Ominous Songs

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  1. "I can tell you when to stop."
  2. Re: A little rebellion of a song

    More songs galore!

    This one is called:

    Those Lonesome Golden Years

    Who had snatch the stars away from my blue sky?
    In a flash, gray clouds flooded my brows
    Joy and sorrow had used to judge themselves
    Forgetting that I deserve to be cared

    Pair of hands
    Shred of dream
    Kept on diving down along the road
    So painful I forgot how to scream

    Unending loneliness
    Drowning my sorrow
    My far-stretched world
    A desert below zero

    I do in fact want
    The warmth of a hug
    To dissolve these enduring foam

    Unending waiting
    Such a letdown to all
    The sky ripped apart
    By the serrated lonesomeness

    Who could take away
    This beautiful sorrow
    And make me believe
    The reason to be loved?

    More songs to come in the future. Maybe. <_<