OMG What is with all this server stuff?! Omg omg!

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  1. Over the summer a lot of regulars may have noticed we were getting a lot of lag time and 500 errors. Iwaku is getting so active now, it was getting too big for my server specs. XD

    After the past two or so weeks Mister Jared, my handy dandy pocket server admin has been tweaking, updating, changing, moving and upgrading things for us. 8D Trying to find the best ways to optimize our server without us having to shell out more bucks.

    We've added on a couple of processors, and we are currently in the middle of a server transition to a new machine. >>We're on a backup machine right now, so there will be as little downtime as possible when we're put on my new machine. (You know, just in case Jared messed up all the settings and everything explodes in to a fiery death. 8D )

    Thanks for your patient during this messy business. >:3 When it is all done, Iwaku will be running better and faster for everyone.
  2. Diana and Jared are awesome and worthy of love, which I imagine they wouldn't accept, but still: Offer them love
  3. It's cools, Diana. A little down time for the sake of a faster, smoother Iwaku is a small price to pay <3

    Besides, you know how I love trolling Chatango creepers.
  4. I take that as permission to turn Iwaku into a large pyrotechnics display!
  5. Some men just want to watch the world burn...
  6. To make things a little easier feel free to PM me here over the next few days if you are getting various server errors. Preferably with when it happened, what the message was and what you were trying to do.
  7. Yay~ A faster Iwaku! :D
  8. I can see it now

    Hi I'm Jared and by switching from this old server with little processing power to this new one with additional processors we can trim off that fat and surf the web healthy. Sub-Processors Surf Fresh!
  9. I see Jared more like:

    ‎"Perhaps you're a good variable... but corrupted data or shifted anomalies are variables that are not reliable units in the systems.... Hence I shall not miscalculate..... Note I can delete you at my own will and of my own accord.... but if you show some promise then perhaps I shall exclude that fact of deleting you... but of course... a security scan is always the necessary thing for me to accept you in"
  10. I am sort of surprised my PM inbox isn't full by now. I wonder if it is because nothing is actually wrong or if everyone is just afraid to contact me.
  11. If you are anything like me...Which I hope not, then it's more of the first choice.
  12. The recent downtime was due to an issue with the server company's storage system. They got their systems back fairly quickly but unfortunately the servers aren't set up to auto recover from an issue like that and I didn't know it was down until just recently.

    Unfortunately if you were making posts when it happened they may have been lost, so please make sure they went through if it was important.

    Please contact me immediately if there are any issues.
  14. *cheers happily for faster Iwaku*

  15. Important thing is that the issue is fixed and we can continue to improve and have fun.
  16. Loving the dedication to the site! Keep it up Jared!
  17. The second downtime was related to the first. There was actually a hardware failure this morning so everything is running through one controller instead of two. This means things may be a bit more glitchy than normal the next couple days until the company gets things resolved.
  18. Whatever it takes to get us through, Jared. Whatever it takes.

    I mean, hell, sacrifice some newbs if you have to in a violent ritual to appease the server gods.
  19. Not the Newbs! They're our future. Why not some old timers? Surely some first Gen Iwakians can go by now.
  20. I vote we just delete the first 100 accounts registered on the site.
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