Omg it's bubblegum day?!

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  1. I'm a hubba bubba girl myself
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  2. Why is there a day for everything? I mean, does anyone observe it, or is ot just some sap that just submits it and nobody questions it?
  3. I don't like bubble gum :(

    Is there a coca cola day? I want a coca cola day. Or a potato chip day :D

    Oops.. Off topic. ... ... Bubble gum.. don't like. They loose their taste way too quickly >_<
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  4. Orbit Complete for me. And it has to be spearmint flavour. Spearmint all the way!
  5. Bubbalicious Watermelon used to be my gum of choice. O___O

    I don't chew gum anymore though, cause I hate the old gum after taste you get. >< And all that chewing after awhile makes my jaw sore.
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  6. Yes! It's all about the watermelon!

    I, however, do not chew gum anymore either. Two years of braces and chewing of gum became forbidden. Now it just annoys me XD
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  7. I love chewing gum, a little bit too much, actually. I could chew through an entire pack in one day if no one were to stop me. 5 Gum is my favorite, spearmint specifically; the fruit flavors, eh... not so much. In my experience fruit flavored gum tends not to last as long as the minty stuff. It's not that I don't like the flavor, I'd just like something that lasts longer than 30 seconds, ya know?
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  8. Shhhhh! Nobody tell my kid this!
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  9. I don't like bubble gum.
    It's too chewy.
    I'm a man.
    I don't like things that are too chewy.
  10. i like bubble gum....crisis!

    yay old school animu
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Dude... that's awful...
    You're a cruel person.
  13. So many posts, no one knows who you're talking about!
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  14. Ditto! I already have gum stuck to my wall.....
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  15. I actually hate hubba bubba after like, thirty minutes >.<
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  17. Boom

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