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  1. In a corner of southern Ontario, there was a town called Eastborne. It wasn’t exactly a small town, but it wasn’t large city by anyone’s standards either. Surrounded by farmland on all sides, the city looked like it had suddenly popped out of nowhere and looked even smaller in comparison to larger, sprawling cities like Toronto or Ottawa.

    It wasn’t the best, but Frey supposed it could be worse. He could actually live in the middle of nowhere so he guessed this wasn’t so bad. Brushing his hair out of his eyes the platinum blond readjusted his bag and bit back a yawn as he walked down the sidewalk. It was too early to be awake. He hated school. Did it have to be so damn early? Yawning again he stopped walking and rubbed at his eyes, Frey blinked blearily. Spotting a familiar mop of dark blonde hair a few feet in front of him, he grinned and ran forward, closing the gap between them.

    “Yo, Trick.” He called, falling into step with his friend, “I thought you were gonna wait for me a few streets back, what happened?”
  2. Trick started walking quicker toward his platinum blonde friend shouting "Hey Frey!", while trying to keep his beaten up backpack on his left shoulder with his left hand and holding a coffee from Tim Horton's in his right hand. A large double-double every morning, if he could afford it. It was the easiest way to be more like himself in the early mornings. He started drinking coffee every morning since mid-July after he got a job at Tim Horton's.

    "I got held up picking these.." Trick said as he got close enough to slip his half zipped backpack off his shoulder hold it out for Frey to see inside. '..Apples." There were at least a dozen apples in the bag. "They're from the tree I've been growing in my backyard. Don't worry they're safe to eat, which is why I'm bringing them already taste tested. These Golden Delicious apples are what is going to get me a little more than passing grades this year by using a fine cliché on the teachers". He said casually.

    Trick put his coffee cup lip between his teeth, pulled an apple out of his bag with his right hand and held it out to Frey. "Du oo 'ant une?" he said with the coffee cup lip still between his teeth.
  3. Frey gave his long-time friend an odd look, but shrugged and accepted the offered apple. “Sure.” Turning the apple over in his hands, they walked in a comfortable silence for a while. “Y’know, I’m not sure if that ‘teachers love apples’ cliché will even work,” Frey said suddenly, looking sideways at the other boy. “But it’s worth a shot, huh?” Anything that could possibly get them on the good side of teachers – especially if they ended up with any of the teachers that seemed to hate kids – was at least worth a thought.

    Although why someone who hated kids would want to become a teacher was a mystery to the blond. It seemed kind of counterproductive, or like someone willingly going through needless torture for no reason.

    Shaking his head to clear it of the thoughts that had settled there, he tossed the apple up in the air and caught it. “Did you grow the tree yourself?” he asked curiously. If he had, Frey wondered how Trick’s parents had reacted to an apple tree suddenly appearing in their backyard one day for no apparent reason. Or if they’d even noticed. They hadn't seemed to notice all the greenery that had started sprouting up around their son earlier in the summer, at any rate, so maybe they really hadn't noticed the tree.
  4. Trick shoved his backpack back onto his shoulder, took his coffee cup back into his right hand to answer "I don't know if it will work but I'm desperate. If my grades don't improve I'll wind up in summer school, which is why I need every bit of help I can get. Besides, who doesn't love apples?" At least he hoped everyone liked apples. The way the apple tree was producing apples was unreal. It'll be apples everyday for every meal for the whole year if it speeds up anymore.

    If the teachers didn't like apples maybe he could plant something else like oranges or bananas. Normally they wouldn't grow here but he could probably make them like he did with the apple tree. All he did was use the apple for a baseball, smashing it to pieces, allowing the seeds to find a home in the ground. Trick didn't quite have control over what he called his 'Green Thumb' gift, he recently discovered, so now one third of the plants he touches grew like weeds. Pretty much everything in the backyard bloomed and thrived. The apple tree was just there in the backyard one morning, which was faster than normal. His mom thought he bought it with his new spending money and then planted it to surprise them, thinking Trick had overheard his mom talking about getting one. Which was convenient but too close a call so he would have to get a handle on it and soon.

