically with black hair (though colors such as white and brown are seen every so often) atop their heads. The hair of a Mista can grow quite long if left untrimmed, easily extending down to their feet. Both the males and females of this race are built generally alike and share what would, by human standards, be called androgynous facial features. As mentioned above, Mista have small pink (lighter than the pink of their skin) pads on the fingertips of both hands. These pads produce a sticky material that they are capable of manipulating to some extent in order to climb surfaces.

    A Mista's body is soft and pliable, allowing them to take abuse from predators without serious damage long enough to get themselves out of harm's way. To get an idea of what a Mista would feel like, imagine taking rubber and a marshmallow, fusing them together, and painting it pink. Congratulations, you have a Mista. And a mess, but that's beside the point.

    Cultural description: Mista culture is simple stuff. They live in loosely connected groups within the forests that they call home and borrow traits from those living in close vicinity. They will generally take on the language of the country they've taken up residence in, but they do have a personal language used for transmitting information without letting outsiders in on sensitive topics. On the subject of outsiders, Mista are mostly accepting of others provided they show respect for nature and their people. Those that would harm the forest or take advantage of the race's generosity typically meet very fierce opposition.

    Realm: earth, yo

    Other: Being a vaguely froglike people, the Mista reproduce via spawning. So, eggs.


    Yo I got a race here
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  3. Just to clarify, you don't have a separate thread for race/character sign ups specifically? We just post everything in here? If that's the case, will there be links to the character/race description posts, or is all the pertinent info going to be put up @Luma's post above? I just don't want to lose anybody's descriptions in the midst of OOC discussions. I do actually read through all the details on other players' character sheets so I know who my character is going to be drawn towards/shy away from and how he'll react to any given person. It'll apply doubly so in this case with different race rules involved, so I'll want to be able to find those information sheets easily for quick referencing while I'm playing (at least at first until everything gets locked into memory).
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  4. The OOC is both for chat and sheets. My post will contain links to the full sheets; the short descriptions are more 'reminders' than anything.
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  5. Meh is here. Meh is now going to finish up what he has to do and then get to work on the first race and character. Hopefully this will be done sooner rather then later..
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  6. ^ Yup. This.
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  7. Excellent. (I have a touch of the OCD so detail is important to me, lol.) I need to wrap up some work stuffs first, then I'll get started on a race sheet and CS.

    Thank you!
  8. I'll work on my race sheets and character sheets after my vacation, not sure if I'll have enough time writing mine up during that period.
  9. *Coughcough* Working on my Race & Character Sheets right now, as I start school tomorrow and know for a fact that the next two days will be super busy for me. (o.o ')
  10. Name singular: Mechanus
    Name plural: Mechani

