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    Omnibus Academy of Earth, August 27th, early morning.

    Earth’s sun barely peaked over the horizon, dimly illuminating the beautiful campus of Omnibus Academy. The buildings in particular sparkled in the light; a result of extensive cleaning for the first day of school. All of this merely added to the excitement that was buzzing about the colorful mix of students as they made their way through the school grounds. Everything from the flash of teleportation to the school’s own airbuses and everything in-between marked the arrival of another student or group.

    Students could be found dotted around the whole school; primarily those who have yet to be paired with a roommate exploring the various facilities. However, most of the focus was turned toward the dormitories. A mix of excitement, anticipation, and worry was visible as each person found their way to the room they were assigned. After all, at a school like Omnibus, there’d be no telling what kind of roommate one might end up with for the next few years.

    (Intro post written by @Luma.)
  2. If there's anything I'm not, it's graceful, Avarice thought to herself after slamming into a wall. Again. She squinted her one eye at the offending wall and continued to move her mass of writhing tentacles down the hall. She knew what room number she was in, the first one, right? Except she had gone to the wrong floor at one point and found herself on the other side of the hall at another, so she wasn't quite sure where exactly her room was. One of her tentacles stayed on the wall, being dragged by the rest of her body. Whenever said tentacle reached a number plate, she would pause and raise herself up to see if that was her room. She finally found it after going to the end of the hall, up another flight of stairs, and down the hall again. Finally... Wriggling her body, she opened the door to her new room and made herself comfortable on one of the beds. If there was another person in the room, she hadn't noticed them.

    Primary_Batter had packed light for the journey. Just a few change of clothes and their metal bat, nothing much. Though they were starting to think that they should have brought more, but it was too late once she reached the white expanse that was for interacting with the outside world and appeared right out of the computer lab. After that was over, all they had to do was ask directions to the dorm and they reached it in relative safety. If Primary could feel emotions, they would've been astonished at the diversity the school had going. As it was, though, they just wanted to pack their things away and survey the room. "Room 504..." they murmured monotonously as their eyes flickered to the number plates. "...There." They went inside and put down their luggage. Well, now all they had to do was put their clothes away and then they could get right down to business.​
  3. A purple portal ripped through the air in the entrance hall of Omnibus, and a decaying corpse walked out. Arza glanced around, letting her eyes adjust. Portal magic was always disorienting.

    "Let's see. Room 504. Obviously, the dorms are a ways up." She sighed, resigned to a long walk.

    Finally, she got to her room. To her surprise, someone was already there. A strange being, the likes of which she'd never seen before. Arza curtsied before the newcomer. "Nice to meet you. I'm Arza."
  4. @daird

    Primary_Batter had finished packing their clothes when a girl entered the room. "Hm?" They turned to look at the girl who curtsied before them. "Likewise. I am Primary_Batter," they said monotonously, "I assume you are to be my roommate?" They paused for a moment, realizing that was a dumb question to begin with. Oh well, they didn't outwardly show their mistake. "I will be taking the farthest bed if that is alright with you."
  5. Ishika was walking trough the corridor, a old bag on her back, full of clothing and a few other things, including a lunchbox filled with the leftovers of her breakfast. In her left hand she held a bag which was designed for laptops and which carried her (laptop). There was a few other people around, but since no one came close she reached the entrance of her room, numbered 501, undisturbed. Seeing another name on the doors of the room she knocked on before entering with an decently audible: "Good day." As she closed the doors she wondered if her roommate is already here or if she was wasting her words...

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  6. Naia was late, primary because that government employee woke her up at a time which most I'Llinay would wake up for school, which was half a hour later then she had to wake up to get to Omnibus without rushing. Thankfully all her things were already packed up so the only thing that suffered was the time for breakfast and a shower - Earth's technology was truly marvelous and without any magic at all! So a bit later then most of the students Naia came to Omnibus and was navigating trough it's halls to the dormitory, her body almost fully hidden by her luggage. Thanks to that her vision was half-hidden and she somehow managed to end up in a hall of some kind. "Damn it," she though while shifting the luggage around a bit so she could see better, to no avail, as that just changed which area of her field of vision was open. Deciding that this was pointless she decided to put down some of her baggage and soon her vision revealed that she was in a room full of tables. She wondered about the purpose of the room as she removed another bag: "A mess hall of some kind I guess?" Then she started to reorganize her luggage so she could carry it all while not burying herself under it...
  7. @gamer5