    "Yeah, I grew it. Lucky for me my mom loves what I've done with the backyard. Who knew the person who killed all the plants actually loved them? Speaking of our gifts, how's the rewiring for your house going? That's twice this month a storm struck your electrical box. It's not even halfway through the month either."

    Not to mention all the times Frey had shocked Trick when he went for a handshake or a fist bump. It gave him a literal jolt which was almost, almost as good at waking him up as his Timmies coffee. Trick wondered whether or not Frey's dad had got sick of going to home improvement stores all the time or if he liked doing the work?
  5. Frey looked at his friend incredulously and almost stopped walking due to shock. “The first day of school hasn’t even officially started yet and you’re already worried about summer school? Geez dude, relax.” He rolled his eyes. “And you call me a drama queen. Honestly…” He trailed off, muttering to himself for a few minutes. “You’ll do fine.” he said finally, smiling. “Trust me. …And if all else fails, you could always become a florist.” he teased.

    The blond boy made a face, scrunching up his nose. “Urgh, don’t ask.” His parents had no idea why their house had become a favourite target for lighting strikes, but they were not happy about it. “The people at the Home Depot are starting to recognize my dad on sight now. Mom says we should just get an electrician or a contractor or something but…” he shrugged, “dad’s stubborn and wants to do it himself.”

    They didn’t suspect Frey for it though, and really how could they? No one expected someone of having the power to control the weather. For one thing, it was seen as impossible, and for another, it seemed too much like something out of a comic book. But for some reason, one morning Frey had woken up with the ability. Even though the only reliable thing this power seemed to be able to do right now was make it rain or shock someone, he knew he could do other things. The small freak blizzard he’d accidentally created in his backyard one day late August could attest to that. The snow hadn’t lasted long in the heat, but he had done it. Thank god his parents hadn’t been around to see that.

    “The other one’s much easier to control though. For now anyway” Along with his weather power, Frey had also developed the ability to hear others thoughts. It was annoying – and not nearly as fun as his other power – and had given him a massive three-day-long migraine, but he’d been working on blocking people out and it had gotten easier over time. Still school would be the first time he would be in a large crowd since getting these gifts and he really hoped he could manage it without feeling like his head was going to explode or something.
  6. "What can I say? I don't want to be in school more than I have to be. I'll relax when I up my grades from C's to B's." smirking and shaking his head he says with a hint of sarcasm "A florist huh? Well, considering how many jerks there are in the world, no matter where I went, I'd always make money off idiots trying to apologize ahahaha."

    "You know... you could be a meteorologist. The only weather guy never to be wrong haha. I'd never have to worry about my plants getting enough rain water either. I could just ask you for some hehe". Although neither of them had complete control over their new abilities yet to do either of jobs, it was a nice to think about. "If that fails you could always apprentice with your dad to become an electrician. I'm sure he'll go pro soon enough."

    "If you need to leave at any time though because of the other thing, you know, I'll cover for you." Frey's other ability made Trick kind of uncomfortable. It wasn't that he didn't trust Frey or anything, he is his best friend, it's just that it wasn't a great feeling thinking you had zero privacy including your own mind. It was bad enough with his mom always coming into his room, there's no privacy for teenagers clearly, but he took for granted the privacy of his own mind. Frey can control his ability now but whether he can handle so many people at once is really a gamble.