    Cultural description: Mechani's Culture is very similar to humanity, however they have a much greater respect for the dead, as it is the dead who power their very way of life. A normal mechanius life would consist of the usual affair of living, However not requiring food or drink or sleep leads to a unusual pattern. Most Mechani tend to work for 12 hours of they day and have the other 12 hours for recreation. The only major deviation is that any time a Mechani dies or their body is to be integrated in to the machine of the city their is a ceremony much larger than a normal human funeral as the integration in to the greater machine is both a honour for the Dead mechanus and a moment of importance for the family. However, birthdays are downplayed as years lived is less important to a mechanus than what they have achieved. Living in a flying city has had some impacts on the Mechani way of life, meaning that the weather is less of a issue as they can fly above the clouds. The lack of resources however has lead to a emphasis on recycling and reusing things.
    Cultural Legends/history: The Mechani have a story about the 'Fire Of Creation' a supposed source of all the energy that they produce, the ultimate mobius core, and it was from this Fire Of Creation that the first Mechani stumbled, unsure of himself, little more than a soul filled with energy and a desire, a desire to live, and create. and it was from him came the first of the four Kings of Energy, the first of each energy type, Steam, to build, and create, Clockwork to aid him in making all that was to be made apeasing to the eye. Electricity to gather resources and protect them. and Plasma to organise and keep them from arguing. They toiled, and toiled for unknown years, seas changed, rivers changed course and mountains rose and fell around them. and when they were done they stood before the first flying city, they looked upon their works and were proud. But for all its beauty and intricate mastery the city was empty, and so, The King Of Steam took some wire in his hands and heating it up he wove a mind, a brain for a child, and he built a body for his child, He took his child before the Fire of creation and begged the flame to impart the same life force he had in to his child. The flame looked upon the child and declared that each of the Kings should make such children, and so they did. Once all the kings made their children, The Fire Of Creation gave each child a portion of its power, and returned them to the Kings, but they also told the kings and the children that it was the child's choice as to which type of power it would get to use. and so the children learnt under the kings upon the city that was still yet to leave the ground, for it lacked the power to fly. And each year, the kings would weave new children from their bodies and the Flame Of Creation would impart them life. Years went by and the city was populated slowly. Then One year, the King of Electricity realised that he couldn't make a child, for he had used too much of his own body, Making more children would kill him. So he alone went to the Flame of Creation and begged to let him use something else to create his child. The flame refused but instead granted those who had chosen a King to follow the ability to make their own children from their bodies, AND repair themselves. The Flame then drew the four kings to it, and told them that if they wished to see their city fly, they would have to sacrifice themselves. And so, reilising that their duty was done, they walked willingly in to the heart of the city they made, a heart yet to start beating, a Heart that for thousands of years had remained dormant. The city shuddered at the death of its creators, and then blazing with light as those that made it imparted the four essences of energy to create a new spark of creation, a smaller, weaker spark, but one that burned just as brightly. The city slowly lifted from the ground, taking flight and leaving its old home to soar above the clouds. Since then the Mechani people have always lived upon flying cities as a homage to their creators. New cities are made when the Oldest of each of the 4 types come together to create a new 'Heart' (a secret passed down from the eldest Steam Type to the next) and power it. The largest of the flying cities has 2 hearts, one of which is supposedly the 'Kings Heart'

    Realm: The Mechani realm (called Mechanum) is a realm like earth before humanity, wide expanses of green, huge forests, mighty feilds ect. and above it all flies the huge cities of the Mechani. They have recently started exploring other realms through the use of 'jump gates' machines that allow smaller ships to be launched between universes, some universes have been found hostile, and have been closed off, others have been found friendly and trading and other agreements have been formed in the past few hundred years.

    Self-Improvment/repair, A mechanus is capable of building and re-building itself or new parts of itself.
    Ingergration: Mechani have the capability to absorb and reproduce technology
    Mobius Power: A Mechanus has theoretically infinite energy within its body, allowing it to power all number of devices and technologies.
    Single Source: A young (under 12 years old) Mechanus's Mobius core produces a type of energy that is 'Universal' and can be transmuted in to any type of power the Mechanus desires. At the coming of age a Mechanus chooses a single power 'type' that defines them, all Mechani are considered children until they have chosen their power type. Each power type has a few different abilities (detailed later)
    Veriant Technology: When intergrating or building new technology in to their body the technology will be adapted to run off their chosen power type (Steampowered iphones exist.)
    External Power: A Mechani can provide power to external sources at will, allowing them to power entire houses should the desire to.

    Power Types and Abilites: Upon chosing his 'Type' of power, The Mechanus chooses one of the following and gains the associated powers.

    Electrical: These Mechani chose to have their Mobius Cores produce electrical energy, They often are made of steel or chrome or even titanium. often with glowing eyes and smooth but robotic movements. These Mechani are capable of firing arcs of powerful electrical blasts as well as producing a EM-feild which can disable technology that isn't stored within a Mechani. (these are the most common Mechani)

    Steam: These Mechani chose to have their Mobius cores produce high pressure and temperature steam, Often bronze and brass with grinding gears and glittering glass or crystal eyes these Mechani are considered to be master engineers and crafters, as well as among the most skillful scientists, often they have small holes in their plating, or clear parts in their body to show of the beautiful and intricate internals and driving parts. They also have steam vents to release excess steam. These Mechani can eject a scolding hot blast of steam, often used to either make lovely coffee or clean metals, They also are immune to heat and rust. These Mechani Move in a slow steady fashion however they have clear, distinct pauses.

