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  1. The idea behind this RP is fairly simple. It's one of those high-school-for-magical-creatures sort of RP's. But, the thing is -- instead of sticking to your typical fantasy fare, like vampires and werewolves or even wizards, my goal for this RP is to create an absurdly diverse cast by allowing any player to design their own race.

    What I'm trying to do here -- and I realize this is a very unorthodox way of doing an interest check, but, stay with me here -- is to re-create the magic of an old RP series from another site called Tenshi Jigoku Academy. What I loved about this RP was just how crazy the different combinations of races could be. Sure, we had typical fantasy stuff like vampires, angels, demons, zombies, grim reapers, and even gods -- but there were also countless races that were totally original and made by the player base. What I also loved about this RP is that -- because of the way any player could create their own race -- each player added their own layer of lore to the RP. The universe of TJA itself was a blank slate where practically anything was possible, and each player added something to it. Even all the "pre-existing" races in the RP weren't really a thing until a player came along and "canonized" what exactly an angel or demon is in this RP, for instance, putting them in control of the lore surrounding those creatures. And, many races were associated with certain realms or dimensions that they originated from, which meant that the universe of TJA contained many planes of existence such as: Earth, Heaven, Hell, "the 4th dimension", the "Microz realm", the digital realm, and many, many more -- all culminating in a very complex lore that all of us in the RP were very fond of.

    And by now you're probably thinking, where am I going with all this? Well, TJA was a very long-lived RP, and spanned at least 4 or 5 incarnations over the span of at least 5 or so years. And I recently started thinking about why it all fell apart, and then I realized -- recycling all the lore from one TJA into the next made each incarnation increasingly complex just to write a new OOC for, and increasingly difficult for new players to approach. Not only that, but it felt like what made TJA... TJA was all the old lore, a lot of which was tied to older players who were becoming a lot less interested, which made it feel like a lot of the magic of TJA was gone when they left. The final version of TJA died with me as GM, but it felt like there was no point in continuing it if the old guard was gone, especially given just how much effort it took to get a new incarnation of TJA off the ground at that point. But, what I'm just now realizing is... TJA as we knew it may be long since dead, but the spirit of it, and the simple, underlying concept which made it what it is, is all very easy to re-create.

    I want to create a spiritual successor to TJA. I want to put all of TJA's old lore behind me and create a true blank slate for the concept of the RP, and I want to make sure that the idea of this player-created world is brought to the forefront instead of feeling like an added bonus in an already established RP world, like it did with TJA's later incarnations.

    So, imagine this -- on the first post of the OOC, there's a list of all the playable races. Except, at the time that the OOC is first posted, this list will be empty. The list will then be filled by people creating races to play.

    When you write a CS, your character can be any race you want. If it's a race that isn't already on the race list, then you would create a "race sheet" to tell us about that race. It can be a race that's based off of existing lore -- like demons, werewolves, etc -- in which case, the race sheet would tell us the lore of those creatures in this universe, so that there's no confusion over how the rules work. Or you could create a totally original race, in which case, the race sheet would explain to us what your race is all about. (And bear in mind that you aren't limited to pure fantasy ideas, either -- TJA had stuff like androids and cyborgs as well. So really, the sky's the limit.)

    Then, once you've created a race, it'll be placed on the "race list", and you'll be listed as the "ambassador" for that race, therefore essentially putting you in charge for all the lore surrounding that race.

    And then, once the race list actually has some entries on it, you can make a character of one of the races on that list -- it would just have to be approved by that race's ambassador, as well.

    And also -- although I'm a bit more iffy about this idea -- we could also have a list of "realms" that have ambassadors. Like I said, TJA had realms like Heaven, Hell, the 4th dimension, etc. And those realms also sort of had ambassadors, but it was mostly treated as part of the package for being the ambassador of whatever race was associated with that realm. Perhaps, in Omnibus, we could place a little bit more emphasis on realms, and encourage players to create a new race that originates from an existing realm, in addition to the race that said realm was created for -- so long as the ambassador of that realm is ok with it, of course. It'll be a bit more complicated, but, it's worth thinking about, especially if we want to emphasize that player-created-lore aspect. (I'm also thinking that the definition of "realm" can be very vague. For example, if a player creates a race that's supposed to be an alien from another planet, then that alien's planet of origin can also be listed as a "realm".)

