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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Sep 22, 2013.




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  2. I saw a boy band once. It was horrible.

  3. God dammit, Diana.

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    Does this mean I no longer have to use Justin Beiber to derail the cbox when people are cranky?! Jonas songs are soooo much better!

    *giggles like a twelve year old and fleeees~!*

  2. I don't know about anyone else, but I would personally throttle most - if not all - boy bands, if it was legal.
  3. Ummm . . . . well, it depends on the song I suppose . . . . I can think of one or two that haven't been too terrible.
  4. You would be attacked by thousands of teenaged girls!

    I think boy bands have their place, people either love them or love to hate them. The songs are simple and catchy, but not terrible.
  5. Goddammit, Diana
  6. Let them come, for I am not alone, and by me stand many who are actually capable of some form of combat.
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  7. I put them in the same box I put most things

    Don't like it, so don't listen to it.

    Problem is because these bands are so rediculously popular, it's really hard to do that! I check my facebook, people posting about boy bands; I listen to the radio - it plays boy bands; I go shopping, I see boy band products everywhere!

    My issue with them isn't that I don't care for their music, or that I don't think they're half as attractive as their fans seem to think they are, it's that it's fudging impossible to get away from them!
  8. There's a small space in my heart for boy bands. Only certain ones, though. Reason being: nostalgia. I loved boy bands when I was a wee Fluff. Some of the best romance songs are by boy bands. x3

    Would also like to mention that the boy bands I have a love for are mostly old. I do not like the new ones like Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush. :|

    Examples: 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, New Edition, Boys II Men, 'N Sync...

    Feel free to judge. I won't give a shit. I will not lose touch with the things that made me happy as a little girl just because people want to be dicks~
  9. Generally, I hate Boy Bands and everything that comes with them. But then they'll go make a song or two that I actually find really catchy >:/

    Doesn't mean I like the band, just the one song. If anything, it makes me dislike them more, because my friends will hear that I like that one song and assume that I like the band as well! Which means they can gush, and gush, and GUSH about how much they fucking loooooove this band, or that one member. -_-#