    Clockwork; These Mechani chose to have their Mobius core behave like a forever wound clockspring, very often made of the rare metals or a combination of bronze, brass and crystals, these mechani are considered to be the most beautiful of all, often with clear or otherwise no body allowing the showing of the billions of minuscule gears that make up their form, their heartbeat is the sound of a billion clocks ticking. The best dancers, artists and musicians are among the clockwork Mechani. Clockwork Mechani have the unique ability to perfectly record everything, they are the only mechani with a eidetic memory. Their movement is steady but full of thousands of tiny jerking motions.

    Plasma: These Mechani chose to have the raging fury of the sun as their power source. The Mobius core becomes a raging ball of plasma. Often made of highly advanced and almost futuristic materials, capable of being mistaken for humans (or any other race they chose to immitate). Plasma Mechani are the diplomats, politicians and lawyers of the Mechani realms. They have the ability to let lose a violent ball of plasma, capable of incinerating most things, however, they are drained after doing so, and thus will do it very rarely. They are also the only 'type' of Mechani capable of having expressive eyes, all the other Mechani's eyes never show emotion.

    Mechani have 2 types of lifespan, Mind Life, and Body Life. a Mechani's mind lives for about 150 years, however its Mobius Core burns for all eternity, the most ancient Mechani have their core powering the mechani's flying city. However, a Mechani that has lost its mind is 'dead' in the sense that it no longer can speak, move, remember, or even interact in any way shape or form with the outside world, all that is left is a mindless husk with eternal energy inside.

    Short description: A mechanical Race of non Organic beings who come in 4 unique types.

    Physical description: Each Individual mechani appears as described within the power type chosen, beyond that however they may appear as they chose.
    To quote the gm: "they are basically robots"

    Other: First fully finished race! and 2 more to come!
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  11. Aw man, it seems I'm a tad late. Well, better late then never. I suppose it's time go get to work transforming this filler post into a nice CS.
  12. Don't worry man, I'm a writer in my spare time, so creating shit out of thin air is a skill I picked up. ok, deep breath, music back on, next race. the swarm.
  13. Name singular: The Swarm
    Name plural: The Swarm.

    Discription(General): The swarm is a immense 'hive' of creatures, each unique and each a individual however each member of the swarm is part of a 'overmind' or 'Hive Mind' which connects each and every member of the swarm, from the lowliest cleaning creatures, to the creatures that plot the courses for the immense Hive ships that sail between the stars. The Swarm lives most of the time upon huge living starships, travelling from world to world, system to system looking for species and creatures to trade with, learn from and gain genetic information from. The swarm itself has two ways of gaining new member, the first and most common is that the Hive Mind decides that a new creature is needed, The second is when a existing creature opts to join The Swarm. The first method, creating creatures from the swarm has 2 outcomes: A already created creature is simply copied or re-made, be it a member of the swarm or a creature who's genetic information was acquired. this is used for a lot of simple tasks such as cleaning or providing food. The second outcome is the decision that there is no suitable pre-made creature available and a new creature is made using existing strands of DNA and creatures, Often resulting in a hybrid that is far greater than what already exists. Members of the swarm made this way are made for a specific reason and only exist to fulfil a role within the swarm itself and their abilities reflect as such. The second method, when a creature Opts to join the swarm It goes through a rather complex process of being broken down, and re-grown with it very consciousness being added to the over-mind. creatures added like this retain their personality and self awareness but also gain the ability to use the overmind's immense store of data and processing power. When the creature is broken down and re-grown it is also 'improved' (in the overminds eyes) Examples of this are extended range of vision (a normal human added to the swarm would be able to see in the infra red and ultraviolet), Improved rate of healing, stronger immune system, Micro-creatures built in to the existing creature to aid in things such as blood flow, healing, protection, or even combat if the creature sees combat often. When a creature added in this way to the swarm dies, They are given the choice of being re-born in their old body and becoming a diplomat for the swarm or being re-born in a body of their choice and working for the greater good of the swarm.