    Oh? Was that my roommate? Avarice thought to herself as she lifted herself off the bed and scanned the room. Her lack of depth perception and nearsightedness made it hard to see who exactly was in the room. At least she caught sight of a fuzzy humanoid thing that wasn't there before when she entered the room. "You my roommate? Nice to meet you," she said, sliding off the bed and inching a bit closer to Ishika. Though she knew that this was some humanoid in front of her, she doubted she'd be attacked by her considering the fact that there were monsters in this school.
  8. @chaosheart13

    It was a creature made out of many tentacles, similar to the Tiüda's of her own world's oceans, trough it was green and all of it's tentacles were connected to a central body which also hosted the creature's only eye. "It appears so," Ishika said with a neutral voice, while putting down her bags next to the other bed in the room, the one on which the strange creature didn't rest until a moment ago. She then turned back to the creature: "Nice to meet you, I am Ishika Tadeis."
  9. August had made his way through the sea using boat, and some basic skill of water magic. Well, it wasn't really magic, but he liked to call it that way. Boat was that of Slavic design, with little flowers drawn on it's nose, and vines going all around it. On his way to academy, he quietly followed some strange fish, instantly forgetting place where he was going, so he lost several hours.

    "Ah, the academy!" August said, as boat lightly plunged to the island. As he walked on to beach, he attached the boat to land, and made his way towards school campus.

    Here and there various students were turning their heads towards August - mainly because he wore no shoes, was in vulgar shirt with drawing of hand pinned on a cross with clip, and wore light jeans of green color (though he didn't think the jeans were attracting student's attention).

    "Welp, my room it is" August proclaimed, lightly inserting the key and opening the door. Design was... not his piece of cake, but at least he had something. There was no one in there, so August assumed that he will live alone. He put his trunks on the floor, and closed the door, stepping into his new room.
  10. @gamer5

    "Avarice Lowsen is my name," she introduced herself, righting herself up by using the bottom tentacles to push her entire body up. She wanted another look at the girl that came in, but all she could make out was white at the top and black. Curse her poor eyesight! "So, where are you from? I came" She struggled to think of what to say about the place she lived in. "...Not too sure, but I had to get here by coming out of a computer. So I guess you can say I came from in there?, yeah."
  11. "Hmm. That's quite a mouthful. Mind if I call you Primary for short?" Arza took a seat on what was apparently her bed. She looked through her supplies, which included a variety of notebooks, as well as various items for painting and drawing glyphs. Arza was satisfied that everything was in order, so she went over to the window, gazing at the lush, manicured lawns. "My gods, I've never seen so much green."
  12. @daird

    "If you must," they grunted, going over to their bed and sitting on it. They wished they had some gum on them, then their jaws would have something to do. "Is there not a lot of grass where you are from?" they asked, leaning over to see that Arza was looking out the window. They hummed in thought before coming to some sort of decision. "I have not yet explored the entire campus, perhaps I can invite you to join me on exploring the area?" they asked.
  13. Strange Mammal...

    Fur. Feathers. Scales. And nothing else. Yes, a strange mammal, wild... perhaps someone's loose pet? Perhaps some escaped experiment from the Academy labs? Hard to tell, given his... yes, definitely his... constant movement. Rush here, rush there, touch this, sniff that. Not only inanimate objects, but random "dotted" students, who, confused, wouldn't know if they'd been touched inappropriately, or just had their butts sniffed. Running around on all fours, at least this strange male mammal thing hadn't lifted his leg on anything.
    So much to see! So much to do! Drink it all in, quick as possible!
    "Drink" became a quite literal action, him drinking from the quad's fountain, feathered shroudruff chuffed against back, a very soft sound against fur. Scaled hands... yes, he had thumbs!... dipped into water before and after he lapped his fill.
    Then more running around. Outsides explored, he started on the insides, poked all four nostrils into every door, looked out every window, touched so many things, alive and not, it would be impossible to remove his scent from everything. Because he did have a distinctive musk, not overpowering or unpleasant, just... there. Made the entire campus smell something like a bakery, a faint vanilla/cinnamon scent.
    Didn't take much more than an hour... perhaps an extra fifteen minutes tacked on... no, didn't take all that long for him to reach the dorms, last place on campus he hadn't already explored. He knew where all the classrooms were. The cafeteria. The "Java Squirrel"... yes! Every little detail. Except where his room was.......
    Yes, this strange, wild mammal, just a student. Room.......
    ... "I think I drank too much water......."
    He'd just reached the dorm's fifth floor, his all fours quickly upped to twos, hands to crotch as he hopped about, eyes urgently...
    ... Room 501. Not his room, but...
    ... he knocked... "Excuse me! Can I... ahhh!... can I borrow your restroom?"
  14. Nightshade flexed his doll's arm, pushed back his black hair, slipped his light blue contacts in, then headed out the door of Room 514, the room he shares with Deen.