    Now, as for the setting itself:

    The idea is that Omnibus, like TJA, is essentially a safe-haven for all these different kinds of creatures living on earth -- a place where they can all mingle together. Earlier versions of TJA originally made it so that ordinary humans are also welcome at the school, and that they just don't know about magic, but later incarnations scrapped that and made it a magical-creatures-only school -- and I think I like that idea better, but I'm still not 100% decided on it.

    There's also going to be very little emphasis on Omnibus acting as a school. Like with TJA, classes are optional -- meaning that most of the RP will probably be spent with our characters being able to hang around and do whatever they want. Also, yes, there are dorms that the characters live in. The point of all this is to essentially have a neat little setting that all our characters can remain within, making it easy for all of them to interact with each other.

    And now, if you've read this far, you may be thinking, "well this is all fine and good, but if there are no classes then what's even the point of the RP?" Well, the fun of TJA was that shit was always hitting the fan. Constantly. Having such an insanely diverse cast, all with ridiculous powers, all in the same place together was a recipe for disaster. (But it was the fun kind of disaster.) There was almost always some kind of fight happening and the school was constantly being repaired due to the damage caused. Sometimes there were bigger things that happened and attracted the attention of the whole school -- like a giant spider-monster making a mess of things, or a demon opening a portal to Hell and then, well, literally letting all hell break loose. Sometimes someone would set fire to a giant pile of jelly beans, sometimes a student would fall into the giant labyrinth beneath the school, sometimes someone would make it rain skittles, which would cause another god-like creature to get jealous and then magically rearrange all the hallways in the school just for petty revenge. Much like everything else in Omnibus, the possibilities are endless.

    So uh, yeah, sorry to compare this idea to an older RP so much, but I figured that using past examples would be the only way to properly explain what sort of insane RP I want to re-create the magic of. ^^" Despite the wall of text I just typed, the concept is still fairly simple -- a school-for-magical-creatures RP with an emphasis on player-generated lore and worldbuilding. Anyone can create their own race and decide on all the lore surrounding that race, thus culminating in an absurd mish-mash of races and characters with endless possibilities for all sorts of crazy chaos. I want to know what you guys think about this, and if you think this RP could work out well.

    ((And for those of you who already RP with me and are wondering how and why I could possibly think that now is a good time to start a new RP -- I have a feeling that Omnibus, if executed correctly, will be relatively low-maintenance, at least compared to the likes of Altera and Fandomstuck. So, hopefully it won't add too much to my workload. In fact, it might actually serve as a refreshing return to basics. o_o ))

    NOTE TO NEW PLAYERS: Yes, this is still accepting, and I'll be making an OOC as soon as I have time to get around to doing so. I'd also like to emphasize that this is not a sequel to TJA, and that TJA merely served as the inspiration for Omnibus. If you look through the OOC, you may see some mentions of an existing "race list", as well as mentions of a TJA Wikia. And while it's true that there does exist a Wikia that lists all the old TJA races, that Wikia has nothing to do with this RP. I only ever pointed out the Wikia as a "fun fact" sort of thing, and I didn't anticipate that people would focus on the old race list so much. Please do not feel limited by what is or isn't on that list. The race list for Omnibus will be a completely blank slate at the time that the OOC is put up. None of TJA's old lore or races mean anything here. TJA's old lore will not be canon in Omnibus.
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  2. Although I'm not entirely sure if I can make yet another character, I'll at least be there for (s)talking reasons :D
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  3. I get to make my own races?! Sign me up! Right now! This is my jam~!
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  4. This sounds crazy, but in a good way. I guess I'm pretty interested, seeing as I already have like 3 potential races in mind...
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  5. @Kagayours

    You said something about a digital realm. Would people that are made of data come from there or is there a no AI rule?
  6. i've actually done something like this before (and i loved it) and i already have ideas sparking through my brain, so please sign me up too!
  7. You can totally make an AI race if you want to! Omnibus is all about infinite possibilities. :P And TJA also had an AI/Digimon-esque race, which I was actually the ambassador for (hence why it was one of the easiest examples to recall), so yeah. ^^"
  8. So could one make multiple races and characters or will I need to choose one from... *paper unravels to the floor and rolls out the door* ...the list?
  9. Theoretically there would be no limit, but uh, it makes sense that I wouldn't allow just anyone to make a ton of characters/races right off the bat. Start with one or two and we'll see where that goes. :P
  10. Good point.