    The Swarm and Earth: The swarm encountered Earth about 10 years ago, upon encountering earth and the humans the swarm created a orbiting Hive-Station, the hive-station is roughly the size of the moon and orbits close enough to it not to effect the tides (they are stronger now than ever before, but not to any destructive level) The station itself is covered in a bio-electric feild that allows it to be camouflaged in the nights sky, making it invisible to most common people . After establishing the Hive-Station the Hive waited, It didn't take long for radio signals and contact to be made, it took even shorter for a emnesary shuttle to be launched to the Hive-Station, less than 5 weeks after that Pods from the Swarm landed in desolate and remote areas of the world as so not to disrupt every day life of people and from them Emerged the first diplomats of the swarm, They were strange, humanoid but far to tall and pale, covered in armour plates and with glistening green eyes. Over time The Swarm refined its humanoid appearance, gaining DNA rapidly and the most recent generation of Swarm-Human Diplomats looking almost like perfect humans except for the same glistening green eyes and lack of genitalia. The swarm has been kept secret from most of the populous, only the top scientists and diplomats knowing of its existence. However from time to time a lone person stumbles upon one of the Swarm's landing sights or gets too close to one of the diplomats and notices the eyes and almost chitin like skin. at this point the person is often given the option of working for the government and signing the national secrets act (or whatever passes for it) or joining with the swarm.


    Each member of the Swarm has powers and abilities Unique to their job in life. Cleaners can devour and digest waste products, Warriors can regenerate and have terrifying biological weaponry, Diplomats are quick thinkers, capable of producing a strange calming aura that makes people feel at ease around them.

    Lifespan: Each member of the swarm's lifespan is based upon its task, those that live within the hive ships themselves have a very short lifespan to allow for very rapid, efficient but energy-hungry activities, while those operating outside of it have a longer lifespan but are not capable of such rapid bursts of motion (with a few key exeptions)

    Appearance: Each Member of the swarm is unique in appearance to their job in life, Those who are cleaners may look like large beetles or roaches, Warriors are towering monstrosities of armour plates and slathering jaws made to inspire terror. Diplomats are polite, well dressed and look almost like the race they are made to interact with.

    Short description: A race of eternally adaptable, hive minded creatures with infinite number of forms.

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  14. I'd really prefer you not do that. Just post your CS as a new post when you're done with it. Iwaku doesn't send out alerts about posts being edited, fam. There's a good chance I won't see your post at all if you edit it into something old instead of making a new post that everyone will be alerted about. :P I mean, it's not as bad as it could be, being on the first page and all -- BUT I don't want to set a bad precedent for the pages to come.

    There's also no reason why you would need to have your CS on the first page, since the character/race lists will include links to everyone's posts, so that nothing gets lost (as I expect that this RP will be running for quite a while, and I can't expect people to sift through 100+ OOC pages to find every CS). :P

    THIS ALSO FALLS UNDER THE "NO WIP CS'S" RULE, which is on the RULES LIST for the thread. I would really love it if everyone here READS the rules list. OwO""""

    @EddiEddi I'll look at your sheets in a minute.
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    Man, I figured it would be cool since I wasn't actually leaving a WIP CS...
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  16. i broke THE RULES TOO
    I have a post way up there, though.
  17. read the rules, done it right. got 2 done already. either I'm a god or just happened to guess well enough at what sort of race sheet was required. but I'm crap at guessing.
  18. Name singular: Necris
    Name plural: Necris