    "What we really need is to find a place to use our abilities before someone outs us as freaks. We've been lucky for a few months but that won't work anymore, especially now that we're in high school. Rumors run rampant faster than a forest fire in there, or at least that's what the internet has taught me. Do you have any ideas where we could go? If not we could look up a town map on the library computer or something after school... thoughts?".
  7. “Oh c’mon, you’d be great as a florist.” Frey teased, snickering. “Your plants would be the best.” He readjust his bag as they came to a stoplight, waiting for the light to turn green so that they could cross. “What classes do you have trouble in again? If you don’t want to work in a flower shop, maybe you could find someone to tutor you or something.” If sucking up to the teachers didn’t help, then a tutor was his only other option, short of breaking into the office and changing his records in the dead of night.

    The boy made a small whining noise in the back of his throat. “But almost everyone hates meteorologists.” He complained as the light changed and they crossed the street. “And I love my dad, he’s a great guy and all, but I don’t want to be an electrician.” Even though, now with this new ability of his, he’d either be really good at it, or he’d suck hard core at it. Being an electrician was just not for him. “Besides, I can – seemingly – control the weather, not electronics or electricity itself.” he pointed out. “Could you imagine me as an electrician?” he snorted, “I’d suck at it.”

    Frey gave his friend a bright smile. “Thanks, I appreciate it.” He hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, but even with all his practice at blocking people’s thoughts out the past couple weeks, he knew it would be rough and that he’d probably have to disappear to a quiet place at least once or twice throughout the day and he was glad Trick had his back. If he were being honest, Frey didn’t like his telepathy too much. Sure, it had its uses, but it was a pain and felt intrusive. He didn’t mean to intrude on people’s private thoughts, but sometimes it just happened and he couldn’t help it.

    Hopefully it would get easier the more practice he had at blocking people’s thoughts and just ignoring the stray ones he happened to pick up in passing.

    “Hmm, how about the forest nearby?” he suggested, and then winced when he remembered that trees had a habit of exploding when struck by lightning. “Or not. Let’s just look a map later and decide then, sound good?”
  8. "True. I'd be a wicked flower man. I'd have a sign that read: 'How Sorry Are You?'." After chugging his now lukewarm coffee and tossing the cup in the nearest garbage bin he said "I'm sure they'll have something posted at the main office about tutors, I'll have to check that out for sure. I'm pretty bad at; math, history, French, science and anything boring really, except English for some reason, decent at English."

    "You'd be the only weatherman they wouldn't hate." He teased. "As an electrician you would probably black out every city you were in, you would never run out of work though. Endless repair.... oh god never mind that's a nightmare."

    Trick could see the school building as they were walking, they'd be at the mandatory prison that older people called 'School' soon. Okay that might be a bit far fetched but it felt like jail some days for a crime no one committed except just being here. Trick hoped the first week would be easy enough lessons with little homework so he could have more time to practice his abilities with Frey. The forest nearby was a bad idea with Frey's lightning and Trick's green thumb to make them bigger targets for the clouds.

    "We're almost there. I wish we had more than a couple classes together, at least then the day would go by a little faster, oh well. Yeah, that sounds good to me. We should meet up after school in the school library, say around 3:30 PM, unless you wanted to try out for any clubs or teams?"
  9. “Well, I don’t know about the other subjects, but you know I’ll help you in science if I can.” Frey said. Even though he didn’t look it – or act like it – the blonde was pretty good at science and he really didn’t mind helping Trick out if his friend needed it. “And maybe I can help you out with History, but you’ll have to look for someone else to help with the other subjects. Especially Math” A mathematician Frey was not and Math was ones of his worst subjects and he only managed to scrape by due to lots of studying and crying.

    He shuddered at the idea of him accidently shorting out a city block and then having to fix it all. “…Yeah, no thanks. I think ‘electrician’ is off the list of ‘Things I Want To Be When I Grow Up’. Probably safer that way too. For everybody involved.”

    Frey glanced at the building looming in the distance and wondered if the people who built them made them look soul sucking prisons on purpose. There was no other way to explain why most schools looked the same with only slight variations to tell one from the other. The only schools that seemed to look any different were the really expensive private schools that Frey had only heard about in passing.