    Don't you worry, list. You're time will come...

    Oh hai Kaga I was just uhhh

    kicks self into wastebasket

    *muffled voice* I'm interested.
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  12. Yes hello that was me, can I drag my race from back then in again or should I be coming up with something new?
    Also you can take this as interest.
  13. Oh wow, hi! I didn't expect any original TJA folks to show up (at least not until I went out of my way to try inviting them, since I know quite a few of them are still hanging around Iwaku...).

    Uhhh I guess you could bring back your old race... my only fear is that, if other TJA members join, and they all re-create their old races, I'm worried it'll feel too much like another TJA reincarnation. And, like I said, associating TJA's identity more with the members and the specific races rather than the concept is what I feel made TJA weaker over time.

    I'm aiming for a fresh start this time (unlike NLA, which attempted to be a fresh start and just inadvertently made things even more complex and hard-to-follow). And bringing back a race as iconic as the Observers, especially right at the start, runs the risk of bringing too much of the old TJA back...

    At the very least, if you do re-do the Observers, just remember that none of TJA's old lore or continuity is valid here. This is a completely separate, unrelated universe. You can re-use the concept of the Observers, but that's it. I really want to build new lore from the ground-up.
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  14. Totally gotcha. Even if I don't toss them into the mix, I have a few race concepts sort of sitting around waiting to be fleshed out and released upon the unsuspecting populace, so I'm definitely at no shortage of ideas.
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  15. Color me interested.
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  16. Hmm. Now that I think about it, I might want to ditch the term "ambassador". I remember it confusing a lot of people when it was introduced to TJA. I feel like "owner" would do the job just as well... :P

    Also -- since no one's commented on it yet -- what do you guys think about the idea of keeping a list of realms on the OP, and having players write descriptions for realms in the same way that they would create race sheets? Obviously, if a race calls for the existence of a certain realm, then the player who owns that race would also consequently control that realm. I'm just not sure if I want the ownership of realms to be sort of a "package deal" with the ownership of its corresponding race -- like it was in TJA -- or if I want to make it its own separate thing.

    Potential pros of having a realms list:
    • Makes sure that players write a solid description for their realm -- which could otherwise be glossed over in a race description, or just spread out amongst race info.
    • Allows players (particularly newcomers) to more easily understand the lore of the RP by looking at all the realms that already exist (as each entry on the list would link to the post that contains its description).
    • Encourages players to make new races that could be associated with existing realms, as opposed to most realms being something that is only relevant to a single race.
    Potential cons:
    • Could be very confusing (even trying to explain it feels difficult...)
    • Could feel unnecessary, since, if a race originates from a particular realm, that realm could just be described in their race description.
    • I'm not sure how many players would actually want to design a race for an existing realm -- which could also make the realms list feel kind of unnecessary.
    • Would require players to do more work.
    What do you guys think?
  17. @Kagayours

    I don't mind doing more work to write out an entire realm for a race I create~ I love world building and laying out all the info for other players. Give me all the writing projects! But if you're worried, maybe make it optional? Like, people who want to go in depth can do so, and those who'd rather not can just give a general blurb.
  18. I mean, it's not going in-depth that's the problem. Obviously some people will write more than others and that's fine. I just don't know whether or not I want to require people to write a realm description at all -- since that involves having this whole other system with a realms list and all that. Really my main issue with that is that I worry it'll just get confusing for people.
  19. I actually liked the name ambassador, it gives it its own unique flair.

    As for the realms thing, I'm all for having a list of them and people filling out what kind of realm there is.
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