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    This roleplay is based around the game Mogeko Castle, stationing events after the 'Normal End' of the game. This means most of the characters in the game are deceased.

    An ordinary-looking train seems to be travelling through the Multiverse, picking up characters that wish to board it. It goes down its normal path and stops at it's regular stations, to this universe to that universe - all according to the layout that everyone can see plastered on the train's inner walls, detailing every stop. But suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the train stops at a station unknown to all, simply named 'Mogeko Station'. The train doesn't move as it is the final stop and you have no choice but to step off.

    You find yourselves standing before a castle, oddly shaped but still intimidating. Stepping inside will reveal an adventure you and your companions will never forget. With doors locked and not a single window to be seen, chased around by strange creatures who love prosciutto out to capture and torture you, the only way out of Mogeko Castle is up. Six (can change this number) stories high, the highest floor contains a portal that can take the you back to your universe where you belong.

    Something seems to be working in your favor. As soon as a single person from this large group enters the door to the next floor, everyone will instantly warp with them whether they like it or not. (For the sake of leaving nobody behind to be eaten.)

    But it's not just the inhabitants of the castle they must watch out for because it seems like some of your own companions have been corrupted by the Mogekos... and want you dead.

    Welcome to Mogeko Castle!

    Floor 1: Lobby
    It's bigger than you think. Lots of places to hide. Contains the dining room which you probably shouldn't enter.

    Floor 2: Mad Prison Cells
    It's loud in here, a lot of Mogekos are screaming and yowling. They're more ruthless here and seem to be more violent than perverse.

    Floor 3: Flower Garden
    A river of blood followed by an oddly peaceful flower garden full of wriggling Mogekos. They're small, but they want to eat you.

    Floor 4: Moge-ko's Domain
    You're screwed.

    Floor 5: The Hospital??
    It looks mundane and harmless. A good chance to stock up on medical supplies and tend to the wounded. At the same time, it's the perfect place for the traitors to make their move.

    Floor 6: Lord Prosciutto's Room
    You're screeeewed.

    Characters nerfed for the safety of the castle and Mogeko. Thank you.

    Escapees (Survivors)
    Characters trying their best to scale the castle in order to return home. Unfortunately, the Mogekos seem to be very interested in their strange visitors.

    Corrupted Mogekos? (Traitors)
    Characters blessed by Lord Prosciutto. Their sins will be forgiven by Lord Prosciutto. Their lives will revolve around prosciutto and the dangers of hay fever. Their primary goal: eliminate the escapees.


    Lord Prosciutto
    "I forgive the sin of all the Mogeko"
    The Mogekos' lord and saviour. It doesn't appreciate intruders, sending it's minions to stop them. Despite this, knowing that her minions may not be the best 'force' to stop the intruders, Lord Prosciutto has secretly made their 'allies' turn their heads around...

    The minions of the castle that reside in every single floor. They are rather perverse and love prosciutto, fearing and loving their god at the same time. Hay fever seems to be their main killer. They will stop at nothing to capture anyone who isn't one of them.

    "Yesss... All for Moge-ko, yes?"
    An experiment of the past king and his minions. Trying to create the perfect high-school girl, they messed up with the ingredients and created a psychopath instead. Moge-ko rules the one of the floors with an iron fist, stop at her floor and you'll be forced to play many 'games' with her that put your life on the line. The Mogekos in this floor are much tamer.

    Yonaka Kurai
    The spirit of the girl who last traversed into Mogeko Castle. Her body has been taken over by Lord Prosciutto, but she remains in the castle walls as a ghost that nobody sees. Except our characters. She pities them as she had once been in their spot, helping them find their way out.
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