    “Some more classes together would be nice.” He agreed. He paused, thinking. “Well, I was planning joining the Drama Club, but I’m pretty sure teams and clubs won’t start meeting until at least Friday at the earliest so that everyone can get settled into the new school year. So the library at 3:30 works for me.” he agreed with a small nod as they approached the building.

    Poppy Collegiate Institute, or PCI, was one of the main high schools for their town and looked massive compared to all the other buildings around it, but Frey knew that the inside would look and feel nearly the same as any other school they’d gone to over the years.
  10. "Thanks bro, I appreciate it. We could do like homework study sessions this year at your place for what classes we do have together and the same subjects we take." Trick figured if they both remembered some of what the teachers said they'd both benefit, even though Frey was much smarter when it came to school. " For math we could always just cheat." He looked over at his friend with a dumb grin on his face while pausing before saying "Just kidding. I'm sure they'll have something probably, maybe, hopefully... we can check after we meet up at the library."

    "Anyway, Sparky, Drama has always been your talent. You'll be Captain of the S.S. Frank N. Furter in no time. Track doesn't start till march so I'm free and clear most of the year since I run in the mornings already. Are you taking Drama for a elective as well? We did get one, I could always switch to Drama for laughs. I think I'm currently taking Auto Shop, fourth period too, sweet deal! First food then cars."

    "What does your class schedule look like? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Man, I love when my coffee kicks in."
  11. “Study sessions would be a good idea.” Frey said as they walked into the building. “God knows we’ll need it.” With school and clubs and practice with their powers, they would need set aside time specifically so they wouldn’t fall behind on school work. Frey wasn’t too concerned about it, but his parents would flip if his grades dropped below a certain mark and ground him for life. Or at least until he got his grades back up. And he wanted to avoid that if he could.

    Frey rolled his eyes at the nickname but didn’t comment. Trick had been calling him that for most of the summer, ever since he’d demonstrated his powers. Not even fazed by his friend’s rapid-fire speech, used to it by now, he answered calmly. “Rocky Horror jokes, really Trick? I thought you were above those.” He teased. “Anyway, stick with Auto. I don’t think you’d like Drama very much. Much like Band and Choir, some theater geeks tend to burst into a song without a moment’s notice. It’d drive you nuts.

    “As for my schedule, hold on…” Shrugging his bag off his back, he pulled it open and dug through it for his schedule. Finding it pressed between two binders, he pulled it out. “Aha. So, my schedule is English, Drama, then lunch, Math and Gym.” He made a face at that last one. “Well, at least Gym’s at the end of the day.”
  12. "My schedule is English, Geography, lunch, Auto and Gym. Nope, definitely not above Rocky Horror jokes after watching it a couple times but I do want to avoid random outburst of songs if I can. I gotta say though, Tim Curry does rock those fish nets and heels well. I know what I'm taking and when but I have no idea where these classes are. That'll be a greaaaat time since everyone loves giving directions." Trick slipped his backpack off, unzipped it and grabbed a couple Golden Delicious apples. After biting into one of the apples, to hold on to, he zipped his bag back up and tossed it on his shoulder again. Holding out the other apple while finishing his bite of the first apple he said "Do you want another one for the road? I'm still hungry but I'll save some for gym."

    Trick could see more people crowding around heading toward the school. Even though he put on a optimistic face he was actually a bit of a nervous wreck. Every new school he went to always held the same comment for him; 'Your eyes are different colours.' Yup, not why do you call yourself 'Trick', something they'd eventually hear but commenting about his eyes. Frey doesn't even notice them anymore but every time Trick looked into a mirror he noticed. One green eye and one golden brown. How freaking original right? The guy with the flower power has earthy eyes. You could say it was destiny or some crap but it was actually one hundred percent annoying how that was what defined him all the time. This was the whole reason he was saving to buy coloured contacts. All he had to do was wear sunglasses till Thursday, when he gets paid, and he was home free.

