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  1. If you have a BUG, found an ERROR, just can't figure something out, or got lost... just post here and we'll do something about it.
  2. “I know that..”
  3. Hopefully I did not state anything that went against something you had in mind? Such as their parents. Or the fact I implied they were still living in theri mother's home.
  4. nope that was fine :3

    I kinda figured they would still be living there, at least at the start since at best they were still in college (though my girl went a different route there :P
  5. -------> Yeah, the color code does that to me for some colors too :3

    && Danana-chan, this isn't as annoying, but the new labels for Rps are doing this to my thread titles:
  6. I think I'm having an upload problem for my albums? :3

  7. We'll see if this recent forum update will fix that color error. You'll have to tell me if it's still a problem. o__o

    Those weird forum errors came from the hostman working on the server. D: You shouldn't get them anymore.

    The ALBUM error has been reported, and should be fixed next time I update the credits system. It won't impede your ability to upload photos though. :D
  8. Not sure if its a bug but in groups the arrow seems to take me to the latest post instead of the first new one.
  9. I THINK the text editor color bug is fixed. But the ones that had the issues need to test it out for me.

    Unable to test the group last unread message thing yet. D:
  10. Weird. My post templates have a certain font, but the font doesn't work in the reply box :O Everything else, color images and stuff is fine, though x/

    I thought maybe the font code was weird, but in the settings and editing for the templates, the font is trebuchet ms, but everytime I use the template, I get the default Iwaku font -___-

    It's not a huge problem and I don't especially mind. I just thought it was peculiar xD
  11. Is there still problems with the private chats?

    Not a problem per se, but instead of rp links in chat going into a new tab, it loads in the page I'm on, aka the chat page going poof!