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    I've never had my mom like, show my baby pictures to friends or anything, mostly the only times I've been embarassed of her is when she reveals that she (along with everyone else in my family) is secretly a twelve-year-old boy. Blowing straw wrappers at me, making fart/poop/"your mom" jokes, etc. >///< MO-OM!!

    What about you guys? I want to hear the stories of when one or both of your parents made you wish the earth would swallow you whole!
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  2. My mom liked making fun of my boobs in front of company. Didn't matter what kind of company it was. She'd make a quiet raspberry sound as way of describing how they looked, or simply make jokes about how small they were. My younger sister liked joining in on that. (Even though I'm the eldest sibling, I'm shorter and smaller in most ways.) I was REALLY self-conscious and sensitive back then, so it didn't fail to make me glare at them or even seek a hiding place so nobody would see how embarrassed I was.

    They can't do that anymore, though. I got older and had a baby, so those jokes just don't work anymore. Also, I eventually came up with ways to get back at them, such as calling my sister Boobzilla and telling people that my mom kills other women in order to add their boob essence to her own so they'll grow bigger.
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  3. Words cannot describe how much I love this
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  4. I... I can't remember any embarrassing stories! O________O I'm sure they HAD to happen, my mom is an asshole and loves hassling people... B-but... memory, what happened to you?!

    I guess I have lived away from my parents for so long, I have forgotten. >:[ Maybe when they move up here with us, I'll have horrible stories again.
  5. I get pretty embarrassed every time I hear my parents expressing their beliefs, which are usually rather derogatory towards certain groups of people (i.e. gay people are sinners and whatnot). It's especially bad when they turn to me and expect me to agree with these messed up values, and it just makes me so uncomfortable, like, I want nothing more than to not have to be associated with those kinds of views.
  6. I'm happy to say that I haven't had any embarrassing-parent moments, or at least no moments I would consider embarrassing. When my mum once told some people that I always got up and danced around for the entertainment of random old people in the park when I was a little boy, I just exclaimed 'And I still got the moves!' and started dancing around again like a dad at a wedding (any man who can dance like that knows no such thing as embarrassment).

    So yeah, I'm quite lucky :D
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