    "We have English and Gym together. This is going to be great. Shakespeare and laps around the court together yaaaaaay." He said sarcastically. "At least we both have one class we both like, that is if the teachers aren't complete door nobs." Trick started jogging backwards away from Frey "I'm going to run ahead and find out where English is and meet you at the lobby, okay?" Trick turned around and jogged faster toward the school giving Frey a wave as he got further ahead.
  13. Frey laughed. “Y’know, when I forced you to watch it with me, I’d have never taken you for a Rocky Horror fan. Still, even if the fact that you liked Tim Curry in those fishnets and heels is surprising, it’s not the worst thing ever.” Tick could have liked twilight, for example. Something Frey would have never let him live down. Ever. While the blond did admittedly like some things that had been labeled as ‘girly’, the sparkly vampire books were not one of them and he drew the line when it came to them.

    He shook his head and held up the apple Trick had given him earlier as he snickered at his friend’s sarcasm. “Nah. I haven’t even started on this one yet. I’ll pass.” He grinned, “Save the apples for the teachers, yeah?” The apple cliché probably wouldn’t even work, but how else was Trick gonna get rid of them? Frey knew things effected by the other boy’s ‘Green Thumb’ went kinda crazy, so his family was probably drowning in the fruit. And no matter how delicious they were, there were only so many apples a person could eat before they got sick of them.

    Watching his friend run ahead, Frey brought his free hand up to rub at his forehead while he walked. He was still a bit far from the school, but all the people heading in that direction were starting to make his head hurt. He wasn’t trying to pry, but did people really have to think so loudly? Taking a deep breath, he squared his shoulders and focused on blocking people out. He could do this. It would be rough, but it wouldn’t be so bad right? Getting to the building, Frey took another deep breath and walked inside, glancing around the lobby for his friend.
  14. The moment Trick got through the doors he started looking around for anyone who seemed friendly enough to give him some directions to room B116 for English with Ms. Holland. There were a lot of students crowding and moving about the lobby either trying to get somewhere or get all their friends together in a group. Catching a brunette boy about six foot two with a hockey jersey on giving directions, to what Trick thought was another freshman like himself, he twisted, turned and stepped carefully around the crowd toward the jersey wearing boy.

    After Trick introduced himself as a freshman, the jersey wearing boy calmly explained how to get to B116 and then introduced himself as Warren Peace, Forward in the local OHL(Ontario Hockey League) team called The Eastborne Crows. Warren also told him to come to the game this Saturday to cheer them on and after he'd introduce him to some people. Trick promised to be there and then turned toward the lobby doors to look for Frey.

    Seeing Frey just getting through the lobby doors Trick maneuvered a little faster to get to his friend so he could tell him their class was on the first floor. Trying to get between two groups he tripped and slammed right into someone, knocking them both to the ground. After untangling himself with complaint muttering from both the person he slammed into and himself while getting up and dusting themselves off. Getting a better look at this person he could see she was a punk girl with hipster glasses and quite a few piercings. She was also glaring him as if she was going to burn a hole through him before tearing a strip off him with a lecture. Trick had definitely just dug himself into a hole.
  15. Frey saw Trick heading towards him and started making his way through the crowd, planning on meeting his friend halfway. Except ii didn’t happen quite like that. Frey saw, almost like it was in slow motion, his friend collide with someone. Wincing in sympathy, the blond made his way over as Trick and the girl he’d knocked into, untangled themselves and stood up. “Hey, you guys okay…?” he asked, trailing off when he noticed how the girl was glaring at his friend. Like Trick had shot her dog or something.

    “I’m sorry for my friend, he’s kind of a klutz…” Frey started hurriedly, trying to get the girl to stop glaring. It was one thing to be annoyed when someone knocked you to the ground, but it was another thing entirely to look like you were about to murder them.

    “Do you know who I am?” the girl hissed, her eyes narrowing behind her glasses. “Do you know what you’ve done?”

