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  1. Ok you had to know this was coming.
  2. I like it when he watches...

    I get all hot and bothered if there's a pussy in my room.
  3. 0.o

  4. No. Seiji is just having a weird sexual fantasy play out in his mind.
  5. I disapprove your submissions.
  6. I agree with the emotionless android.
  7. That's very heretical on your part.

  8. God bless Dorkness and his hate of everything.
  9. No darky, the queer part would be enjoying it when asmo watches.
  10. *Snuggles Asmodikitty to her bosom*

  11. Name: Selena Stonewall
    Age: 29
    Appearance: (open)
    Selena had night-sky black hair that reaches all the way past her butt and thighs to closer towards her upper-knee cap. Her eyes were a bright brown, maybe a coffee color, and they can glow in the right light or darkness. As a fully mature woman, she had perky medium-size C cup breasts, a tone stomach, wide hips perfect for child birthing as her cute daughter knows, and a bubbly butt that still kept all the guys drooling at her as she walks around from them.

    Assuming the wind is blowing her hair away from her butt so they can see. Some of her front side-bangs reach past her breasts, and almost touch her eyes in the front. She stood at an actual tall height of 6'2 feet, and since she was a mother, she was no virgin. But she never married, and her last lover was when she was 23. So she had a few years to become quite tight. Her clothing that hides her body can be just about anything, including nothing, but she did like to wear shorts and long-sleeve shirts. No bra, or panties.

    Panties were uncomfortable with her tails. And yes, despite her black-fur fox-ears, she had nine-pure white long fox-tails. There were a reason for this, and it was because she was not human, but a Kitsune. And the reason this was important was because her black-hair meant she was a Dark-affinity Kitsune from birth. But her white-tails show she had master her opposite, white-light magic.

    This is not to say she has not master Darkness, or other magic, but a physical-representative that she was one of the most powerful kitsune in the world due to mastering her direct opposite, her weakest ability, that goes against her very nature, and succeed. This is because a Kitsune-tails represent their power, but once they master their own-affinity...they can change their color of their tails by becoming stronger by going beyond their affinity, their birth, their race, and developing their power further.

    It was important to remember that she was a Dark-Kitsune at heart. Her cute, 14 year old, daughter Layla, was a blessing. But it was important to remember that Selena was only 29 years old, and that meant she got pregnant while she was 14 herself, and gave birth at around 15. In other words, soon as Selena hit puberty, her 'playful' self started to play in more 'mature' ways, and made a mistake with some luckily guy or girl. That was also important, Selena, was Bi-sexual.

    Meanwhile Layla, was a cute girl, with long brown hair, low-end fox ears, some long-front bangs, lovely bright brown eyes almost like her mother, sharp facial features like her mother, and she was clearly a teenager going through puberty with small B cup breasts, that only recently got past the big A cups stage, and there were clear signs that she would develop a hourglass figure like her mother. She only had one-tail right now, and her brown-fur represents her as a earth-aligned kitsune, luckily those tend to be more innocent personalities, but with a hidden anger when set off. She has been gave the talk, but is to embarrassed about kissing, let alone anything else. She liked tank tops, her brown zip-up jacket, skirts, stockings, and having innocent fun.

    She also has a secret crush on a bit older girl named Kate, but does not realize her mother already knew about her so-called secret.

    Work-in-progress (open)
    Selena was the little troublemaker in her family. She liked to break the rules, throw parties, steal extra snacks from the kitchen, run around the house naked due to hating clothes, and even toss food at her siblings. She may or may not enjoyed pranking others also, and her grades were usually Ds, or Cs, and sometimes straight out Fs. Although not because she did not understand the work, but because she did not try, and was often playing with magic. Maybe reading a book about magic, but that was as the most studying she would really do.

