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  1. I actually have some sort of plot ideas based around a few of my characters. They need some tidying up, but that, my friends, is where the whole collaboration thing gets going. I know I've said very little, but that is what PMs are for. If none of these float your boat, please still contact me. I'm always willing to create new characters to suit. I'm also really in the mood for fanbased stuff at the moment, so unless you're really hipsterish, contact me about that too. I've heard of lots of things. Honest. Anyway, a few of the ideas I have...

    The Phoenix

    This one involves an old favourite character of mine. She is your typical shy and retiring type, with a large helping of good samaritan thrown in. Tamsin is very ill, because she harbours a phoenix, and naturally that ain't good. So, this roleplay would focus on two things. Number one would be 'lets get that blasted thing outta ya' and number two is 'save the dying race' The premise would be, my girl gets taken in by some community of...whatever floats your boat really, somehow gets better, then we get to the real action. We'd have a bit of questing here, a betrayal in there too, maybe romance. Basically, picture high fantasy meets urban fantasy, and you're there. This is also has the potential to have a fanbased element. The two titles she fits into quite well are Supernatural and Leandros bros. This one could take place in the past or present

    The Battery

    This is all about killing elves. Blood elves to be specific. My boy Xenophon is a bastard son of a human outcast and one of these elves. He is used as a powersource for these creatures. This one would be prisoners fleeing from their captors, and later returning to kick some arse. That's about all that can be said. There will be lots of epic battles in this one.
    The Puppet

    Angst, angst and more angst. The story of a human puppet that was rather mistreated...this one would very much be a rehabilitation story. There would be alot of shouting and crying, as well as some fluff. Potential for great fights, but yeah...there we go.

    Animal Spirits

    A dog spirit who wars with a cat spirit accidentally causes the dying cat to enter the body of a human girl. This is the quest to save her before she loses all her faculties. Not a romance, just a fun little quest.


    I have a very odd pair of characters. One represents order, the other represents chaos. They're always at war, although once upon a time they worked together to destroy everything in their paths. Depending on you, this can really take place anywhere and go in any direction. In previous writings I've had epic quests, all out war, kidnap and torture, angsty romance, fluff, all sorts.
  2. Interested holmes.
  3. Well, that's exciting. Any one in particular? Or something entirely different?
  4. I'd go for any one of them really. Preferably the phoenix.
  5. Awesome. Do you want to discuss some sort of plot?