    Frey shared a worried, ‘What The Hell’, look with Trick. Was this girl serious, or was she just crazy? “Err, no. Should we?”

    The girl’s attention moved from Trick to Frey and the blond had to keep himself from taking a step back. “Yes,” the girl snapped, clearly annoyed. “I’m, well it doesn’t really matter what my name is. You can call me Nemesis.” She said this with a flourish and Frey shared another look with Trick.

    ‘Definitely crazy.’ He thought to himself. ‘Totally bonkers.’ “Right…” he said slowly as he backed away, grabbing onto the back of Trick’s shirt to drag him away. “Well, then Nemesis, we’ll just… we’ll just go, okay? Sorry to bother you.”

    With that, Frey turned around and ran out of the lobby and down the hall, not stopping until he was sure she wasn’t following him. “Well, that was fun,” he said sarcastically as he leaned against the wall, panting. “Please tell me you know where English is and all that wasn’t for nothing. Geez, I thought I was dramatic…” Frey had nothing on that girl in the drama department. He was kind of a drama queen but he’d never told anyone to call him Nemesis of all things. “What does she put in her coffee?"
  16. “What a women. I don’t know what she puts in her coffee but I definitely want some. Nemesis is on a whole different level than us. What’s the cheat code to get to her level so I can ask her out? I bet being with her must be like one wicked rollercoaster ride after another.”

    Trick grabbed Frey by the shirt leading him left around the corner mid-rant, “This way toward English, the halls are letters, the first number is what floor and the rest is which room.” Still leading the way down the hall, walking a little faster with a strange excitement over the girl he fell into in the lobby, his head shaking back and forth looking for B116. “I think she was going to kill me if you hadn’t pulled me away. I probably would’ve let her. This was no accident, it was fate I tell you , fa-Here we go!” Trick looked back at his friend and reached for him to drag him into B116.

    The class was decorated with bright colours and quotes from authors and characters all over. The colours and posters didn’t help the dreariness of the class since it was in the basement with florescent bar lights. The teacher’s desk was to the right, in front of the chalkboard, while the student desks attached to chairs were all to the left. There were a few nervous looking students in various desks around the room while one confident teenage short guy, wearing punk cloths with a couple pierced ears, was actually leaning back in the teacher’s chair when Trick and Frey walked in.

    Trick looked the confident guy in the teacher’s chair right in the eyes as he walked up to him. Stopping in front of what Trick assumed was Ms. Holland’s Desk to pull yet another of the seemingly endless supply of apples out of his bag and put the apple right in the middle of the desk. Then Trick said with a straight face while still looking the short punk in the eyes “Good morning Ms. Holland, this is for you.”
  17. Frey looked at his friend incredulously, hardly daring to believe it. “She’s clearly not all there, calling herself Nemesis…” he said faintly, “She looked like she was gonna murder you… and you, you want to date her?” He put a hand to his face and staggered back against the wall. “Oh Trick, no. You can do better than that. So much better… Besides, we don’t even know if she likes guys.” Frey said as Trick started dragging him down halls to their, “For all we know, she could be gay.” Wasn’t high school the time most people started figuring that stuff anyway? So it was possible that Nemesis just wasn’t into dudes.

    And, hopefully she was already taken (Frey mentally saluted the person brave enough to date her) or wouldn’t be interested in his friend. It was a mean thing to think, sure, but Trick could do better, could find someone who didn’t insist on being called by a weird title like Nemesis. It was women like that that made Frey very glad he was bisexual and had options. While he knew not all women were batshit crazy, the ones that were scared the hell out of him and made him want to almost swear off women altogether.

    When they walked into the room, Frey blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted. The room brighter and more colourful then the halls outside. It was very clearly an English classroom. While Frey walked toward a desk, Trick walked forward to the teacher’s desk and Frey groaned as his friend started talking. While Frey was used to his friend’s sense of humor, most were not, and it looked like this other boy might just punch his friend in the face. ‘It’s too early for this.’ Frey thought to himself, walking back to the front of the class and dragging Trick away to the desks.