    Speaking of Deen, there he was, standing at the end of the hallway, knocking on the door of room 501, going on about something pertaining to "bathrooms" and "can I's". Nightshade laughed, then headed down the stairs, to check out in detail the rest of the academy.

    A set of bathrooms. A cafeteria. A... Starbucks??? Nightshade became a tad surprised at such an earthly shop being here, but he didn't complain. He continued his search of the academy for a bit until his curiosity became sate and then headed back to his room, where he sat both waiting for Deen, and planning his first prank, one he knew he'd be remembered for....
  15. @chaosheart13, @Roose Hurro

    Ishika was about to speak up again when someone knocked on the room asking to borrow their bathroom. Taking a quick glance around the room and not finding anything that appeared like an entrance to a bathroom she answered the voice from the other side of the door: "I don't think that rooms have their own toilet. Try looking at the end of the corridor for one."

    Then she returned attention to Avarice: "So Mister? Miss? Lowsen, Although I have been staying on Earth for the few past years I am originally from a world called Awaïna." She wondered what kind of creature could materialize itself from digital data stored inside a computer. Well she was not one to poke such questions at people she just meet so she just waited to see if Avarice had anything else to say before asking anything else.
  16. Avarice blinked her eye when someone began knocking on the door and saying something about a bathroom. "...There isn't one here, though..." she muttered, tentacles wriggling in annoyance. She sighed once Ishika handled the situation. Well she would've said something, but she got beaten to it. More wriggling as the girl confused her gender. "I'm a girl, even if I don't look like it," she deadpanned before lighting up at the name of the place she came from. "Awaina? Er, did I say that correctly?" she asked, "Sorry if I didn't."
  17. Neptune ★​

    Eagerly looking out of the viewports as the planet ahead grew ever nearer, Neptune was amazed by the beautiful colors she could see. The automated voice of the transport vessel that Neptune was riding in warned her in a droning voice, speaking English: "Please keep away from the windows as we begin our atmospheric descent." Fiery streaks began to obscure the viewports, and Neptune stepped away from the heat. She walked toward her compartment in the vessel's belly and began to put away several small hygienic items into a carrying satchel.
    "Gravitation field disengaged," the voice spoke again. "Landing protocol initiated." Neptune looked over her shoulder out of the viewports again; the fire had dissipated, and she was watching the world go by in a flash of blue and green. She turned back to her satchel and zipped it up, then threw on her pullover and glanced at her image in a highly-reflective surface. Her hair still looked acceptable, and she was proud of her posture. There was a small wrinkle in her skirt that she quickly smoothed out, and then pulled up one of her stockings to match the other's height.
    "Arrival in twenty seconds," said the voice. "Please steady yourself." Neptune picked up her satchel and walked over to stand by the vessel's exit, still sealed shut and slightly warm from the atmospheric entry. Ten seconds. She anxiously tugged on a loose strand of hair. Five seconds... four, three, two, one.

    With a light shudder, the vessel glided smoothly to a gentle stop. The exit aperture whooshed open, and the voice spoke one last time: "Please gather your luggage, Ms. Ouroboros. Welcome to Earth."

    Neptune leapt gracefully down to the landing pad. Along the vessel's exterior paneling, its name could be seen, emblazoned in shifting scarlet hues: SERENDIPITY. A hatch on the vessel's starboard side had unfolded outward, and Neptune's two other pieces of luggage could be seen within. She retrieved these, one in each hand, and slung her satchel over her shoulders. Turning about, she headed towards the main foyer of Omnibus Academy.

    Neptune had gotten no further than a stone's cast from her vessel when she whirled about; a strange movement from a moment before had just registered in her mind. But all she saw was her vessel's hatches closing, the engines firing powerfully, and its return to the skies once more. The Serendipity had departed.

    Still slightly on edge, Neptune resumed her course, admiring the natural beauty of the planet's environment as she walked towards the registration point. She'd known, of course, that her family had expected her to survive solely on her own resourcefulness and abilities. Neptune felt as if there were small explosions within her stomach. What on Earth would her first day of school be like?
    * * * * *​
    [Neptune Ouroboros, First Year Transfer Student: Nül, The Mire. Room 512.] Neptune had been given an official-looking slip of paper by the registration officer, upon which was listed additional information about her transcript and her new living quarters. She had also been entrusted with a room key, inscribed with her room number in glittering numerals. She clutched these items tightly in one hand with her luggage, as she hurried along the Academy's inner and outer walkways.

