OMG such a newbie

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  1. Ffffffuuuu-! So many words i dont even know what the hell im doing LOLOLOL, im LOLing at myself and freaking out at all this :L Ahem, so uh.. obvious aint it: Im new ^____^ so HAIIIIIIIIIIIII!! *squeaks softly* help me?

  2. Well hello new person who is clearly so excited she is going to explode!

    Welcome to the community? XD Take a deep breath and read things slowly. The excitement will pass!
  3. Hi Dutch! I'm Ozzie. Nice to meet you! If you have any questions, let me know.

    You like video games? We have a really cool video game group!

  4. So. Much. Green. *Eyes bleed*

    Just kidding, welcome to the forum, I'm Fel, former Asylum moderator and friendly face #3 at your service. Make sure to do your Roleplayer's Resume and all that, it can be found in your profile, ect. ect.
  5. Hello there. Deep breath!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Lettie.
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    We'd love to help you with all kinds of stuff, so feel free to ask.

    Stop by the roleplay signup and ooc section first of all, to sign up for a roleplay!
    Here is where you go to request someone to play a one on one game with you.
    Or even check out the jump in roleplays, since most of those don't need a character sheet!

    Happy playing~
  6. tehee!! omg! XD

    im breathing im breathing XD

    LOOOL , thank you for the welcome^____^
    and- o___o
    OOOOHHH i just saw youre an admin XD right?
  7. Damn..o__o i think i just did something wrong..
    hhe oh well XD

    Nice to meet you too Ozzie :D

    and thankies for the link up! XD
    i'll have a gawk.
  8. >;D Green is gooooooood!
    i like the green stuff- AHEM imean.. the colour? ^___^

    Thanks Fel XD
    i've done my resume and all :D
    Buuut im not sure if im replying to these... posts right >___<
    (btw, in case you havent noticed... i love le'smiley faces XD )

    ahem, after ive typed this up... i just hit the "post quick relpy" button right? (:
  9. Nawww i <3 your display pic ^____^
    soCUTE :3

    how do i change mine?):
    i dun like et...

    and Thaaankyou for the checklist :D
  10. You're welcome for the link! I replied to you in your question thread about groups and replying. One more thing: If you want to reply to more than one user, you don't have to post individually! Most of the time people will read your post because they are automatically subscribed to any thread they post in. :] Oh, and one more way to reply in a thread: You can hit "Reply" at the bottom of someone's post. You can also quote their specific message by hitting "Reply With Quote", just in case they aren't subscribed!

    To change your icon, you can go to "Settings" up at the top of the page, near your username and "Notifications" and "My Profile". From there, scroll down and find "Edit My Avatar" on the left side-menu. It will be under "My Settings", "My Profile". :3
  11. AH! ^___^ hehe okie.
    i think i got it..

    if i dont.. i'll just read this again :P hhe
    Thaaaaankyou Ozzie^___^
  12. No problem! :D
  13. Hrmm...If she is so excited that she'll explode....This means that I can so use her for a new weapon of mass destruction...Yes, YES....Smily bomb here we go.

    Errr...Hello there, poppet.
  14. A new weapon against Vandoosa? Yes please.
  15. Uhh.... LOL X3
    Haii Leo, Haii Fel^____^

    ahem, using me as weapon...? suuuuuure whatevs ' XD
  16. hi hi...the excitement really doesnt go away. im still finding things to be excited about here...and like ive been here a few weeks, and im only just getting the hang of you just wanna talk or something sometime, or try out being newbies together....*raises hand* again..hi..hehehe
  17. Well she agreed. That means that we can use her as a bomb against Vandoosa.
  18. And thus all newbies are made bombs.

  19. im new ND kinda confused...>.<

    how do you change ur avatar?
  20. Easy! Click the "Settings" button on the top right of your screen.
    On the left where it says "My Settings", under it you will find "Edit Avatar."
    The from there you can change it by either uploading your own picture from your computer (Option 2) or enter the pictures URL (Option 1)