    “Haha, very funny Plant Boy.” He said with a roll of his eyes, a small grin on his face. “Do you want to be murdered this morning?”
  18. Lowering his voice Trick said “The name says it all. She’s the only honest girl in the world. She’s out to destroy people from the get go.” Dreamily he whispered “Nemesis”. Coming back to reality he said “All true, she could be taken or gay or anything in between or even just not into me. No harm asking her out though is there?”

    “No, I’m not trying to get murdered today. Besides it would be herbicide not homicide.” Trying to suppress his laughs at his own terrible joke he continued “That guy doesn’t look like a weed killer to me.” Trick tried harder to suppress his laughs while more students started gathering in the class but after a few moments he paused and stated “Wow, what did they put in my coffee? It is way too early for this today. Anyway, don’t worry too much Frey I usually land on my feet don’t I?”

    A small but built lady walked into the classroom, Trick guessed she was in her early thirties, put down some books on the teacher’s desk and shooed the short punk guy out of the chair. She quickly wrote neatly on the chalkboard Ms. Holland. Well, Trick thought to himself, now we know what she looks like; she didn’t quite reach five foot but she did have the muscles to make up for it and wore leather jackets with jeans to school. He was definitely going to like this teacher.
  19. Frey gave his friend a flat look as they sat down. “Much too early.” He agreed as he pulled a binder from his bag. He knew it would be all paperwork for at least the first ten minutes, if not longer, and not all of them for any particular class, but the handouts needed to go somewhere and he didn’t feel like losing them. At least not for the first month or so. He knew by November all bets would be off on the random handouts that weren’t for any class or important. “If you keep talking like that, I’m taking you to get your head checked.” He would have told Trick to cut back on the caffeine, but he knew from experience that that could be a dangerous thing to suggest. Trick liked his caffeine, and to suggest cutting back meant possible gruesome death.

    Frey would like to avoid that if at all possible.

    The bell rang then, and class officially started. The blond was right and they got bombarded with paperwork. Since this was also their homeroom, they got a pamphlet type thing on the school dress code and one on bus conduct (only important for those who took the bus) and a handout listing all the tryouts for the sports teams that would be starting this semester. And then came the ones specific for that class, covering what they were going to learn that year and such.

    The teacher wasn’t so bad and seemed to understand that most of her students did not want to be there and tried to keep it as light and engaging as possible for the first class of the first day. Frey suspected it had something to do with the fact that she was barely out of her twenties, or at least she looked like it, and maybe felt the same way
  20. The rest of the day passed pretty much the same with teacher’s outlining what the curriculum was for the semester, getting to know people’s names and stressing the importance of doing the work provided.

    Lunch was pretty loud but uneventful as most students were eating with people they already knew or just by themselves. The cafeteria food wasn't half bad either. Trick bought a plate of fries that were low fat no salt fries mind you but they were still fries which he shared with Frey. The lunch ladies were pretty friendly though which was nice and unexpected.

    Trick handed each teacher he met an apple from his bag, even ones he passed in the halls. Some of the teachers were not impressed and looked annoyed while a couple thought it was amusing or just embarrassing.

    It wasn't until Gym Class where things got a bit interesting. After making everyone do a few laps around the gym to start and outlining what they’d be doing in the course the teacher decided to make a game of Dodge Ball to start the year off with a bang. Trick was still doing laps around the gym while listening to the Dodge Ball rules, which he got for bribing the teacher with an apple but also a pat on the back for eating healthy. When he finished the laps he joined up with one team seconds before the teacher blew the whistle to start the game. The whistle blew signalling everyone on both sides to run for the balls. This is when Trick noticed Frey on the other team and thought ‘oh crap’.
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