    Everywhere, Neptune could see creatures of indescribable variety; beings of all size, color, and shape seemed to be at this Academy. A little bit distracted, Neptune tried not to get run over as she quickly made her way towards the general location of the residential building she'd been directed to. Apparently, she was something of a latecomer, but this wasn't very important to her right now. Neptune needed to find her room, stow her bags, and get acclimated slowly to her new environment. The temperature of this planet was moderately higher than that of the Mire, and Neptune was beginning to pant slightly from the weight of her luggage.

    Some moments later, Neptune began to come to terms with the possibility that she was lost. She had entered a tall building with multiple large windows, but she suspected that this place was not her dormitory. Instead, Neptune's feet had led her into a darkened, expansive room filled with many tables. She lowered her bags to the ground, took her IDD from a sleeve pocket, and tried to access a map of the Academy campus. However, a sudden noise startled Neptune and caused her to look up. A younger bipedal female with long blue hair had entered the same room Neptune was standing in, and had placed down a towering stack of parcels, beginning to move them around.

    Neptune straightened up from the crouching position she found herself in. Instinct had taken over momentarily, and she needed to remind herself that not everything on this planet was trying to kill her. This was probably just another student, similar to Neptune. In that case...

    "E-e-excuse me," Neptune asked the girl, her voice cracking slightly. She cleared her throat and took a small step closer to the girl. "Would... would you happen to know in which direction I can find the dormitories?"
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  18. @Eruantien

    Naia was startled when someone suddenly spoke to her and almost let a scream escape her mouth, but managed to hold it in as her brain processed what did the other person say. Stopping what she was doing she turned around to face the person who spoke and saw a girl which appeared quite similar to a member of her race, but Naia guessed it was just another of the many strange races of this school. "I well I would already be in my room by now if I didn't have problems with dragging along all my luggage," she answered, gazing up to the other girl, wondering if she was the shortest bipedal creature in the Academy.
  19. @gamer5

    Encouraged by the blue-haired girl's non-hostile behavior, Neptune gestured at her own luggage. "I thought I had a lot of things packed, but you definitely seem to be having trouble." She closed her eyes for a moment in exaggerated fatigue. "You know," she told the girl, opening her eyes, "Where I come from, we don't usually have this sort of issue. If there was a safe place nearby to store all of these containers for a short time, I'd be able to help us both out." Neptune broke off, as if she'd almost said something she hadn't meant to.

    After a very slight pause, she went on, "I'm sorry, here I am talking and I haven't even introduced myself yet. My name is Neptune, and I'm a transfer student here from the Mire. Pleased to make your acquaintance." Neptune extended her hand to the blue-haired girl; she'd heard this was an Earthen custom, but didn't know whether other races operated according to different customs of politeness and manners.
  20. ~Viviana Necroste~

    "Oh my goodness, have you been to the coffee shop here yet?"
    "No, but I've heard that the staff there is absolutely adorable!"
    "Yeah, they're also completely nuts though- so be careful!"

    Paused at the entrance of the student dorms, a head of white hair tilted towards the pair of students currently speaking- close enough to hear what they were saying, but far enough to be judged as a simple bystander. Curiosity tempting, Viviana was half-convinced she should go over there and ask the duo what they were talking about- but the other, more rational side of her knew that doing so would alert them of her eavesdropping.

    Besides, she still had a dorm to inspect. The mysterious coffee shop could wait until later.

    Clutching the maroon-colored duffel bag, the doll continued her journey inside, walking up (and eventually back down) multiple flights of stairs before stopping in front of a specifically labeled dorm.

    'Ah, 506 should be my dorm...'

    Knocking twice, she froze for a few seconds before opening the door herself. Decorated simplistically, a quick glance was all that was needed in order for Vivi to analyze it- her body automatically moving towards the bed farthest from the door before stopping. 'I should probably let my roommate pick which bed she wants first.'

    Moving over to the empty wall, she slid downwards, allowing her body to relax against the wall after setting her bag beside her. Her legs crossed on the floor, her head leaned towards the door, white hair flowing down her shoulder and almost spilling onto the floor. It was probably an awkward-looking position to be in, but never mind that.

    The Devo simply watched the door, waiting for the telltale signs of her roommate entering.

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