Omega's New Partner Search! [18+ Partners ONLY!]

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  1. Okay. I'm gonna try my hand at a partner request again. I've been itching to do some FxF Roleplays, but that doesn't mean I'm turned off of MxF, but I'd like to do more FxF.

    What I'm Willing to RP;
    -Male Partners: FxF
    -Female Partners: FxF + MxF (With me as the male)


    My Pairing Bunnies;
    -DemonXHunter (Of Demons)
    -Fallen AngelXHuman
    -Fallen AngelXAngel
    -Fallen AngelXNephilim
    -Monster GirlXHuman


    Yeah that's pretty much all I have to say so far. Thread is subject to change. !8+Partners only!
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  2. Fallen angelxAngel sounds quite interesting actually. I might steal that one for later :D
  3. oki
  4. *flops in* Monster girl? owo
  5. Oomukade_0.jpg
  6. PM Me <3
  7. I would be willing to try FXF Fallen AngelXHuman.
  8. so you'd be willing to play a human then?
  9. Yeah.
  10. PM Me
  11. I have returned to searching for new partners.
  12. I saw your other thread a while ago about KH, are you still hunting for someone for that?? If not I am interested in Demon x Hunter or Fallen angel x Human.
  13. Well the KH one is on hold until I can find a decent artist to draw my character, but I'm all for DemonXHunter, MxF. I'll be the demon ^^ You can be the hunter. PM me.
  14. I'll do -CreationXCreator -MonsterXHuman -HumanXDeity with you
  15. I'd like to do monsterXHuman. MxF and if you don't mind I'd like to play the monster, as that was the intention when I posted this. PM me and we can discuss this.
  16. -DemonXHunter (Of Demons)

  17. I'm working on discussing a demonXHunter Rp already... But if it doesn't work out I can PM you personally?
  18. sure....
  19. I'm sorry, I feel bad but I've got this weird thing where I don't like to have multiple running RPs with the same subject, because sometimes I forget which is which.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.