    Then the troublemaker became a teenager. Oh god. The horror her parents faced. They did not want to talk about 'sex' till Selena was older...knowing they did not need a rebellious daughter along with a pregnant one. Their hand was force when they caught their 13-year old daughter runting with a wild-fox. After their talk? Their 14 year old daughter got pregnant sleeping around at school. They did not want her ...getting a reputation, so they demanded she not date any boys till she was a least in her twenties. *Sigh* That meant she started sleeping with every hot female at her school including the straight ones she 'talked' into one-night stands with....

    Her father, decided to kick her out of the family, once he caught his daughter trying to seduce his wife. Whom could blame her though? She was hot, and clearly got those looks from her MILF of a mother. But Selena did have a daughter, and refuse to leave her at home with her parents. She may not be a responsible teenager, but she tried to be a responsible parent. So she stop joking around at school, did some major studying, took some tests to skip some grades, and then got a job to get herself a place, and her daughter. Till then one of her...girlfreinds let them stay with her. You know...the 30 year old woman that she ....enjoy a night or two with...

    Overall, Selena felt she hide all her...questionable actions from her daughter, and along with her daughter's natural innocents...well she was pretty pure. Well...more pure than most kitsunes a least. She would not exactly called falling for a curvy-older teenager fully innocent....not that she could talk much. Especially since her last lover was a several years back, and so she had a lot of sexual tension built up. Luckily just (Mature/Nude picture) thinking about what she did with her last lover was enough to get her in the mood to masturbate, and that helped her get through the tension. A least enough that she wont jump the first person that offers her sex.

    But enough about her sex life. She was very pleased with her current life. Sure, her father did not want her even talking to her siblings, or mother. And that meant she cant let Layla meet them either. But she made a good bit of money as a clothing designer, and she could design clothes at home. So she could spend a lot of time with her daughter. They lived in a lovely 2-floor brick home. It had all the usual rooms plus a game/movie room, sex room that is locked, and a good size library. Plus her office, but she basically turn the basement into her office along with a work-area/storage area, and maybe a relaxation area due to the hot tub she installed.

    Lovely home, two nice looking cars with a soccer-mom van, and a hummer, and that meant now that she got that paid for, she could save up money for the next nice thing she buys her daughter, or herself. She would like to start dating again, but she did not know where to start. She enjoyed, but did not love, any of her past lovers. She not really been on a date either beyond time she spent seducing some people. She already gave the talk to her daughter, so she should not be upset if she learns her mother is trying to get her a father or second mother. Maybe embarrassed, but not upset. It was also getting around time for her daughter to least go on a innocent date, and so she was thinking about helping her daughter get with her secret-crush.

    Then there was ______. She has not yet meet _____ because she felt her daughter was probably at the point where she make friends, and end that friendship like they were going out of style. But her daughter has said good things about ______ so far, and its been awhile. So she felt maybe it was time to see if her daughter was interesting in asking if ______ would be interest in coming over to their home, and maybe spending the weekend? She wonder why her daughter did not get a crush on _____ though if they are such good friends. Just not each others type? Or wait..maybe ___ had a crush on Layla, and Layla simply did not return it?

    She was not sure, but it did make her wonder. Her daughter was clearly a lesbian, if her crush, was anything to go by at the moment. Or a least Layla was Bi-sexual like herself. Maybe ____ was straight? She did know that _____ was another Kitsune. That was good.
  12. Srsly Tegan, I'm allergic to cat hair
  13. Ray

    He chuckled before responding. "It's hanging okay. I've had meetings all morning but my assistant cleared up time in my schedule for me to work in the lab. :) " He went back to work.


    He shook his head. "Wow, another clue that you aren't one of them, you're a horrible liar. You might want to work on that. So, time to tell the truth. Come on, out with it." He scooted over on the bench so she could sit next to him.
  14. I say, how disconcerting.
  15. very, I was looking to enjoy a little personal time and then BAM! there was asmodecat staring
  16. Kitty wants a handbath, too.
  17. NO.
  18. Hell No.