    To Live Without A body: The Necris are a peoples who lack a body, Rather they are made of a substance called "NanoBlack" A swarm of nanites (NanoMachines) Which are pitch black, hence the name. The mind itself is stored within this swarm, capable of recreating the individual nanites and even dividing the entire cloud in half much like a cell to reproduce. To communicate and interact with the world a Necris inhabits the dead body of a creature, the younger Necris often start with wild creatures that lack sentience so that they don't run the risk of overriding their own mind with that of their dead host. When animated a Necris-Host looks much like they did in life, The Nano-black stopping degradation of the cells and body, but the blood turns black, as do the veins that carry it, This includes the capillaries in the eye creating a strange look. At first the hosts movements will be jerky and uncontrolled, often leading to injury and rather easy identification of the 'infected.' The Nanoblack however repair the body fast enough for the injuries not to be a issue, Once integrated and having achieved a understanding of the body a Necris can use the body as well as the original owner, if not better due to not having a concern for the body of the host due to the inability to feel pain. The Nanoblack also stops the host body from requiring food or drink the Necris do however require sleep. The most obvious difference between those that are a host to a Necris and those that are not in the race is the lack of breathing or heartbeat.

    Due to not having a body of their own Necris tend to integrate in to the society of the host bodies people as best they can. However when several Necris are in the same host species they tend to congregate together in a attempt to not only protect themselves but to allow them to gather new 'Hosts' for their new born children, Necris reproduce by creating a large amount of excess nano-black and then splitting it off from their own swarm and then letting them slowly become self-aware while guarding and nurturing them.


    Reconstruction: The Necris can use the Nanoblack to pull together materials from other things or even within their own body to construct items or objects.
    Deconstruction: The Necris can use the Nanoblack to take apart matirals and objects at the molecular level and either store them within the body, or construct them anew.

    Total Disintergration: the more Skilled Necris can disintegrate their form, or even the form of other creatures.
    Reformation: Those that can use disintegration can also use Reformation, the act of reconstructing the disintegrated subjects. this can be used for high speed transport, cleaning, or getting around obsticals.
    Please note for the above two powers: You cannot use this to kill people/creatures only as a form of movement or other such thing. To Clarify: When using this skill a Necris effects itself before all others, so using this to kill someone destroys the Necris without recourse or attempt to re-posses another body.

    Regeneration: The Nano-black can repair damage to the host.
    No-Sense: Due to the Necris's body being a host rather than a true creature the Nanoblack, and Necris can ignore external senses such as pain if they desire.

    Lifespan: Due to being 'undead' necris can live for as long as they desire. However most Bodies last for 20 years or so.
    Short description: A race of nano-machines that inhabit the bodies of others to survive.

    Realm: Earth, though they can be found in most realms where their are biological creatures.
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  19. Oh my gosh, I just finished reading the second one...not sure if I'm impressed or scared at your speed...
  20. Oh. I didn't even realize that you planned on reserving that post for sheets and stuff. I assumed you had some GMly plans for it -- although I had no idea what that would be.

    Still, though, let's try to avoid doing this in the future.

    ALSO, since I saw that you tagged me in your edited post, I'd like to bring a few things to everyone's attention:
    1. Tagging people just straight-up doesn't work if it's edited in. o_o"" The system just doesn't send alerts out for tags that were edited in as opposed to being contained in the original post.
    2. I have a notice in my signature about how alerts about being tagged, in general, are not working for me right now. I'm just not receiving them. And, believe me, I've tried everything to fix it. I have personally consulted Diana about it, and she doesn't know what's going on, either. owo"" For now, just bear in mind that tagging me isn't super-reliable.
    3. If you make a new post on a thread like this, I will see it. The email notification system that I use is far more reliable than using only the alerts system. So, even tagging me in a new post here -- while harmless -- is honestly kind of pointless, since I can practically guarantee that I would've seen that post whether or not you tagged me. ...And, thanks to point #2, tagging wouldn't have helped you even if I did somehow miss the post. owo"
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